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PART 2 of SONBC's Interview with Greg, Creator of RTSB



SONBC: You're back and man, what a rousing start. I LOVE how you end every episode with a cliffhanger. THAT is what the on-air soaps should be doing.

Greg: Thanks so much for the compliment. I'm quite proud of my first two episodes. The hardest part about writing is getting started. But now that I have, I'm roaring to go!

SONBC: Tell us about Joann. She's been an enigma for some time now, mainly arguing with Gina and working for Capwell Enterprises. Yet on this last installment, she seems to be crossing into the Kirk storyline.

Greg: First of all, I'm THRILLED to finally have Maura West in the cast. She's a spectacular actress and while I like Kim Rhodes, I just couldn't resist changing it over to Maura for the story I have planned. Now as for her involvement with Kirk, they were once engaged, she used him to get into Capwell Enterprises, and then thwarted his takeover attempt. Now why she's doing what she did in the last episode, I can not tell you. It would spoil my fun. But what I will say is just WAIT and see what she does in the next episode. I think the fans are going to LOVE what I have planned for Joann. In fact, when I did a survey a while back, she was easily ranked as their favorite new character, yet she'd barely done anything but spar with Gina. I'm using that to garner her the sympathy she's going to need. But when all of her secrets, including her identity, are revealed, the audience will clearly understand the motivations she's had for everything that she's done.

SONBC: What about this Lockridge story you have planned, mirroring your own real-life 2012 drama?

Greg: I'm excited to start writing it, but it's going to take me a few weeks to get there. I think it will be an interesting, different kind of storyline for the Lockridges. And I have one more return planned that nobody is going to see coming, but that person will shake up the canvas for sure.

SONBC: I have to ask the question that's on everyone's mind- WHEN is the next episode airing?

Greg: I plan on writing it today, though it doesn't mean it will get finished. But expect to see it back.

SONBC: Any news about the talk show or interviewing more behind the scenes SB talent?

Greg: Nothing yet, but I'm CONVINCED that at least some of the cast and crew are reading it. That includes you Ms. Grahn. She's my likeliest suspect, but there's a few others I feel may be reading as well. I hope so. This blog is getting more notice on the net and they must know it exists. We're at 150,000 some odd hits and my goal is to hit 200,000 by May. With as much action as I have planned, it's well withing the realm of possibility.

SONBC: Thankis so much Greg for your usual candor and yet another entertaining interview. And don't miss "Return to Santa Barbara." Only on SONBC.


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