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Thanks to Burton at the Z/K board:

SOW Stuff

Zach’s father did it!

By Caroline Hinsey

Yup, Alexander Cambias Sr., is alive and well and picking off all the women Zach loves. But why?

Thorsten Kaye (Zach) gives the blow by blow of this week’s action.

Weekly: First things first. How’s your new baby daughter?

TK: Great. We just walked in.

W: You just walked in from the hospital with the baby and you’re calling us for a news story? Thanks. I’ll make this fast: This week starts out with the reveal that Zach, Kendall and Josh save Babe by whisking her away to a room at the casino to keep he alive.

Kaye: Zach’s always had a thing for Babe.

W: Seriously

Kaye: Okay. Zach knows a little bit about how to disappear and how to stage your own death the same way that Alexander Cambias Jr. did 20 years before. So, Zach and Josh let her “Die” Everyone was very upset.

W: So babe is alive, and Zach, Josh, Jack and Jeff we in on it. Then Zach tries to jog his memory to connect his mother’s death to the Fusion murders by questioning Ryan about Alex Sr. (because Ryan was with him when he died.

Kaye: Yes. Here is where it gets complicated for me. Alex Sr. gave all his money to Ryan because he felt there was no Cambias heir. But now it turns out that Alex knew there was an heir because he knew that Zach existed. Does that mean that the money goes to me?

W: Of course.

Kaye: I think so too. Cameron’s (Mathison Ryan) going to have to move. He can’t afford his living arrangements anymore once I take the company away from him.

W: You’re getting a little ahead of yourself. So after grilling Ryan, Zach and Kendall travel to Las Vegas to get more information on Alexander Sr.’s death.

Kaye: Yes. He died in Vagas. I remember exactly where I was…….

W: Kendall and Zach disguise themselves and question Alex Sr.’s attending nurse?

Kaye: Yes. They put pressure on the little cutie and she crumbles and says, “Here’s what happened.” But unfortunately, the doctor that was there at the time is dead. I don’t know if he got killed or what. So, there are a lot of questions not being answered by anybody.

W: And then Zach figures out that the Satin Slayer is really Alexander Cambias Sr.?

Kaye: Yes.

W: I thought he was dead.

Kaye: I’m more concerned about him being French than being dead. Dead I understand. But French?

W: What do you mean?

Kaye: He’s got a French accent. I want to know what part of France Zach is from.

W: (laughs) Also this week, Zoe goes to Babe’s “Grave” and is attacked by the killer and left for dead. In the struggle, Zoe rips a button off the killer’ coat which turns out to be the Cambias crest.

Kaye” Here’s somebody coming out of hiding after years of being “dead”, and he still wears his crest on his jacket?

W: Yes.

Kaye: See, that’s what happens when people get too attached to their clothing.

W: Zach and Kendall go to Alexander’s grave (which also has the crest on it) and Zach gives a big emotional speech about all the abuse he suffered at his father’s hands. Then what does he do?

Kaye: You get to a certain point in the story where you just have to start digging. And that’s what happens here. I think that’s what happens here. I think there were so many questions and flashbacks and trying to remember things that happened to him as a kid, that he tried to block them all out. But there are a lot of triggers in this story. And looking at the grave is one of them. Somehow, Zach starts to think, “Maybe the old codger isn’t in there.” So he starts digging.

W: What does he find?

Kaye: A note that says: “Don’t bet the Bears” I could’ve used that the week before.

W” You are killing me.

Kaye: “Go with the Colts” that’s what it said.

W: So, that’s when Zach ralizes that Alex Sr. Faked his death and is the Satin Slayer” How does he make that leap?

Kaye: Obviously, whoever killed these women has a direct connection to Zach and his mom and then the note, which I’m not going to give away because it’s wonderful, indicates that Alexander Sr. is the guy.

W: Can you explain the finale of this mystery without giving too much away:

Kaye: I’ll try. Between the rapist son (Michael who raped Bianca) and the dead son (Zach, real name Alexander Jr.) Cambias was looking for a way to pull the Cambias name out of the dirt. So he figured. “What if I give all this to somebody else (Ryan) and then disappear? Then I will sit back and make my son pay once he finds what he’s really looking for” which was Kendall.

W: Why did Alex Sr. Hate his son so much?

Kaye: Alexander wants to get back at Zach since he took his firstborn away (by faking his death). He’s lived with that for 20 years. Wait a minute – Zach killed himself at 18. I’m only 31. You do the math. I just had a baby. I’m tired!

Sneak Peeks Feb 19


Zoe exposes Jr’s secret

Bianca delivers a touching tribute to Babe.

Erica enlists Tad’s help in finding Josh.

Jack and Jeff make sure everyone believes Babe is dead.

Don’t Miss: Monday, Feb 19

Jonathan pushes Ryan and Annie together.

Next Week: Week of Feb 26


Kendall confronts an impossible decision. Josh has a confession to make

Zach faces his worst nightmare

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