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Margaret DePriest

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Lewis Arlt

Chris Whitesell

Peter Brash

Sofia Landon Geier

Michelle Poteet Lisanti

Elizabeth Page

Sally Sussman

Loren Segan

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Michael Eilbaun

Executive Producer

Jill Farren Phelps


R. Scott Collishaw

Carole Shure

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Mary O'Leary


Harding Lemay

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Kenneth L. Fitts

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    • Thank you for the kind words! How did you like the episode?
    • So that makes up for the way he terrorized her? 
    • Great overview of how the networks can gain dominance and lose their grip on a particular night by strategic programming and plain good luck. ABC were dominant on Thursdays with sitcoms 8-10 and 20/20 at 10. But they couldn't come up with successful follow ups to Mork and Mindy at 8 or Barney Miller at 9. That gave CBS the chance to refresh their aging  schedule of Waltons,Hawaii Five O and Barnaby Jones. Hawaii got moved, Barnaby went to 9 and KL at 10. Magnum stepped in at 9 to replace Barnaby and lead the timeslot. Then they moved it to 8 to replace The Waltons. After a misstep with KL at 9 it moved back to 10 and Simon and Simon took over at 9. That lineup was a clear winner for CBS until NBC moved in with Cosby as outlined above. ABC could not get a look in.
    • Good guy.   Nice.   mmmm that butt.   WOOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Episode 7   And finale next week!!    I will give credit where credit is due. I'm all down for a good girlfight on this show. And I LIKED that one. If I had any problem with it...it was over too soon.    I will also say that the last few episodes have definitely given me lots to think about week to week since the reveal of Episode 4. So it has not been bad for me. As I've said before the mystery of Christina, the reveal of her situation, and how it ties into the rest of the show as she goes on a similar self-discovery of who she is like Delores did in Season 1 has been a great draw. But post Episode 4...the writers have been treading water though littering it with answers along the way. However, there have been more questions. And she WAS the cliffhanger this week and I still am not sure if she is who I think she is...or someone completely new. But given the last few episodes...it cannot be the latter...right?   The show has slowly been foreshadowing a return to the Sublime in some form. And being able to see returning characters with Bernard there as he tries to save the future has been fun. But his storyline just hit a brick wall. So barring the finale next week...what was the point?   One cannot mention the Sublime without thinking of Maeve's daughter and wondering if a reunion is finally coming. Guess we will see.   And speaking of circling...I suspect the writers are circling back to the Season 2 Post-Credit Scene finally. But won't know for sure until next week...though I feel the beginning for that started tonight.    This episode was nuts, given Episode 5's aftermath of Episode 4 and Episode 6 haunting twistedness with Caleb, that the writers might have lost their footing again like they did last season. The episodes have been great, fascinating, and touching on themes of identity and what that means again...but it feels uneven.    PS. Maeve + Bernard. And that him with Stubbs was a good team-up.  They were fun, too. 
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