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  1. I agree that Melinda Fee didn't really seem like Mary Anderson. I might have liked Stanger's Mary better if she was actually supposed to be a bitch but I don't think she was supposed to be at the time, yet came across as one. Karin Wolfe played Mary in the early 70s. She was playing the role when Mary's mother Phyllis accidentally shot her, thinking she was shooting at Julie. I also remember Carla Borelli playing Mary for a short time, I think right before Stanger took over.
  2. I hadn't heard that Karin Wolfe became a writer.
  3. Barbara Stanger was my least favorite. There was something about her I couldn't stand. I didn't mind the others as much. I liked Karin Wolfe the best.
  4. Cassie has me drawing a blank! I guess Leslie wasn't a major character, but I always liked her. A coworker of mine remembers seeing her and liking her too. Of course, I was just happy to see Chris get away from Mary Anderson! I couldn't stand her. I don't remember Liz being a villain exactly. She did have an affair with Don Craig while he was married to Marlena. Also, Tony put her up to spying on Doug & Julie. The Dimera's wanted Doug's Place because of the tunnels connecting the club with the Dimeras' previous mansion. I remember something about everyone thinking there were titanium deposits in the tunnel. Doug & Julie were investigating Stefano themselves. I was hoping Jean Bruce Scott would come back too, especially when I thought they were giving Nick a multiple personality disorder. I forgot to mention, Christopher Stone, who replaced Edward Mallory as Bill Horton, also starred in "The Interns" with Stephen Brooks.
  5. Thanks for the new article! Some of the comments from Mrs. Corday about the cuts sound like the comments from her son when he made his cuts. The Leslie James character was one of my favorite pairings for Chris Kositchek. I forget what happened to her. I had a big crush on Stephen Brooks. I had liked him in a show in the 70s called "The Interns." I think he quit show business again when he left Days. He was only in his 50s when he died.
  6. Does anyone remember a storyline in which a patient with a bandaged face is at Hope Memorial (and I think with amnesia) and one of the nurses (possibly MJ) falls in love with him while taking care of him before she even sees his face? And if so, did this turn out to be Billy Aldrich? Thanks.
  7. I saw Lori March (Valerie) during the "The Twilight Zone" marathon that was on the SyFy channel the other week. The episode was called "Third from the Sun." Denise Alexander played her teenage daughter! I'm a fan of both so that was a pleasant surprise!
  8. Wow, I didn't know about this. I don't remember Higgs on Love of Life but I remember him well on the Doctors. His character committed suicide on that show. Thanks for posting.
  9. I believe it was a newspaper column about cooking, but yes, that was dropped.
  10. Well, Leslie had married Stanley on the rebound because Mike had married Charlotte Waring when he found out Leslie was pregnant with Ed's baby. And Ed cheated on Leslie with Janet Mason. I think Barbara was already divorced from Stanley when she first appeared on the show. My first memories of her are of her being involved with Adam Thorpe. The children were all grown. The only other black character I remember from that time period was the husband of Olivia Cole's character, but I can't remember his name.
  11. This was all going on while he was married to Leslie! I don't remember details but I do remember that Stanley Norris was one of the most "icky" characters I have seen. William Smithers was playing him when I watched (and I believe he was the last to play him) and I could never see him in anything else without having a negative reaction to the sight of him.
  12. I can't remember the actress' name but she later played the grandmother on "Family Matters!" And I think she played Nell Carter's mother on "Gimme a Break."
  13. I believe Olivia Cole's character was one of the women involved with Stanley Norris. He was sleeping with her mother around the same time. I believe her mother was Freddy (Rick) Bauer's nanny.
  14. By the time I started watching in the 70s, it seemed the personalities of Susan & Alan were the reverse of their earlier versions as described above, and seen in the available clips. Of course, Susan had gotten older and I would assume had matured, and had a teenaged son to raise. Alan was the volatile one, of course his experiences in Vietnam had affected him. He was psychologically disturbed. He was one of my favorite characters though. I believe he was killed by Dan Kincaid's drug goons (but Susan went on trial for his murder).
  15. I just watched the first two shows on archive.org. I really enjoyed the one from 1960 with Peter, Alan, & Susan. Wow, the characters of Alan & Susan are so different from the 1970s version! It's as though they reversed roles. I know they explained that Alan changed in the 1970s because of his war experiences. Susan changed for the better (at least she was a more pleasant person). This is the style of soaps I prefer but those days are over for good I guess. I saw a recent interview with Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie, Days of our Lives). She was discussing the difference between her early days on her show, and the current show. During the interview, she said her producer (she didn't specify whether it was Gary Tomlin or Ken Corday) told her that the audience "didn't want to see talking heads anymore." Those talking heads in the old days of soaps were a lot more riveting than the characters in the current shows, in my opinion!
