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Episode 105




(The role of Joann Walsh is now being played by Maura West)

(EXT: Santa Barbara Airport)

--Kirk is stunned to see his former fiance standing behind him.

"Don't just stand there like a deer in the headlights, Kirk. Answer my question. Or would you rather I call Eden and the three of us can have this chat together?"

"Joann, my love, my pet, there is nothing for you to worry about. I have Eden under control and I need to get on this plane right now or everything that's been planned is going to blow up in our faces. Now if you don't mind, my love is waiting..."

Kirk turns around and begins to walk away, but Joann runs up behind him and snatches his phone out of his hand. Before Kirk can even react, Joann calls back the person who Kirk just got off the phone with. The phone rings twice and someone picks up.

"Kirk? Kirk? What do you want? I thought you said everything was going fine...."

"It is, it is. This is Laurie, Kirk's girlfriend and I was just wondering who my devilish boyfriend here was speaking with.......Do you have a name?"

"Of course. Santana. And trust me, I have no designs on your boyfriend. It was a business call. Completely business."

"I'm sure it was. He was just being his usual deceptive self and I wasn't about to let him get away with it. Lovely talking to you Santiana."

"It's Santana"

"Of course it is. Good bye now."

Kirk looks at Joann with a guilty look on his face. He asks for his phone back so he can board the plane.


Joann throws the phone and it hits Kirk directly in the eye.

"What the hell was that for?"

"You know damn well what it for. Castillo? Santana? So Cruz is alive. You've been LYING to me. And to Quinn. I don't think he'll be too pleased to hear that you didn't carry out his mission, and then you're little love-fest with the object of your obsession will all go down the drain, won't it."

"Cruz was never supposed to die, right pumpkin?"

"Don't you dare patronize me. Santana Andrade was never part of the plan and you know it. Haven't you learned not to double cross me Kirk? I thwarted your takeover of Capwell Enterprises. Did you really think you were gonna get away with this. I want answers and I want them now. Why in the HELL did you get Santana mixed up in this?"

"I didn't, my pet, I didn't. She happens to live in Mexico and Eden called her and she confronted Angel and she got the map and she...."

"And she saved her high school sweetheart. Well bully for Santana. I'm not even going to ask why you didn't tell me Kirk because I already know- you're a COWARD! Seriously, you have botched everything from day one and you honestly are being blackmailed by Santana Andrade? For God's sake, slip her a mickey and be done with it you fool. But no, no, because we all know not only are you cowardly, but you're selfish. All you care about is your precious Eden and getting her in your clutches. Who gives a damn who you screw over in the process? You go, Kirk. Go on to London with Princess Eden. But you're going to fix this. So help me GOD Kirk, when you get back to Santa Barbara, you WILL fix this. Or your leg won't be your only prosthetic body part!"

(EXT: Capwell Hotel)

--Ted catches Angela and begins slapping her and trying to wake her up. When she doesn't come to, he calls 911 and reports everything. When he's off the phone, he asks the receptionist if any doctors are staying in the hotel, to which she responds that she's not allowed to give out that sort of information.

"My father OWNS this hotel damnit! And this is my wife!"

"I'm sorry Mr. Capwell- I didn't recognize you. How embarrassing. And I've worked here since the 80s! ( wink.png )"

"Just can it and answer the question."

"No sir, at least none that are in the building. Is there anything I can do?"

"A glass of water, something, anything, just go do something."

A bewildered Ted continues to shake Angela, trying to get her to come to. Suddenly he hears a familiar voice.

"Ted. Ted, what's wrong?"

"It's Angela, Gina. She's fainted and so help me, if you've done anything, ANYTHING to harm my wife..."

"I swear to you Ted, I didn't. We were just having a.....conversation, that's all. I did notice she was acting a little weaker than normal, but I thought nothing of it."

"That I believe. You don't think Gina, do you? Clearly she was stressed out and I doubt your conversation had anything to do with those cheap denim jeans you're marketing."

"Those cheap jeans have become a major factor in keeping your father's company afloat, Ted. Lest you forget, that takeover attempt would have gone through much more swiftly had it not been for Gina Jeans. I saved that company Ted."

"I don't have time for this Gina. My wife is unconcious on the floor."

"I see that. And that is not my fault."

Suddenly, Angela comes to.

"Ted......Gina.....what just......why am I on the floor?"

"Not for the usual reason," Gina snarks.

"Shut up, Gina. Honey, you fainted. Just lie still. The paramedics are on the way. Where is that IDIOT with the water??!?"

"That's the kind of employees you people have working at this place, Ted. Kelly's too busy waltzing around Europe marrying strangers to run a business."

"Would you PLEASE make yourself useful for once Gina and get my wife a glass of water?"

Gina stands there, giving Ted her best insulted Gina face.

"NOW Gina!"

"Of course. I'm sure you'll be fine, Angela. You always seem to come out on top. I'm sure this will be no exception."

