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  1. White fish, macaroni/cheese, and brocoli
  2. Does this have anything to do with Romney? The so-called Reverand was Obama's choice.
  3. Rev. Joseph Lowery, the pastor who Obama chose to give the benediction at his inauguration--and to whom Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom--says that "all white folks are going to hell". And we thought Rev. Jeremiah Wright--Obama's friend and pastor of 20 years--was a racist. http://atlanta.cbslo...-a-hand-basket/# So, if we don't agree with him, we're not supposed to mention it? Yes, it's ugly and it's wrong, but ignoring this is just as wrong. We -- collective "we" as a the human race-- "we" ALL should be incensed that It's WRONG on ALL counts. But, where's the public uproar? If a White Republican Mormon Minister had said this, there'd be hell to pay in the press. Brings to my mind some old sayings, taught to me by my parents: "You are judged by the company you keep", and "Birds of a feather flock together". I heard that too, no wonder we have such racist remarks from those who are not White. Those that hear this garbage and believe it's true are being brain washed....it's disgusting, how can our Nation come together when they have cheer leaders like Rev. Joseph Lowery !!! He doesn't deserve the title Reverand! We have too much "Keeping our mouths shut" from the Liberals...just look at the Media. They are now just starting to investigate the fact that our President and State Dept did nothing to help those poor men in Bengazhi. AND, only because FOX had the guts to investigate. I bet some people would be amazed just what they'd learn is truth by watching it. Some of us already knew about this and were outraged.....was anyone else? Because people just keep their mouths shut with a who cares as long as Obama gets back into office then it's OK. Also,now it's confirmed that the Obama Administration did not call for help. The lie's are catching up to Obama. I'm glad CBS has finally acknowledged this as well. Seems to me, to sit back and say nothing is similar to what happened with the Jews back in Germany. The Government knows best...yeah, right! We have kids singing about Obama and how wonderful he is.....they did that with Hitler too. Oh, the praises of that wonderful man....who will save the world. Why doesn't anyone find it idiotic that a President who knows nothing about the economy wants to have a Director of Economy? Don't they realize we need a President who totally understands the economy? People have no idea just what is ahead for our Country if he gets back into office and I have to go along for the ride.
  4. Please Over Wind Each Rope TRUCK
  5. Give me 5 spoken languages 1. Arabic 2. Celtic 3. English
  6. Give me 5 cities in USA that start with the letter C 1. Cleveland, Ohio
  7. Here is a funny video. Its almost 20 minutes, but well worth the watch if you have the time. http://skitguys.com/videos/item/adam-eve
  8. Give Me Five TV Chefs: 1. Jacques Pepin 2. Ina Garten 3. Rachel Ray
  9. 5 Grocery Store Chains 1. Giant 2. Krogers
  10. Name 5 ways of fixing potatos 1. mashed
  11. Name 5 types of movies you like to watch. 1. Comedy 2. Drama 3. Bio 4. Indie 5. Mystery Name 5 things that are always green.
  12. Name 5 things on your bucket list. 1. Go on a Safari 2. Buy a yacht 3. Visit Europe
  13. Give 5 places you've been to: 1. Genoa City, WI (the real one) 2. Albany, New York 3. San Juan, Puerto Rico 4. West Palm Beach, Florida 5. Guadalajara, Mexico Name 5 things you can do with snow.
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