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Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson
Billie sits at Theresa’s bedside, holding her friend’s hand, watching her comatose body rest. Billie looks on, solemnly, and deep in thought. She smiles after a moment.
BILLIE: Theresa. It’s me. Billie.
Billie stops a moment as she watches her friend lie in silence. The only sound in the room is the machinery around her bed, the beep of her heart monitor. Billie fights the urge to tear up, and smiles instead.
BILLIE: You know, I was thinking the other day...about one of our phone calls. You were fifteen and you were so mad at your Dad because he was…off on another ISA mission, and you had made plans with him for the weekend to have a ski trip in Colorado. You were…so upset, but you told me that you knew that you had to be there for your mom. You knew what she was in for when your dad left…I….I know you love your mom, Theresa. No matter what she’s done…underneath all that anger.
Billie’s tears up, in spite of her best efforts. The door to the room opens, startling Billie. Daniel walks in, allowing Billie to relax a bit. She gets up from her chair, regardless.
BILLIE: Daniel…
DANIEL: You…probably shouldn’t be here right now.
BILLIE: I know. I just…I needed to cool off a bit.
Daniel looks on, concerned, noticing Billie’s teary eyes.
DANIEL: Yeah, I’m not so sure you succeeded at that.
BILLIE: Yeah. Really.
Billie wipes the tears from her eyes, and puts her hands on her hips, trying to regain her composure.
BILLIE: Look…uh…Daniel…about…earlier.
DANIEL: Billie, I…I can’t talk about it, you know that.
Billie holds up her hands to stop Daniel continuing.
BILLIE: I know. Look, it’s…it’s not about that. I just…look, I know we haven’t been together very long, but...you know…listening to you talking to Laura and…doing…whatever you’re doing to protect Jennifer…I…I mean…
Daniel looks at Billie with uncertainty.
DANIEL: What are you saying?
BILLIE: Daniel, you’re still in love with Jennifer, aren’t you?
Nicole slams her files down on her desk in frustration. Sighing audibly, she begins talking to herself aloud.
NICOLE: And yet again, my shadow follows me. (sigh) Except now I gotta work for her. Dammit!
As she raises her fist in aggravation, she stops herself.
NICOLE: Having said this...EJ did give me the go-ahead to do the EnerNext exposé...
Nicole smirks a bit, realizing how this could work to her advantage.
NICOLE: Maybe that little bastard Nick isn't such a bad guy after all.
Laughing to herself, Nicole is suddenly interrupted by a text message. Searching momentarily for her phone, she finds it. Picking it up, she swipes over to check her messages.
It's from Eric.
meet me @ Anderson park 535. dont b late, its important. Love, eric
Nicole looks a bit concerned. She scrunches up her face.
NICOLE: Hm! Wonder what HE wants. Maybe he's finally made up his mind...
Nicole stops herself a moment before continuing, laughing sarcastically.
NICOLE: Right. Maybe the Pope's become an atheist too! God, I need a drink. Good thing TBD's near the park.
Nicole grabs her files, shoves them hastily into her briefcase before grabbing her coat, and heading out of her office.
Tyler sits uncomfortably in his seat in Victor's office at Titan, as he tries to talk his way out of his dismissive comment against Maggie he just made to Victor. Victor, meanwhile, stands in the corner of the room, sorting through some documents.
TYLER: I...I'm sorry, Victor. I didn't realize...Maggie was...your...wife.
Victor turns, smiling wryly as he saunters over to his desk, slowly sitting himself down in his executive chair.
VICTOR: I had a feeling. Personally, I'm amazed you've made it this far in business without learning to do your due diligence. A man in your position could stand to be a bit more careful.
Tyler swallows hard, nodding fervently as he swivels himself slightly to reach a jug of water on Victor's desk. Pouring himself a glass, he continues to backtrack.
TYLER: Well...knowing what I do about Maggie now...I...well...she'd be a great fit. I will say though...
Victor glares Tyler's way as Tyler continues to fumble.
TYLER: You, uh...you might want to take a few days to...you know....assess the situation.
VICTOR: Well, naturally, I'll be attending to some other things, dealing with the last of Brady's affairs with Titan, and handling the selloff of Titan TV.
Tyler, suddenly snapping out of his own worries, remembers something important to bring up to Victor. Scurrying to grab his tablet, Tyler gets up from his seat, and walks to Victor's side of the desk.
TYLER: Speaking of which, you uhh...you might want to look at this.
Tyler hands Victor his tablet, showing the news report, revealing DiMera Enterprises has acquired Titan TV. Victor's rage escalates immediately.
VICTOR: Dammit!
Gabi walks carefully down the steps onto the foggy pier, looking cautiously around for Liam. Spotting him approach through the mist, she looks nonchalantly about before heading his way.
Gabi cautiously looks around before speaking to Liam, who never quite looks her in the eye as they chat.
GABI: Have you got it?
LIAM: Yeah.
Gabi looks at Liam intensely suddenly, holding out her hand in anticipation, but Liam doesn’t hand the bag containing the pills quite so quickly.
LIAM: NOT…so fast. I didn’t go to all this trouble for you to just grab and go. You need to understand a few things first.
Gabi breathes quickly, very uncomfortable suddenly with a very intense Liam.

