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Seeing the episode rankings from may 2007, i looked back and found episode rankings from may 1997, thought i could be very nice too see which actors are still with the show, and what part they played back then, if anyone knows anything mayor that happened in 97, feel free to post it.

MAY 1997 1-30 MAY. 22 EPISODES.

1. Lauralee Bell (Christine Blair) 18

2. Sandra Nelson (Phyllis Summers Romalotti) 17

3. Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) 15

3. Doug Davidson (Paul Williams) 15

5. Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott) 13

5. Sharon Case (Sharon Newman) 12

7. Alex Donnelley (Diane Jenkins) 12

7. Sabryn Genet (Tricia Dennison) 12

9. Michael Damian (Danny Romalotti) 11

9. Shemar Moore (Malcolm Winters) 11

9. Joshua Morrow (Nicholas Newman) 11

9. Scott Reeves (Ryan McNeil) 11

13. Signy Coleman (Hope Adams Newman) 10

13. Jennifer Gareis (Grace Turner) 10

13. Nick Scotti (Tony Viscardi) 10

13. Jess Walton (Jill Foster Abbott) 10

17. Leigh J. McCloskey (Kurt Costner) 9

17. Tonya Lee Williams (Olivia Barber Winters) 9

17. Victoria Rowell (Drucilla Barber Winters) 9

20. Tina Arning (Sasha Green) 8, Recurring

20. Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) 8

22. Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters) 7

22. Heather Tom (Victoria Newman Howard) 7

24. Tricia Cast (Nina Webster McNeil) 6

24. Camryn Grimes (Cassie Johnson) 6

24. J. Eddie Peck (Cole Howard) 6

24. Shari Shattuck (Ashley Abbott) 6

28. Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) 5

28. Granville Van Dusen (Keith Dennison) 5

30. Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) 4

30. Jerry Douglas (John Abbott) 4

30. Zachary Elkins (Noah Newman) 4, Recurring

30. Ashley Jones (Megan Dennison) 4

34. Laura Bryan Birn (Lynne Bassett) 2, Recurring

34. Scotty Leavenworth (Billy Abbott) 2, Recurring

34. Nicolas Pappone (Phillip Chancellor) 2, Recurring

37. Marita De Leon (Joani Garza) 1, Recurring

37. Karen Hensel (Doris Collins) 1, Recurring

37. Bryant Jones (Nate Hastings) 1, Recurring

37. Heath Kizzier (Dr. Joshua Landers) 1, Recurring

37. Anthony Pena (Miguel Ramirez) 1, Recurring

37. Patty Weaver (Gina Roma) 1, Recurring


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I am thinking that was one of the more boring months during that year, it had to have been with Christine being in the number one slot, lol. Plus Ryan McNeil was still on back then and he bored me to tears. But one thing we all will notice is the balance of the cast, it is very balanced something we don't see on any soap anymore. :(

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I Have a bunch of episodes from different years, where did i find it?, not shore, but i can post some more if you like of Y&R, i agree that it was kind of a good month may 1997, exept for Christine, new Phyllis i liked, but Kay in 4 eps, that wasn`t much, if a i remember correct she didn`t have that much to do in 1997.

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Actually, in terms of quality during the Bell era, 97 was probably one of the least creative years Y&R's ever had. If I remember currently, some actors left that year and Bill Bell was supposedly getting sicker. However, I'd definitely take that show over the crap we have to suffer from now.

And I never liked The Bug, ugh...

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I recently watched a few weeks from July-Dec of this year and I thought it had some very good storylines, although I'm told it wasn't one of Y&R's best years. But if this was Bill Bell at his worse, then dayum, that speaks to how brilliant he was. The format was so well defined that I don't think it's possible for it to truly be bad.

It had...

-Phyllis switching Daniel's paternity results, killing Sasha Green and later their custody battle which was amazing. Also had Michael returning to town and meeting Phyllis for the first time. He's just coming out of jail, but she is definitely the boss in this relationship. He seems a bit afraid of her.

- Jack was engaged to Diane, Victor then married her causing Nikki and Jack to be jealous.

-Nikki was married to a doctor named Joshua whose crazy ex-wife shot Nikki (and killed Joshua).

- The Cassie story really heats up with Sharon finally learning Cassie is her daughter at the end of the year. Grace/Tony/Cassie are insanely cute together. I didn't want them to tell Sharon, I must admit, lol.

- Tricia has an affair with Ryan who then leaves gives his marriage to Nina 30 days and dumps her after she upsets Tricia by lying about them having hot sex (among other things). It was pretty heartbreaking seeing Nina pull Phillip away from his father. "Phillip, you Daddy doesn't want us, we have to let him go." Tricia Cast is a brilliant actress.

- Dru likely can't have a baby, but just in case is taking birth control. Neil of course believes she's trying hard, but she doesn't want a baby because she wants to be a Top Model.

- Olivia and Malcolm get married.

- Victoria finds out her husband Cole is having an affair with Ashley and begins dating Neil.

The big negatives I noticed was very little of the Abbotts and Katherine. Jill had a boring love interest (Tricia and Megan's dad Keith), but I didn't see her do much important either. The Jill highlight in my episodes was getting Nina a gym membership (and outfit! heh) since she'd let herself go. Of course Jill was just trying to keep her grandsons family together, but it was so insulting to Nina. Jill is fierce like that.

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1997 was a year in transition for the first part as was the second half of 1996.

New faces were introduced replacing old faces/stories. It was the beginning of the Dennisons, that boring Kurt story, introduction of Cassie.

The only real major event was Phyllis vs. Danny in terms of custody for Daniel. ALso, an unscrupulous lawyer from the past called Michael Baldwin came back to town and the Veronica story began to heat up...

All this exploded in 1998 when Bill Bell handed the reigns to Kay Alden...

I could post episode counts for the last part of 1998 and whole 1999 if anyone is interested.

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