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ATWT Spoilers: Katie/Lily/Maddie

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This was posted in the Thursday ATWT thread but also in the recent SID magazine.

Katie, trying to be the 'gracious' girlfriend, will leave town for a short period of time, in order to give Jack the space he needs to sort out all things Carly.

Also mentioned is that Terri is slated to take her intended vacation sometime in September to help celebrate the upcoming wedding of Paul Leyden (ex-Simon).

Also interesting spoilers I saw

Maddie's mouth gets her in hot water with Alison; who sets the gossiper straight

Lily works in vain to try to make amends with Holden

Vienna can't cope with not having the lifestyle she's so accoustomed to

Cheri sets her eyes on Lily for a 'business' venture but Dusty blows her out of the water

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So, with Lily bankrolling Carly, turning down Cherie....how long is it before The Bank of Lily backs Henry and Vienna's spa...and makes them use Carly as a designer? With the way V's been badmouthing Carly...it would serve her right. :D

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