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ATWT...Friday May 25

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What??? Where is everyone today???

First off...why ruin Vienna by making her another history-rewriting Friend of Fluffy? Carly stole Katie's ex, Simon, from her, so Katie should gird her loins and fight for Jack? Newsflash: Katie was MARRIED to Mike at the time of the Simon/Carly relationship!! Is this the same Vienna that was cozying up to Mike while he was separated from Fluff? Not to mention dry-humping Jack, Brad, and just about any man she came in contact with? And Katie hasn't even jumped Jack yet, and she's got him fitted for a choke collar. "whatever Carly asked...don't do it"??? Obviously Katie has Jack confuzzled with Mike, her lapdog husband, who would even bring up "unpleasant" subjects like Katie's obsession with sex and her ex-husband.

Emily needs a reality check. It's bad enough Susan is delusional about sticking her nose into her daughter's relationship (OMG...how many men has Em gone through...and that's not even counting her month as a hooker..) and comes up with the thought Emily is into "relationships", not just "sex for sex's sake" ONS. But why would Dusty not being interested in her after their past, be a surprise to her?

*sniff*...Jack, if you'd listen to Carly, she clearly said..."he (Simon) loves me." NOT..."I love Simon." They are not the same thing.

Lucinda was great. I don't get where Meggie gets the nerve to stand up to La Walsh. And what did she think she was doing, jabbing something into Craig's stomach?

I thought the show was kind of choppy today. Did we really need Brad in for two scenes? Or Vienna for one? It barely seemed like Carjack was on, but there was way too much Meg.

And it was hilarious watching the day player paramedic trying to get that oxygen mask on Craig. I guess he's got a really odd-shaped melon! LOL.

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Yeah, where is everyone today?

My favorite favorite scenes today were with Susan. We even got to see her at the hospital, and also she is right about Emily.

Lucinda almost killed someone! That makes her no better than Craig. This kind of stuff is what made Lucy run off with Johnny when Dusty was at it. Of course Meg was in the right.

I liked Vienna with Katie, and the scenes with Brad. It felt like Vienna and Katie had become good friends after the Henry stuff so it made sense to me to see Vienna do what she did. By the way, is it just me, or has Austin Peck's acting improved dramatically? Like, wow, I am actually impressed with him. About the so-called choppiness, I think it actually is good, and shows that the show is organic and really feels set in Oakdale where anyone can pop up for long or short -- rather than the show just having one scene over the whole episode as on some other soaps.

Jack disgusted me with his typical smarmy judgmentalness and then having Carly lie. He was using the kids as a cover for his jealousy and toying with Carly's feelings to get her to prove to him that she and Simon were over. Brad actually nailed how Jack is acting exactly.

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I don't see it as Carly lying about being coerced. Simon intimidated Carly into believing the loanshark was immediately coming after her and her kids (remember Simon trashing the model apartment, then standing back as Carly had a meltdown, thinking the loanshark had gone ballistic?) to force her into deciding to help him steal the jewels. That's coercion...maybe not legally, but Carly wouldn't have helped Simon steal under normal circumstances.

I don't think Jack was toying with Carly's feelings...but I think he was jealous and fed up at hearing her defend Simon for the umpteenth time. I don't blame him. That being said, Simon wouldn't have cared if Carly puts him on the hook to get herself off. I agreed with Jack, Simon knew that when he came up with his plan to return the jewels. If he wasn't, he would have just turned his pretty boy ass over to the authorities himself, and gotten Carly cleared.

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Eh...I caught bits and pieces.

Lucinda seemed odd. I mean, it's like TPTB are writing her as careless and desperate. Or maybe that's the way I am interpreting it.

CarJack....Love them!

Where the hell is my Lily? She comes in for like 10 minutes one episode and then BAM! She's gone again. I need my MB fix. :(

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