Jerome is escorted by Hope into the police station in handcuffs. He stays silent, but has an intense, embittered look on his face as Hope leads him into the interrogation room, where a curious Rafe joins them.
Looking over, he points toward Jerome.
RAFE: Who's this?
HOPE: THIS is the burglar that's been targeting the houses in the west end.
RAFE: Is that so? Well, then I guess it's time we had a little chat then, huh?
JEROME: I'd love to...after my lawyer shows up.
Hope rolls her eyes as Rafe leans over the table, trying to stare Jerome down. Jerome won't engage. He stares at the floor, head tilted.
RAFE: You'll talk now if you know what's good for you, man. That's the eighth house you've hit this month. You're a hard man to track down!
JEROME: I thought I was entitled to a phone call.
Rafe grins, shaking his head.
RAFE: Heh. Yeah, no. You're not entitled to one.
JEROME: I know my rights. What little I have--
RAFE: ...You've been watching too much Law & Order. You're not going anywhere until we hear those magic words.
Jerome sighs, fighting his urge to roll his eyes. He simply closes them and responds as if on cue.
JEROME: Please?
HOPE: Wrong magic words, Jerome. He means "I did it".
Jerome finally turns to face Hope and Rafe, as if suddenly HIS magic words have been spoken. He looks intensely at Hope as his temper flares.
JEROME: Would it make a difference if I did?
HOPE: What's that supposed to mean?
JEROME: It means when a black man is in the wrong place at the wrong time, he could saving the President from a terrorist attack and you suckers would think he's the one trying to kill him!
Rafe steps toward Jerome in anger, but Hope holds him back. She focuses in on Rafe a moment, speaking softly to him.
HOPE: No. We're doing this my way, okay?
After a moment, Rafe cools off and nods. Hope turns back to Jerome.
HOPE: You want your lawyer? Call them.
JEROME: I need to contact my grandmother to get a lawyer for me.
Hope sighs. She walks up to Jerome.
HOPE: Stand up.
Jerome responds dutifully, as Hope walks him toward the door. Rafe hangs back, as Hope leads Jerome out into the main room, Rafe following behind them, arms folded, looking imposing.
HOPE: We have to book you anyway.
RAFE: You alright or you want me around?
HOPE: I think I can handle this one.
RAFE: Alright. Suit yourself. You know where to find me.
HOPE: Yup...alright, sit down here.
Jerome sits down in front of the desk, as Hope motions another cop to stand behind Jerome to monitor him, which elicits a momentary eye roll from Jerome. Hope barely notices as she pulls up the file on the computer.
HOPE: Right. Full name.
JEROME: I'm not getting my phone call first--
Hope interrupts in a booming voice that could silence a football field.
Jerome looks down again, defeat in his voice as he responds.
JEROME: Jerome Grant.
Hope looks up suddenly, taken aback by Jerome's last name.
HOPE: Uh...right. I think the uh...booking can wait. Did you...your phone call. It was to...
JEROME: University Hospital. Ask for Valerie Grant.
Hope looks over at Jerome, wide eyed, her cool truly lost.
Daniel and Billie walk into Daniel's office. Daniel shuts the door behind them as Billie walks in, still emotional from her visit with Theresa, and with her questions for Daniel.
BILLIE: You didn't answer me, Daniel.
DANIEL: No, I didn't. Because I wasn't going to start an argument in a room you're not even supposed to be in.
Billie sighs as Daniel walks over to her, putting his hands firmly on her upper arms. He holds her there, staring deeply into her eyes.
DANIEL: Look...Billie, I know it hasn't been that long that I've been...separated from Jennifer, but....you really need to understand. What she and I had together...it's over. Completely.
BILLIE: That's not what I asked, Daniel.
Billie tries to shake Daniel off of her, but Daniel lets go anyway. Billie starts to pace the room, looking down as she carefully chooses her words.
BILLIE: Look...I don't want to bring up the past and...painful memories any more than you do, but...when I saw Laura in your office, and you were talking about helping Jenn and Abby out, I...I saw the look in your eye, Daniel. You still love her.
DANIEL: Well, yes. I mean...it's not like those feelings just...disappear overnight, you know. I mean...yes...YES, I love Jenn. I probably always will. But, Billie...
Daniel walks back over to Billie and tenderly caresses her cheek with his hand. Billie initially tries to wriggle away but relents quickly, as Daniel continues.
DANIEL: I'm IN love with you. That's all that matters.
Billie says nothing, sighing a bit as she leans her face into Daniel's hand.
DANIEL: Right?
Billie starts to crack a smile as she steps toward Daniel, putting her arms around him.
BILLIE: I guess...I guess you're right.
DANIEL: Thaaaat's better.
Daniel smiles as he holds Billie. They lean in for a kiss.
Separating, Billie smiles.
BILLIE: Look. I...I have to get going. Thanks again for getting me in there today.
DANIEL: Anytime.
BILLIE: Uh...maybe we can meet up tonight? Dinner at my...
Daniel looks at Billie, shaking his head.
BILLIE: ...mom's...bad idea.
Simultaneously they shake their heads, responding over each other.#
DANIEL: Baaaaad idea.
BILLIE: Yeah, no. Not going there. Well...I'll text you?
DANIEL: Better idea.
BILLIE: Alright.
Billie leans against the doorway to Daniel's office, she smiles playfully, blowing a kiss Daniel's way.
BILLIE: I love you.
DANIEL: I love you too.
As Billie turns the corner, her expression changes immediately to one of determination.
BILLIE: Alright, Daniel. What are you trying to protect Jenn from, and why are you Laura's only hope.
