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I HATE it when people who have NEVER laid eyes on the genre pass judgement and even go as far as to compare it to WWE!

ARGH! I hate that. GL is HORRIBLE right now, but even on its worst day, it is still heads and tails better than the WWE. At least soap actors can actually, you know, ACT.

A few weeks after last year's Daytime Emmys, I was watching the TVGuide Channel. This man (I believe the man's name was Andy Wallenstein or something like that) and this woman were discussing the recent awards shows. She mentioned the Daytime Emmys, and right out of the gate, this jackass starts bashing soaps. "I refuse to call those...those PEOPLE actors. I refuse to put them in the same league as primetime performers. I'll just call them those soap opera people. What kind of awards do they give out? Best Blonde? Why should anybody take any of those people serious at all?"

And the woman is trying her damnedest to defend our stories, but he keeps bashing them and bashing them. I just wanted to break his head open.


Oh yeah. Cause all primetime and movie actors can act. Yeah right. Soaps, like other genres, have their horrible actors. However, they also have some that are wonderful actors who give such layers to their performances. And even moreso, soap operas are a much more subtle genre. Sure any actor can scream and chest thump (ahem, Sean Penn anyone?), but it takes a great actor to give a subtle and understated performance.

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Preach it! Not to mention that I believe there are soap episodes and performances that are *WAY* better than some sh!t I see in primetime TV(barring MyNetworkTV, because those are soaps as well), and those people have MORE rehearsal time!

The man I date has to follow my golden rule: love me, love my soaps. Otherwise, the [[email protected]#$%^&*]'s not gonna work out. And I'm not saying be as obsessed with soaps as I am, but definitely keep your damn mouth shut while my shows are on.

Good freaking Lord, are you kidding me?! Soap operas are an art just like any other performance. Yes, we take the acting seriously. Yes, we judge who the good and bad actors are. It's just like any other medium. A lot of it HAS to do with people's closemindedness about the genre.

I piss on GREY'S ANATOMY. Karen Harris did doctors and staff WAY better when she was wrting PORT CHARLES. When people find out I hate GREY'S, they say, "But you watch soaps." I tell them, "Yeah, but GREY'S has been done on TV before, but better." Referring to PC, ER, and hell, probably even ST. ELSEWHERE. They all did it and did it better than GREY'S.

Not to mention EVERYTHING in primetime has been serialized to the point of it being a soap opera. Uh, FRIENDS? SEX AND THE CITY? FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS? 24? I mean 24 is basically a real-time soap opera!


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Hey now, don't bash the lights. At least it isn't shoved down people's throats and declared a "masterpiece" like the other three are.

And ITA, everything in primetime is serialized now. Everything has to end on some kind of cliffhanger and it's so annoying, because, though I LOVE my soaps, there are times when I want to watch something self-contained. I can't stand the fact that these people look down on soaps, yet steal the very same conventions that have existed in them for over 70 years.

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Not bashing FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, I swear. I've always thought football would be a good setting for any soap. I mean, hello, look at my team, The Razorbacks. LOL. Have never seen FNL either.

And agree with you there about stealing the elements of soap even though bashing it. FRIENDS was nothing more than a glorified soap opera especially after Chandler and Monica hooked up. Still can't watch that show to this day. SEINFELD forever.

Love self-contained shows in primetime.

Could be why I don't have a man. Hehehe.

I do the comparison because often people are so quick to put primetime on this grand scale pedestal that(with the exception of MyNetworkTV) it doesn't deserve.

I, at least, have an artistic respect for shows like 24, LOST, etc, that all have action and stuff like that in the shows. But TV shows that don't have a lot of choreographed action or multicamera editing and sequences can kiss my a$$ if they think what they are doing is just fo friggin' spectacular and revolutionary!

I guess I can be called a soap opera snob. Because I'd take a 24-Hour PASSIONS marathon anyday over watching GREY'S ANATOMY on DVD. I get why people think primetime is so great and I have respect for it, but nothign even comes close to daytime in my eyes.

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    • I will say the first 7 years are gold especially in terms of production value. Much like Y&R there was a slight quality slump between 1994-97. (In fact all CBS soaps minus Guiding Light maybe faced a alump after 93).  Much like Y&R, 1998-2002 was pretty good IMO.  I'd call it Bold's silver era. Brooke/Thorne/Macy, Brooke/Taylor/Ridge,  Brooke/Deacon/Bridget and Sheila's '02 return are some good storylines from that period. From what I've watched on YT, more trashy, cartoonish and camp than the earlier days of B&B but it's silver compared to today's show. I still need to get into the Rick/Amber/Kimberly/Deacon mess to guve it a solid judgement.  
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