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First Episode - August 4, 1980

Created By

John William Corrington

Joyce Corrington


Paul Rauch

Story By

John William Corrington


Joyce Corrington

Written By

Ralph Adamo

Harry and Elizabeth Boehm

Carole Berlin

Patrick Mulcahey

John Saffron

Directed By

Kevin Kelly

Remote Scenes Directed By

Andrew D. Weyman


Bud Kloss

Judy Lewis

Senior Producer

Mary S. Bonner

Executive Producer

Paul Rauch

Production Administrator

Ken Aymong

Associate Producer

Richard T. McCue

Technical Director

Frank Caeta

Lighting Director

Leo Farrenkopf


Jim sunder


Mel Hench

Videotape Editor

Matty Powers

Stage Managers

Dick Purus

Ed Prendercast

Art Director

Robert Franklin

Scenic Designer

Richard Hankins

Costume Designer

Lewis Bornw

Asst. Costume Designer

Annette Beck

Wardrobe Supervisor

Gertrude Sloan

Associate Producer

Holly C. Evarts


Elizabeth R. Woodman

Assistant to the Producer

Christine Banas

Production Assistant

Carolyn Culliton


Bob Greenberg

Music By

Score Productions Inc.

Men's Wardrobe Furnished By

Barney's New York

Copyright 1980

Procter & Gamble Productions, Inc.

All Rights Reserved

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