Inside Daniel's office, Daniel shakes his head, expression changed as well, as he mulls over what he knows about Jenn, and Abby.
DANIEL: God, I hope Billie doesn't go digging now. I'm not even sure Abby's safe now. God help her if Billie gets involved.
Gabi looks fearfully at Liam, who's grabbed her one arm, hands her a plastic pharmacy bag, containing a bottle of what's marked as generic Acetaminophen, and Marlena's stolen perscription pad.
GABI: What...what's in here?
LIAM: Everything you asked for. But you can't go demanding anything like this again. It's too risky. You got it? No more contact.
Gabi nods furiously, scared stiff.
LIAM: Okay, here's what you need to know. These are Dr. Marlena Evans' perscription pads. Slip them in his bag when his back's turned, and make sure they nab the guy this time.
GABI: Okay. Okay. Look, what if this doesn't work?
LIAM: Then he's your problem. There's no third chance here.
Gabi sighs. Eventually nodding. She grabs the bag and runs off, stopping momentarily to thank Liam.
GABI: Thank--
Gabi looks and finds Liam's already vanished into the mist. Gabi sighs audibly and heads quickly back up toward the pub.
GABI: This HAS to work. Please, God. For my daughter's sake.
Gabi looks around again, careful not to be seen by anyone as she makes her way up the steps from the pier.
Nicole walks into the clearing at the park. Looking around for Eric, she doesn't see him. Or anyone. She stands in her winter coat, shivering as she goes to grab her phone from her purse.
She looks down to see a bright red envelope attached to the bench in front of her.
Intrigued, she steps towards it, picking it up.
Her name is on the front. Opening it, she begins to crack a smile as she sees the card inside. She pulls the all-white card from the envelope and reads its inscription.
I'm glad you made it.
I don't want to dwell on the past anymore. Someone very close to me gave me some excellent advice. "What matters is that you're happy". Well, Nicole. You're what makes me happy.
Nicole looks up.
NICOLE: 8-3-5? What the...?
Jarred by the abrupt end to the letter, she begins looking around again. She notices a single red rose on the ground on the other side of the bench. Tilting her head around, she approaches it.
Picking it up, she sees a trail of roses leading into a larger, but dimly lit clearing on the other side of the bushes. As it's getting dark, she fishes through her bag to pull out a small flashlight she keeps on her keychain.
Following the trail leads her to a small box with a combination lock on it.
Nicole studies the box carefully as she picks it up. A song gently begins as she does.
(0:13) Nicole checks the note again and begins to plug in the combination.
(0:26) Valerie hears her office phone ring at the hospital, as she prepares to leave for the day. Picking up the receiver, she's immediately upset by what she hears on the other end. Tearing up as she shakes her head, she responds to the person on the other end shortly before hanging up.
(0:51) Jerome looks straight ahead, a distant blank look in his eye as the phone is placed back down at the police station. Hope looks on, now more distracted and concerned than she would normally be on the job. She tries to speak to Jerome.
HOPE: Is she on her way?
Jerome doesn't answer, lost in his own mind, he doesn't even look Hope's way.
HOPE: Jerome?
Knowing he's not paying attention, Hope carries on with the paperwork, sighing in resignation.
(1:30) Billie drives down the road, deep in thought about her friend Jennifer and the insecurity she feels about her relationship with Daniel, as well as the tragic circumstances that have led to her close friend Theresa ending up in a coma she may not wake up from, and Kim barring Billie from visiting Theresa in hospital.
Distracted, she begins to veer into oncoming traffic.
(1:55) She catches herself as a horn blares out, causing her to quickly jerk the steering wheel right, pulling her car over to the shoulder. Braking hard, she begins to tear up. Resting her head against the steering wheel, she lets her emotions out, crying hard in her car.
(2:08) Victor sits alone in his office, the headline of DiMera taking over Titan TV resting on his desk.
Victor looks over to see a picture of Brady looking back at him. He stares into it, wistfully.
(2:30) Nicole finishes setting the combination on the box, and opens it.
Seeing a beautiful diamond ring, she takes a step back, trying in vain to hold back from crying.
(2:45) Eric appears, as a series of lights are turned on via dimmers. Eric smiles warmly at a teary-eyed Nicole.
The lights are strung up to read "Will you marry me?". Nicole reads them over, and tears up even more.
ERIC: So...I've been doing some thinking.
Nicole laughs through her tears, Eric joining her. Nicole responds as she wipes her tears away.
NICOLE: I can see that.
ERIC: I just want you to know that...if doing the right thing means a life without you...I don't want that life.
Nicole wraps her arms around Eric, moved beyond words.
ERIC: Nicole. I love you...so...much. So...what do you say?
Nicole breathes in deeply, as Eric gets on one knee to put the ring on her finger.
ERIC: Nicole Walker. Will you marry me?
(3:34) Nicole shouts out her answer, bouncing in place, still freezing.
NICOLE: Oh my God, YES!
Eric puts the ring on, lifting Nicole into the air for a passionate kiss that they wish would never end. Eric and Nicole's hands wrap around each other, holding each other tightly as they kiss with an intensity that heats up the cold evening.
When they do end their kiss, Nicole rests in Eric's arms, as they tenderly hold each other, Nicole's tears still smearing her mascara. Eric looks on with a look that shows he's finally at peace.


