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Call me crazy but i have seen that many like looking at old Episode Rankings Counts from all kinds of shows, maybe cause you can remember how the show actually where when it was really really great,

So i know somewhere i had an hole year of amc from 1998, but i cant find it, but i will search, but i found this list from July 1998, and just looking at this list you can see the biggest difference. NO BABE. NO KENDALL. NO ANNIE.

1-31 JULY: EPISODES - 23

1. Michael E. Knight (Tad Martin) - 17

2. David Canary (Adam Chandler) - 16

3. David Canary (Stuart Chandler) - 15

3. Michael Lowry (Jake Martin) - 15

3. Kelly Ripa (Hayley Vaughan Santos) - 15

3. Marcy Walker (Liza Colby) - 15

7. John Callahan (Edmund Grey) - 15

7. Mark Consuelos (Mateo Santos) - 14

7. Alla Korot (Allie Doyle) - 14

7. Norm Lewis (Keith McLean) - 14

7. Amelia Marshall (Belinda Keefer) - 14

7. Cameron Mathison (Ryan Lavery) - 14

13. Jennifer Bassey (Marian Colby) - 13

13. John Furey (Lee Hawkins) - 13

13. Cady McClain (Dixie Cooney) - 13

16. James Kiberd (Trevor Dillon) - 12

16. Susan Lucci (Erica Kane) - 12

16. Michael Nader (Dimitri Marick) - 12

16. Esta TerBlanche (Gillian Andrassy) - 12

20. Nicholas Surovy (Mike Roy) - 11

20. Walt Willey (Jackson Montgomery) - 11

22. Julia Barr (Brooke English) - 10

22. Zachary Kady (Jamie Martin) - 10

22. Robin Mattson (Janet Marlowe Dillon) - 10

22. Michael St. Patrick (Adrian Sword) - 10

26. Vincent Irrizarry (David Hayward) - 9

26. TC. Warner (Kelsey Jefferson) - 9

28. Daniel Cosgrove (Scott Chandler) - 8

29. Jill Larson (Opal Cortlandt) - 7

29. Ray MacDonnell (Joe Martin) - 7

31. James Mitchell (Palmer Cortlandt) - 6

32. Alexis Manta (Amanda Dillon) - 5

32. Unknown Actor portraying (Albert) - 5

32. Unknown Actor portraying (Judge Foster) - 5

35. Schuyler Grant (Camille Hawkins) - 4

35. Ruth Warrick (Phoebe Wallingford) - 4

37. Eileen Herlie (Myrtle Fargate) - 3

37. Tommy J. Michaels (Tim Dillon) - 3

37. Ben Jorgensen (Kevin Sheffield) - 3

37. Jesse McCartney (Adam (J.R.) Chandler) - 3

41. Unknown Actor portraying (Brewster) - 1

41. Walter Charles (Dr. Silbert) - 1

41. Bob Heitman? (Dr. Clader) - 1

41. Cheryl Hulteen (Winifred) - 1

41. Lee Meriwether (Ruth Martin) - 1

41. Meg Mundy (Eugenia von Voynavitch) - 1

So Maybe, i wrote as if Myrtle appeared in a lot of episodes, but 3 is a lot for her.!!!!!!

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I had to Google Norm Lewis (Keith McLean)...the character name sounded familiar, but couldn't remember who he was. I remember now--he was an attorney. He and Belinda didn't have much in the way of story, so I guess there must have been a trial that got the episode counts up for them.

I don't remember 1998 being such a great period for AMC, and judging from the cast list, I know why I don't have fond memories. The Lee and Camille Hawkins debacle, the return from the dead of Mike Roy, Allie/Jake...ugh. At least back then Liza, Brooke, Marian and Opal had storylines, and we still had Esta Terblanche (Gillian) and TC Warner (Kelsey)...two of my favorite younger AMC actresses. It does seem harder for ACTRESSES on AMC to hold on to their roles and/or storylines.

And best of all, there were no Laverys or Careys!

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That was the summer of 1998 -- which was written by Megan McTavish, so believe me, it wasn't that great. Ryan had only just debuted six months earlier, so there was yet to be a lot of Lavery propping. As a matter of fact, this was just three months before he was accused of raping TKFP. So during this time, Ryan was with Gillian.

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Yep, July 1998, the Holiday's explosion. Megan McTavish to a tee! In August we had Lee with that poison tattoo needle holding Hayley and J.R hostage.

