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Y&R/B&B: Your FAVORITE Sheila Storyline...

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All from B&B:

Sheila's fashion show nightmare '92

Sheila plays with Bridget's paternity test '92

Scott's death on Catalina '93

Sheila pours vodka in Macy's O.J. '93

Sheila slam dunks Lauren in the hot tub '95

Sheila's goodbye/"suicide" party at the Forrester mansion '95

Sheila poisons Stephanie '96

Brooke startles Sheila whose gun goess off on Taylor 2002

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For me, most of Sheila's initial run on B&B. That was when she was written as a well rounded villainess as opposed to one note psycho and Kimberlin Brown seemed to truly enjoy the role. There was a logic to everything she did and it was a time when there were all kinds of different women in the Forrester family. Sheila butting heads with Stephanie and Taylor while being friends with Brooke was more interesting than the bubble story she had on Y&R with Lauren.

For the record I've hated everything she's done since 1998. I could just about believe her going loopy and shooting Stephanie but after 2002, she was written past the point of no return. I don't blame Kimberlin but the character was used for stunts and it got old. Brad Bell wasn't interested in writing her as a viable long term character which is why she remained holed up in an apartment for six months -- she was a device to get rid of Hunter Tylo and hopefully cause a ratings spike. Well both of those were easily reversable. ;) Hated 2003 (though her having Massimo's child was potential that was wasted) and her latest stuff on Y&R.

I don't even count the Pheila stuff because it meant nothing. Regardless of who was playing her, it wasn't Sheila, it could have been anyone. I'm not just saying that as a Kimberlin Brown fan but there was no sense of her being a character past this invented obsession she had with Lauren.

So yeah B&B 1992-1998 = [!@#$%^&*]y goddess gold. Everything else = one note psycho horse [!@#$%^&*].

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Sheila's initial Y&R story.

I saddly didnt get to watch much B&B during her era, but of all the clips I've seen I definitely liked her drugging Stephanie. Sheila really had layers during that time. She was trying to be good, but Stephanie just drove her over the edge and brought it on herself.

I also liked her initial B&B exit story. Again ... layers.

I liked her 2002 return, but this was also the beginning of the end for her character. Forced to be a character in hiding, pulling strings from the shadows. It painted her into the corner of a one-note psycho. Especially when you look at her awful second return to B&B with Sugar and all following Y&R stories. But atleast 2002 was a well plotted story. That kiss of death she gave Mary/Erica in prison gave me chills!

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