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ATWT: SOD Spoilers

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On Wednesday April 18, Lily will make a sacrifice for her family

On Friday April 20th, Jade sets her plan into motion in regards to Cleo/Gwen/Will

On Monday April 23, ATWT will be celebrating its 13,000 show.

What will happen:

Meg and Paul will end up teaming up together to get rid of an enemy Craig

Alison will get somekind of job opportunity

Katie thinks Brad is wrong and will do everything in her power to prove it

The main Article deals with Casey going to Jail, pretty much Casey will be sentenced to 180 days in jail, which will be for the fleeing bail charge, because Tom and Margo end up getting all the other charges dropped against Casey. Roerig was willing to stay on the show, for a few extra months to show Casey in the jail cell every so often, but the show choose not to do that, saying they wanted the actor to stay or nothing at all.

The book does not say this, but just a reminder the new opening is on Monday April 16th atleast according to CBS anyway.

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I wish they wouldn't chicken out on Casey's sentence. It was GRAND LARCENY, for pete's sake! There's no way those charges just get "dismissed". Carly got 12 years for spiking Gwen's water with Sominex. "Justice" on this show is whack.

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I know this will make everyone's day, but anyway Cleo will be around until atleast the end of the Branson Location shoot in July, as she will be going there with Gwen, Maddie, Will, Jade. She will be causing lots of trouble, CG says that this storyline will be filled with lots of mystery and suspense.(Winterguy125 says does CG even know the meaning of the word mystery :lol: )

Also I guess two other actors are now also going but it did not say who.

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OOoohhh...yeah, I figured out the Branson shoot would be including Cleo when they announced it. Let's guess....Jade will decide to humiliate Gwen by getting Cleo to sing in her place. Only the joke will be on Jade when Cleo sings just as well as Gwen.

Ooohhh...can those other two actors be Jack and Carly? Please???? I got a feeling Carjack will be involved in this doppelganger story. Why else have Cleo memorize every Carly/Gwen detail? It's not like Carly's even in town (right now) or that Gwen's particularly close to Jack and the kids.

Oh, did CG give some interview I missed?

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Nope, it was just one of the Branson newsletters or something, here is the artice


Published April 14, 2007

Daytime drama team scouts Branson

Kathryn Buckstaff


Branson — Members of an advance team from the CBS daytime drama "As The World Turns" took a whirlwind tour of Branson on Thursday and Friday, scouting locations where they will shoot scenes in early June.

Christopher Goutman, executive producer since 1999, said Branson will be a good setting for the show that just marked 51 years on television.

"Branson represents a cross-section of our viewers, basically," Goutman said. "We're a middle-West and Southern show. This is our sweet spot."

And the benefit is mutual, said Ann Reinke of Concept Marketing. Reinke began calling TV networks last fall to attract a daytime drama. It was CBS producers who responded. Daytime drama viewers are primarily women.

"Women make 80 percent of travel decisions," said Ross Summers, director of the Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce.

Possible sites include Silver Dollar City, Mickey Gilley's theater and cafe and the Welk Resort and theater. Reinke said they got a personal tour from Andy Williams of his Moon River Theatre and the Moon River Grill, his new restaurant set to open next week.

The group also visited Branson Landing, took a ride on the Branson Scenic Railway and went to the Dewey Short Visitors Center beside Table Rock Dam. They had dinner at Tony Z's Italian Ristorante. And they toured the Titanic Museum Attraction.

"Any television coverage like that just helps the town," said John Joslyn who co-owns the attraction with his wife, Mary Kellogg Joslyn. "If we were part of it, that would be a great way to make people aware there's something here they can't get anyplace else."

They understand what a producer faces in planning a location shoot. In 1987, he led the first expedition to recover artifacts from the Titanic shipwreck and later produced "Return to the Titanic ... Live."

Mary Kellogg Joslyn, a longtime Disney producer, first visited Branson when she was scouting the location for "Live with Regis and Kathy Lee," which she brought to the Grand Palace in 1995.

"The process would be to evaluate each location and decide how to fit the various locations into the story line, and evaluate your production costs," she said.

Goutman said he wasn't ready to announce where they'll film until final arrangements are made. But, he was happy with what he saw.

"We're blessed with a great variety of locations," Goutman said. "I've loved everything I've seen."

Goutman said this was his first visit to Branson, "but I have heard of it over the years. It looks like an amazing place to work and a fantastic place to live."

The show's head writer, Jean Passanante, who is part of the advance team, grew up in St. Louis and was in Branson when she was a child, he said.

"It's been such a joy," he said of his visit. "We've felt really welcome."

The story line for the Branson setting will be exciting, Goutman said. It revolves around character Gwen Munson, who aspires to be a singer. Munson is played by Jennifer Landon, who is the daughter of the late actor Michael Landon. She joined the cast in 2005.

Currently in the show, another character, Cleo, is trying to cause trouble for Gwen and has become Gwen's look-alike.

In the story, Gwen comes to Branson to perform a benefit concert, Goutman said.

"She will sing live onstage, hopefully with another (Branson) artist," Goutman said. "But her look-alike has followed her here and will throw a big wrench into her plans. There will be a lot of suspense, action and mystery."

Filming is scheduled for June 6-8 with six actors and about 20 crew members. It's expected to air in July. The program is usually taped in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Crew members will be here in advance to get scenes set up, he said. During the shoot, there will be an opportunity for the public to meet the actors.

"As open as Branson has been to us, we will return the favor," Goutman said

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