Oh those were the days weren't they :lol:

I do remember that explosion episode though. How they were doing slow motion on everyone at the party them Camille runs up to the window looking at everyone. And then she died. Can't say I was too broken up by it.

The Dixie coming up putting her hand on Tad's shoulder. Awww the memories!

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1998 was overall a bad year for AMC....the only four stories I liked that year were Brooke's trial, Adam/Liza, Ryan/Gillian, and Stuart/Marian

1. Palmer and the Nazi art paintings sucked

2. Mateo and the comatose dreams sucked

3. Kit Fisher's rape sucked

4. Mike/Erica/Jack triangle sucked

5. Harold the dog dying sucked

6. Camille/Joy Hawkins mystery sucked

7. Hayley/Mateo having an invalid marriage and Mateo having a son was a good story but bad timing since Hayley/Mateo had been through so much

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1998 was probably the first REALLY bad like partly unwatchable year AMC endured..... and its never really gotten back on track fully.

Julia Barr's performence on that stand was probably the best thing that happened that year.

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1998 was overall a bad year for AMC....the only four stories I liked that year were Brooke's trial, Adam/Liza, Ryan/Gillian, and Stuart/Marian

I enjoyed those stories too - back then there was real romance with several couples you could root for. You didn't mention my favorite story from 1998 which was Tad and Dixie finding their way back to each other which was romantic and fun and serious and tragic all at the same time (several episodes are my all time favorite). Dixie returned in July 1998 ... the same week that David returned, and although I loathed the character, I know he had a lot of fans. 1998 did have some bad stories which you mentioned but I still enjoyed the show more back then because there was real believeable romance with SEVERAL couples of all age-groups (Hayley and Mateo & Trevor and Janet may not have had great stories but through it all they had love and family and romance too).

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    • While I agree that the writing in 1980 did not match the prior regime, but I would argue that the conception of new citizens of Bay City was intriguing.  Having a character based on the story of Patty Hearst was unique.  The idea of a character hiding from her past is a soap staple, but a nurse who is actually an heiress that had experienced a kidnapping attempt is unique.  Of course, it is ridiculous that after trying to change her name, the entire family would follow her to town, but I particularly liked Rick and his romance with Marianne. I also enjoyed the Cecile/Pat feud at Brava. It was one of the only times that Cecile was written as smart and conniving. And, I think it was good writing to use their feud as the introduction of the Harry Must Die book which became the clue in Janice's plot to poison Mac.  Given that Iris was being spun off to Texas, I think Miranda was good substitute.  She was well placed to be a rival for Mac's affection as well as a plaything for the nefarious Philip Lyons.  Also, Jason's relationship with Tracy was interesting and it is the only role that I enjoyed as played by smarmy-guy-specialist Warren Burton It is one of those times in soap history when it is hard to pinpoint the cause of the issue because with the change in tone from Lemay, the loss of Willis and Iris, and the increased competition from OLTL it became a big ship to readjust.  It was still an adult oriented soap, which I appreciate, even though there were heightened story elements that were uncharacteristic.  It may be that I am a Tom King apologist (as well as a Lemay fan), but I think there is a lot of blame to spread all around at the time, and it wasn't just King's fault.
    • Tom Langan cast several 1980s Y&R actors on Reilly's Days: Deborah Adair, Eileen Davidson, Nick Benedict, Jaime Lyn Bauer, Lauren Koslow.
    • @dragonflies The chris evans you linked to is the same Twitter user that got EB trending in Summer 2021. I really hope these lack of appearances are due to EB's recovery from knee surgery, and not his role being reduced.
    • Looking at that list, I highly doubt it.  That list is full of the most mainstream programming on streaming.  While I am sure DAYS does well enough, there is no way it reaches the kind of streaming numbers stuff like Wednesday and Yellowstone are getting.
    • Many have noted that Soap Opera Digest seems to be on it's last legs. A review of the publisher's website shows that they only sell 55,000 copies a week, to an audience with an average age of 54.3 and an income of 35K, which obviously does not make them competitive in advertising market.  Especially when one considers that even Ohio Cooperative Living sells 6x's as many copies per week. But, today's news that their parent company A360media sold the National Enquirer and The Star, which they've been trying to sell for years, leaves them with Us, Closer,and Life & Style (each which sells 3x's more copies per week), and SOD.  Which makes me wonder if SOD's finale may happen this year? Also, what's up with the cooperative community in Ohio that is so fascinating? Please register in order to view this content
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