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Canadian Soap Lineup Change

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Don't know if you guys remember but I speculated Guiding Light joining Global's daytime lineup after Passions is cancelled. Well, it has just been confirmed from a source from CanWest Global. They will be releasing the new fall schedule and here is the daytime lineup for the Toronto/Ontario market.

So come fall, this will be Global daytime:

1PM - Days of our Lives

2PM - As The World Turns

3PM - Guiding Light

4:30 - The Young and the Restless

CTV daytime:

1PM - B&B

3PM - GH

CHUM daytime (on select CityTV's and A-Channel's):



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CH is owned by Global/CanWest. As most of you will learn more tomorrow, CH will be rebranded as E! Canada. It will be like what CTV did with MTV to create a Canadian version of MTV last year.

The new CH will be E!, and they'll be airing mostly E! programming during the day and night like E! News, E! True Hollywood Story, The Simple Life and Dr. 90210. In primetime, they will air whatever used to air on CH and new shows that Global cannot fit in their schedule.

Toups, I was hoping they would begin airing DOOL a day ahead but I think this scenario works more in the soap fan's favor being that Global will continue to be a 4 soap network as opposed to CTV only airing 2.

CTV has proposed to buyout CHUM and thus could acquire the CHUM soaps (AMC, OLTL) and could go head to head with Global by having 4 soaps (CTV: B&B, GH, OLTL and AMC) vs. 4 soaps (Global: Y&R, DOOL, ATWT and GL).

As for Passions, there really isn't much hope. My only problem with the Canadian networks is that none of them have agreed to carry Night Shift.

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OMG, are you serious? I'm really glad to hear this! I currently watch Days and ATWT on Global and GL on CH so it'll be nice to just have all those shows on one channel. I'm sad that CH is turning to E!, though! I loved the show "Vanity Insanity"...I don't know if another channel airs that.

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