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  1. Guy Smiley is one horrible Muppet.

  2. The late 90s were SNL's golden years. There I said it

    1. beebs


      Agreed with Khan. I actually find the late 90s were nothing but a lot of fart jokes and frat humour. Could never get into it.

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  3. What's everyone doing to celebrate the New Year?

  4. I think my favorite comment of the year goes to SFK…."Mr. Vixen is white?!"

  5. I'm sure all you haters will love this: J.Law is now a chart-topping singer! The Hanging Tree debuts at No. 12 http://music-mix.ew.com/2014/12/03/jennifer-lawrences-mockingay-hanging-tree-billboard/?hootPostID=aed11f02607ce39ec3f679fdc75b64c8

  6. Working on a series story bible is a pain in the ass but a joy at the same time. A good way to flesh out characters and make them more complicated.

    1. beebs


      I loved what I read of it. If you ever have time to bounce ideas off of me, I'm more than game!

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  7. And just like that, I self-published my second book, my first solid book. Oops.

  8. Same Script, Different Cast......

  9. Friend picked me up for a birthday brunch today...ended up in a 5-car accident caused by a couple who had just committed armed robbery, stole a car, filled it with drugs, and fled on the highway. After hitting us, they sped across two lanes of traffic into the back of another car, then the couple fled on foot down the highway. Everyone's okay. But I only JUST sat down to brunch. HUNGRY.

  10. Steve and Carolee... Oh my Goodness! ♥♥♥♥

  11. Happy Indigenous People's Day!

  12. Radio station in Houston switched to all Beyonce format. #Icon #HaImpact http://ronenews92fm.wordpress.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=ione_listen_live

  13. In what world is 45 considered an "old ass lady"?.

  14. In what world is 45 considered an "old ass lady"?.

  15. I'm on an 80's binge tonight thanks to YouTube. I'm watching "We Are the World" and before this I was watching Olivia Newton John vids.

  16. Chad/Jordan/Rafe/Lucas? No thanks.

  17. Roman: "Garble, garble.....Sami....mumble.....rararhwarw....blahbalah...mumble....garble...."

  18. Why am I being subjected to Kristen and Daniel in the back of a truck? WTF?

  19. Daniel's self righteous indignation....Go F--K YOURSELF!

  20. Daniel Cosgrove is one of those actors I can truly enjoy on one show (GL, DAYS), and yawn/cringe at on another (AMC, ATWT)

  21. Its been almost a year and we still dont know Jordan's secret. I really dont even care. Let her exit to the left and take her secret with her

  22. I was bored with this years Tony's. sad

  23. People in my life are frequently saying "oh I was just so busy I forgot to eat!"....I never have that problem

  24. This whole "working 60 hour weeks between two jobs on conflicting schedules" thing is really starting to wear me down...

  25. I have a problem. I feel like my condo isn't clean unless I bleach it.

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