  16. I didn't see Joan Crawford's appearance on the show but I read about it in Mommie Dearest! I don't remember seeing her daughter on the show either. Thanks for the links! I'll check them out.
  17. I don't remember much more about it except I believe it took place around the same time Mark started having second thoughts about leaving the priesthood. I believe Laurie had previously had some psychological issues. She was always portrayed as very sensitive, I believe she was an artist or a pianist. I haven't really thought much about this show since it went off the air. I've enjoyed reminiscing about it though! I haven't known anyone else (in my real world) who remembers watching it.
  18. Reading through this thread did jar my memory regarding someone seeing something in a mirror. It was the handyman,Eric, who had terrorized Laurie Reddin, when she & Mark bought an old house where Eric had killed the previous owner, Georgina (and I believe her children, too). I think Laurie started thinking she was the reincarnation of Georgina. Eric thought he saw Georgina's image in the mirror lunging at him in Laurie's bedroom and he jumped into the mirror and was killed by the broken glass.
  19. On further thought, I believe Joel Crothers' character Ken was actually Jill Clayborn's first husband (and possibly had a son with her). Also, I think he was involved with Laurie, the girl who later married Father Mark. I can't remember what happened to Ken though.
  20. Thanks for the article! I wonder why Rigsby left the show? I don't remember anyone named Owen. Also thanks for refreshing my memory about the pitchfork incident. It's coming back to me now. The priest's brother was really countrified & always seemed kind of oily & dirty to me, lol. Sorry I don't remember any stories involving a mirror. My favorites on this show were Marla Adams (Belle), Jada Rowland (Amy), & Linden Chiles (who played Paul Britton for most of the time I watched, though I think quite a few others played the role previously). I also liked Liam Sullivan (Alan Dunbara) even though his character ended up being crazy!
  21. I don't remember Diana Millay on the SS, so she must have been on in the 60s. I think Joel left DS & went to SS around 1969 or 1970, not long before DS went off the air. It must not have been an important role because I can only vaguely remember him on it. Now that I think about it, I followed Joel to Somerset & Edge of Night too, so I guess he was one of my favorite soap actors! I do remember the story with the priest, and I believe Gary Sandy played his brother. I seem to recall something about a scene in a barn, involving a pitchfork. I'm going to have to think about that one! I remember when Kevin Kincaid was paralyzed but for some reason I don't remember the artificial insemination. Did you know that Dennis Cooney (Jay Stallings on ATWT) was the first Kevin Kincaid? I would love to read the interview with the Ian Northcoate actor. Which one is it? They both were similar in appearance but I remember Alexander Scourby's (the last one) voice being so beautiful. If the interview is with him, I'm assuming you know he was married to Lori March (Valerie) in real life.
  22. I watched this show a bit too. Jill Clayborn (played by Barbara Rodell when I was watching) was Amy's good friend. I remember there was a big fan uproar when the Clayburn's were killed. They left behind a daughter, who I think had been SORASed to a young teen in a short amount of time. I can't remember her name but I believe she lived with Valerie Ames & her husband, Dr. Ian Northcoate. I vaguely remember Dianne Ladd on the show. I may be totally off on this, but for some reason I believe her character was somehow involved with Alan Dunbar when Liam Sullivan began playing the role. Alan had become quite psychotic because of his war experiences. I seem to recall that he was murdered and Susan went on trial for his murder. I had started watching this show because Joel Crothers had joined it after leaving Dark Shadows, and he had been one of my favorites on there. I only remember that his character was named Ken but that's about it. He stayed only a couple of years.
  23. I wasn't annoyed by the "falling up the stairs" because it was more of a stumble or trip up (though I did find it hard to believe you could damage your spleen so badly from that type of fall). Interesting story about Jane. I didn't even know that Irna didn't like her but I'm not surprised based on some other things I've read about Irna.
  24. Thanks for the clip! I had forgotten about Connie, and that John had been blind. Regarding Liz, Jane House is the actress I remember best. I was watching the day Liz fell up the stairs, but I can't remember what I thought about the recast.
  25. Lyla & Iva were favorites of mine as well. Liz Talbot was very genteel & elegant. It was shocking when she died. Everyone thought poor Betsy had been left an orphan because Paul (whom most people thought was her father) had died too. I think it wasn't until several years later that Betsy finally learned Dan was her father (I think Liz had only told Dan the truth while on her death bed). I can't remember exactly why the Stewart girls decided to change their names. I think it may have been just a teen rebellion thing. I think it occurred when Marcia McClain & Martina Deignan took over the roles. I didn't like it at the time because I thought Dawn & Carol were prettier names than Dee & Annie! Maybe the show didn't want two Carols on at the same time? I will check out your tribute!
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