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PASSIONS: Requesting help for project

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Hi all. I'm getting a picture tribute ready for "Passions" and need a few pictures of some minor characters. Does anyone have any episodes saved on DVD or VHS that they could get me the actors I need? Let me know in this thread if you have anything, whether it be 1999 or 2006 stuff or anything in between. Thanks. Hope someone can help me fill in the blanks. I hate having those "photo not available" things instead of pics. Jason

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Actor (Character)..................Months Appeared

Robert Sean Burke (Randy)....January-March 2005

Loren Davidson (Orderly # 1)..March 2000

Louis Farrah (Paramedic # 2)..February 2003

Marie Lillo (Older Nun)............May-July 2006

Victoria Rome (Sophie)...........March-April 2000

Tricia Schatz (Muffy)..............September-October 2000

I thought I'd wait to post the list until someone said they had episodes, but since you asked, here it is. I can provide specific airdates when someone tells me they have the episodes in question. I have publicity shots of every other actor who appeared in at least 6 episodes of "Passions." But I'd at least like a screencap of the above 6 actors since I can't find a publicity headshot of them anywhere. Thanks, Jason

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