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  1. I'm so tired of folks trying to take the focus of BLACK History month off black people. 

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    2. DramatistDreamer


      Yeah, I saw African American History Month trending about a week ago and thought it was ridiculous because yes, many people who are a significant part of Black history were/are immigrants. 


      I didn't hear about Pence and Lincoln, then again, I try not to think about Pence at all. Ever. I know he's VP and a possiblity for Trump's position should he ever be impeached (always a possibility) but since I cannot stand either one, I try to think about them as little as humanly possible- admittedly, Trump is harder to ignore.

      Then there was Trump's stupid speech on Frederick Douglass, which proves to me that not only did he know nothing about Douglass but that Trump essentially reads at a fifth grade level (which may be an insult to fifth graders).

    3. frequentsoapfan


      My mom is not African American and I didn't understand when I was a little kid why she dragged us to "boring" black history month events because I figured it wasn't her history. When I got older I learned many important figures in Black American history were immigrants some from the same country as my family. 


      And I'm spending my black history month taking advantage of ARCS of upcoming novels by black authors.

    4. DramatistDreamer


      My family emigrated to the US and I agree that knowing about the significant contributions of people born outside of the U.S. gives it special resonance, especially when you read about someone who hails from the same ancestry/culture as you. I completely understand.

      Props to your Mother for understanding the importance of exposing you to the cultural and historical depth of Black History. When you think about it, it is global in many ways.

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