Gina goes to get the glass of water as the paramedics arrive. When Angela protests and says it was a dizzy spell and that she's fine, Ted insists she let the paramedics take her to the hospital and be checked out by a doctor. Angela softens when she sees the look of concern on Ted's face. The paramedics place Angela on the stretcher and put her into the ambulance as Gina returns with the water.

"What's going on? Where are they taking Angela?"

"Paris," Ted quips. "It's the paramedics Gina, where do you think she's going? Now can you please stay here and run the hotel while I tend to my wife?"

"Get my wife a glass of water. Run the hotel. Create a line of jeans that will shoot the stocks through the roof. Sure, Ted, run along. Lord knows you Capwells wouldn't understand hard work even if you had to build a house. You'd just find someone else to do all the work and-"

"Thanks Gina. You're a real life saver."

Ted leaves and a devious look comes across Gina's face. She pulls out her phone and places a call.

"Lily....it's Mom."

"Mom, where are you?"

"I'm here at the Capwell Hotel and the most delicious thing just happened."

"Yeah, what's that?"

"Angela Cassidy.......Capwell(she chokes on the word)......just fainted..."

"Really? Well....so what?"

"So what? She's been nauseated lately, dizzy, now she's fainting....."

"Yeah, and...."

"For God's sake, Lily, she's either got a brain tumor or she's PREGNANT! And I'd bet a million dollars on the latter...."

THE END......for today


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Alright, Greg, I trust that the episodes will continue to appear because after this one, I can't wait to see what happens next! You were right; it IS delicious!

But 2 minor things:

When Joann says to Kirk " Go on to London with your precious England," I think you meant to say " . . . with your precious Eden," did you not?

Also, in the exchange between Gina and Lily: "Mom, where are you? I'm here at the Capwell Hotel and the most delicious thing just happened" -- apparently Lily says the first sentence, and Gina says the latter. However, it reads as if the whole thing is Gina's line.

All in all, I just have to say, keep 'em coming!

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I edited Joann's line already sb34, as I did with the Gina/Lily exchange . I am back in re-read mode, but I do like to post the episode immediately when I'm finished because I'm lucky enough to have people waiting to read & comment on it. Feedback is a HUGE part of the joy of writing this thing.

Oh and I made a comment on FB today about bringing SB back on the net and Nic Coster commented and all but said he'd do it. :D

I'm more interested to hear your thoughts, but as a former copy editor myself, I always appreciate editing notes.

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By re-read mode, I meant that I always (used to) re-read my episodes immediately when I post them, then fix any and all typos I'll find. The fingers and the brain don't always connect- I actually prefer to write by hand (which is how I started doing this years ago, before I had the internet).

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Something I forgot to ask -- when did Kirk lose a leg? Did it occur at some point during his original Santa Barbara run, or is it something you thought up yourself?

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Yes, Kirk lost his leg in the original run. I believe it happened off-screen, but when Joseph Bottoms briefly returned in 1990 and kidnapped Nikki Alvarez, Kirk sported a patch and a wooden leg. It was the Conboy era of camp. I hadn't addressed it and wasn't going to, but I the line was too perfect and I could hear Maura West spitting it out so deliciously as only she can.

Having a cast crawl and actors for me, as a writer, is a HUGE part of what motivates me. When I write dialogue, I hear the actor's (and the character's) voice in my head and that is what inspires the lines. I've tried to keep alive certain historical aspects in the dialogue, such as CC addressing Eden and Kelly as Princess and Kitten and Cruz calling Eden darlin. Things like that. Now that I've gotten a lot of the story out there written, it seems a natural progression for the serious to be heavier in dialogue. It's different from the style I was previously writing but I'm enjoying it thusfar.

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Episode 106 will be posted sometime tonight. I CAN"T WAIT until I can reveal this Joann thing. I think you guys are going to be absolutely stunned! In a good way.

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Actually guys, give me til tomorrow. Gotta watch a movie with my mom.

But expect to see the London crown tomorrow- aka Soretta, Edmund, Kelly, Ashton, Lionel, Augusta, Marcello. And a few others who haven't appeared in the new episodes yet. Have it mapped out already! Probably will be posted in the evening.

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Greg, you're running behind schedule again; the day you referred to as tomorrow has come and gone! :-P

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LOL I've been a busy bee but things should get back on track this week. I always have stuff going on in my personal life that you guys aren't clued in on and believe me, this last year and a half there's been a [!@#$%^&*]-ton. I was just brainstorming episodes today on a long walk. I have quite a few climaxes coming up until each storyline finally reaches its pinnacle. But everything that I've tried to clue you guys in on is about to start coming together. For those of you that followed from the beginning, I'll be curious to know if you saw any of these developments/denouments coming. Most were planned from the beginning, but 2 of them I decided on as I started writing (one of which I officially decided on as I started up again this year). But the important things that I've been cluing you guys in on from the beginning are what's coming this week. Now would be a good time for a re-read, since I've taken a short break. The more invested (or re-invested) you are in the stories, the bigger & better payoff you'll get.

I do, however, now understand why soaps are written by TEAMS and not just one writer. My GOD, it's A LOT of work!

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