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  1. Ok i don't know this for sure but my mom said that next monday Laura returns because she saw a commercial with preview of her in it. Ughhh!!!
  2. i choose Edward cuz Ed's the man and I can't wait for the next chapter by the way i really like the video you made great song i think i played it over like 4 times in a row!lol
  3. ok as i start to get into the story and really get intrested you have to go and put a wall in the way so now i've got to knock it down by waiting till tomorrow!!! Why are you so mean? WHY? lol. need more story.
  4. ok now it's getting interesting and love the avatar! Katy Perry is my fav.
  5. Great fic I'm really on my toe's keep them coming!!!
  6. ok I had this great idea ( I think). I was surfing Myspace and this bullention came up where you can make a poll and peeps vote on it. so here the idea make poll have peeps vote for Tracy and Laura to see who should stay if they try to kick Tracy off the air when Laura comes back and we'll E-mail the poll to them saying look at how many peeps want Tracy instead of Laura and make other polls on Laura staying or not and what she should do if she stay's and post them on different soap websities. they have to listen to the polls if nothing else. so here's the website in case you want to or not make your own poll. P.S. Keep voting for Tracy even on your on poll and others EVERYDAY just so we can make sure we keep our girl on top. http://www.flektor.com/webflek/create_quickstart?style=poll
  7. Ok I really wish he would just tell the stiff dead stick that she's not worth while and go and find someone else like scotty but NO! so I think all the ways you brillent and talentd lady's have idea's would be SOOOO worth watching just to watch the stick to go back into a catonic state again and never come out EVER again under any circumstance. but it would be nice if she did come back a new guy came on and got her attention and tell Luke so found her THE REAL LOVE OF HER LIFE and to go away and never bother her again and he said I didn't didn't really love her but always had his ey e on Tracy cuz she's so much better than boring Laura.
  8. OK Please go to YouTube and watch my video http://www.youtube.com/user/TracynLuke Thank You so much Ms.Q!!!!!!!!!
  9. k Ms.Q I'll do it in a min and why isn't anyone in the BR?I'll be in there all night
  10. Hi everybody I just got done making my new video and First yay! sorry it took so long Staci there was a family crisis where long story short my stepdad's laying in the hospital for some really stupid decision's he made but anyway hope you enjoy. http://www.sendspace.com/file/5zcm82
  11. Happy Birthday Deb! sorry Jane Elliot wasn't on it would have been a great present.
  12. Happy Dance in circles!LOL Yes I held out hope knowing Tracy couldn't stay away from Port Charles long! WHOOOHOOOOO! *Waving at Traceluv and Queen Tracy
  13. ok I was dropping by to say that I won't be on for like 3 weeks cuz were moving right now but i do have to say I loved the GH clip with Tracy and Luke I almost cryed that was so cute that he asked her to go with him. *Waving at TracyLuv & Queen Tracy
  14. They better or Tracy's going to dump Luke for good!
  15. halee- hope your dads better to anyone who reads my crazy fics- I haven't had time to put the next part up of my fic but I'll do it tomorrow. funny-loved the fic last night waving to tracyluv, hookedongh, and queentracy
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