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SO happy for Eric and what a very creative proposal. I am also happy for Nicole kuz I like her as well and she needs some happiness. 


THis ep seems to feat couple. I enjoyed that. Billie and Daniel were cute as well. I really like them together. I just know Billie is going to do some digging. WHat will she find and it was also a nice scene with her and Thersea. Billi was great in this ep.


I love the montage at the end. It was so fitting and so climatic to whats been going on.

Jerome being arrested and the last name Grant trigerring some type of feeling in Hope. I love the way u did those scenes. Captruing racism and stereotypes. Rage was trying to bum rush into confessing. Im glad Jerome played things cool. Didnt feed into that sterotype or to what Rafe was expecting. I can't wait till they all find out Jerome is Vals  grandson and not only that he's innocent. Egg on ur face. 


I also cant wait to see this Gabi story play out. I hope it works!!!


Its better to read ur show in marathon style. THe last three esp has been great and I see a lot of movement and things developing. SO great AL!!! Your on fire.

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What a great follow up from 83.  

I could FEEL the anger from Jerome and the tears from Valerie after his arrest.  Hope's conflict, and Rafe's indignation born out of feeling insulted.

Victor and Tyler's conversation i could see on TV.  Tyler stuttering out of intimidation and Victor just putting the hammer down.  LOVED IT

Billie realized that Daniel still loves Jennifer.  I could see it and feel it as she pulled over and cried.  

Gabi making deals with the devil to get rid of Nick.  I like how Liam was menacing in a sense.  

And to top it all off, Eric's proposal to Nicole.  Very thoughtful and romantic.

LOVED THIS ENTIRE EPISODE.  Once again you capture character so well that I can see all these people in my mind as I read the lines.  EXCELLENT JOB!!!


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