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PSNS: My Stalker Theory (maybe spoilers?)

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Now the identity of the person is not the big surprise here, but the connections I made to discover his/her identity are.

The night she was murdered, Rae saw someone she recognized at the Blue Note and was surprised to see that person. Later, after her murder, the news reports made a point of calling Rae Thomas a "gay and lesbian rights activist". This implies heavy activity in the GLBT community.

Now, we know Vincent is gay or bi because he's sleeping with Chad. And we also know that Vincent was at the Blue Note with Valerie the night of Rae's murder. It's not too hard of a stretch for Rae to know Vincent through the gay scene. Rae, knowing Vincent is sexually confused (hey, she worked at a bar, maybe she offered him bartender advice), may have known he had a tendency towards sexual abuse and figured out he raped Fancy.

Perhaps Vincent moonlighted as a drag queen, which is why when he's in stalker mode, he's half-man, half-woman.

Now you're probably wondering why he'd want to rape Fancy. Easy. He's working in cahoots with Pretty, who was so traumatized by the sexual abuse inflicted on her by Fancy that she's desperate for revenge. Vincent and Pretty are even manipulating an unwitting Sheridan, and taking advantage of her jealousy to achieve their own ends.

Another point: we know, or will soon find out, that Eve and Julian's son was abused as a child. It's not too much of a stretch to guess that Vincent is their son. Perhaps the abuse was sexual and has had a terrible effect on his psyche, causing him to lash out at others in violent ways.

And because he is potentially sexually perverted, that might explain why he'd want to rape his half-sister Fancy and have sex with his uncle Chad. Also, as a gay or bi man, it's not much of a stretch to believe that Vincent would find the hot, hunky Ethan attractive, attractive enough to want to keep him the hell away from Theresa and Gwen.

I just covered all my bases. The stalker is Vincent, he's Eve and Julian's son, and he's a drag queen.

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Excuse me, JSF, but I'm not "ragging" on anyone here.

Incest is not frowned upon SOLELY because of child deformities. It's also frowned upon because it's disgusting, regardless of whether it's hetero or homo.

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