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Episode 174



Interesting Confessions in Springfield...


Reva Bend:


Marah and Shayne walk up to the front door.

Reva and Josh asked to meet them there.

They knock.


Josh opens, "Hey guys. Come on in."

Marah walks in first, "So we kind of figured it out. Why you called us here to meet you."

Josh turns to her, "You did?"

Shayne nods, "And we think it's great. We saw you guys at the Bauer Barbecue. So close."


Reva walks in, "You're here."

Marah hugs her, "I'm so happy for you Mom."

Reva looks at them, "What?"

Shayne smiles, "You and Dad are getting back together."

Reva is confused, "What?"

Marah grins, "We know you guys were trying to hide it but of course we could see it."

Reva shakes her head, "I think you guys are confused."

There is a knock on the door.

Josh opens it.

Noah is there, "Is Reva here?"

Marah and Shayne stare in shock.



Bauer Home:


Bill, Michelle and Jesse are sitting at the table.

Michelle brings water, "So what brought you back to Springfield Jesse? I mean it's been so long."

Jesse sighs, "I don't know. I guess eventually everyone comes back to Springfield."

Bill nods, "I guess so. I mean we both left and came back. But then again Michelle and I have our families here."

Jesse sighs, "Well I feel like you guys are my family."

Michelle smiles, "Of course we are. But I just wish Drew was here too. I mean we reopened Millenium in a new name. We could get some tips on running it from her."

Jesse nods, "Yeah Max said he was back in Springfield not to long ago. It kinda got me homesick."

Bill looks at his watch, "I have to get to the office. I have some meetings today."

Michelle nods, "Well we'll all have lunch together. Then you and I can go over wedding plans."

Bill kisses Michelle goodbye before he leaves.

Jesse looks at Michelle, "I'm really happy for you and Bill. I'm sure you'll have a great wedding."

Michelle looks at him, "Cut the crap. Why are you really back in town Jesse? What are you leaving out?"

Jesse stares at her.




Olivia is walked down the hall.

The doctor lets her into a room.

Ava is laying on her bed, "Mommy Dearest. What brings you by my place today? Sorry I didn't have a chance to clean up."

Olivia sighs. "Hi. I brought some stuff for you. Emma made you another get well card."

Ava takes it, "Emma is a sweetheart."

Olivia sighs, "I was thinking I know you can't be with HB on his birthday so I was thinking maybe I could get a gift that you'll pick out."

Ava scoffs, "What a little mini straight jacket so he can match his Mommy. No wait he'd need a doctor's uniform to match his new Mommy."

Olivia shakes her head, "Michelle is not HB's Mom. You are and we all know that."

Ava sighs, "No thanks to you. My child will be back in my arms one day. I promise you that."

Olivia nods, "I hope so. I think that if you just work on getting yourself better it will all happen sooner."

Ava sighs, "I'm still not going to be there for his first birthday."

Olivia shakes her head, "No probably not."

Ava looks at her, "Well Edmund is working on getting me out of here. And I will get out of here."

Olivia is worried about her daughter.


Mallet & Dinah's:


Dinah is on her cell phone.

She is talking to her work at the station, "Okay so I'm scheduling the interview with Annie and when I get the promos ready I will give it to you. Okay?... bye."

Dinah hangs up.

Mallet walks up to her, "We need to talk."

She shakes her head, "I have to go to the station so our talk is gonna have to wait."

He shakes his head, "No now."

She is worried, "You are scaring me. Is something wrong with Anthony or Belinda?"

He sighs, "No something is wrong with you."

She is confused, "Excuse me."

He looks at her, "You have not been acting like yourself for a long time and it is really worrying me."

She scoffs, "You are getting really insecure because of how much I'm working and how much money I'm making. Well I'm sorry but I'm not going to stop doing what I'm doing."

He is angry, "Oh yeah. That's why I'm upset. I'm jealous of you. It has nothing to do with how I got my job."

She stares, "What do you mean?"

Mallet looks her in the eyes, "Is it true? Did Annie Dutton pay bribes to get me my job?"

Dinah doesn't know what to say.


Alan & Natalia's:


Alan is in the kitchen.

He here's the front door open.

Alan runs over, "Natalia?"


Rafe walks inside, "Hey Granddad."

Alan hugs him, "Raphael. I'm so happy to see you. Where is Natalia and Alan Jr?"

Rafe sighs, "They aren't with me."

Alan is confused, "Where the hell are they then?"

Rafe sighs, "I don't know. Mom took a seperate plane and said she wasn't coming back to Springfield yet."

Alan scoffs, "She can't do that. I'm her husband. I should know where she is. She can't do this."

Rafe sighs, "She said it was safe for me to be home. Now that everything is settled with Aubrey."

Alan nods, "No one knows about your role in it all. I believe Elizabeth knows that you were friends with Aubrey but not about about you being the one who kidnapped Sarah."

Rafe nods, "I know. I already talked to Liz. We're meeting for lunch later to go over our plans."

Alan shakes his head, "What plans?"

Rafe sighs, "To take over Spaulding Enterprises."

Alan isn't happy.


Spaulding Mansion:


Lorelei is still playing Beth.

They walk in to their bedroom.

Phillip kisses her, "Beth, these weeks have been amazing being your husband again."

She smiles, "You have made me the happiest woman in the world all over again. I love you Phillip."

He kisses her, "I love you so much."

She smiles, "Hey! Why don't you go downstairs to the kitchen and get me something to eat. I'm so hungry."

He is confused, "I thought you told the kids we didn't eat in our rooms."

She laughs, "Rules were meant to be broken."

Phillip goes to get the food.

Lorelei looks into the mirror, "Oh hot damn girl! You are a freakin genius! Not only are you married into the Spaulding family again. But they believe you is Beth still. And Phillip, he's gonna do whatever the hell you want him to do. He loves his sweet Beth."

She goes through Beth's jewelry.

So expensive and nice.

She picks it up, "Damn Beth you are one classy chick. Well were. Because you're gone for good. I'm here to stay."


Alan and Natalia's:

Alan walks to Rafe.

Alan sighs, "I'm glad to see you taking an interest in the company but you and Elizabeth are too young. Besides I'm the one who is going to be the CEO of Spaulding again."

Rafe shakes his head, "It's time for a new generation in Springfield to take over."

Alan shakes his head, "No. Because I'm not through with the company yet. There is a lot to be done."

Rafe nods, "Well Liz and I will take care of it. We have a lot of bi plans for the company."

Alan sighs, "I don't want to hurt you Raphael but I'm not going to go easy on you two."

He nods, "That's fine Granddad. That's just fine. We don't need you to go easy on us."

Alan sighs, "You are going to be disappointed."

Rafe shakes his head, "Maybe you should focus on your family. Starting with my Mom."

Rafe walks away.


Olivia is still with Ava.

She looks at her daughter, "Ava I want you to stay here until you are really better."

Ava sighs, "I don't get it. If you and Bill are really over then why do you want to keep me in here?"

Olivia sighs, "Did you not here me? Ava I want you to be better. You are better than what you've become."

Ava shakes her head, "You accuse me of being a bad person, kidnapping, lying, scheming, those are things I learned from you. You are the biggest bitch I know."

Olivia nods, "Maybe so. That's why you should remember that I'm always ten steps ahead of you."

Ava scoffs, "You were. But I'm smarter, younger, and I have nothing to lose at this point."

Olivia gets up, "I have to go. I tried to talk to you like a normal person. But that was a mistake."

Ava laughs, "Yeah! You are a moron! I'm a psycho remember?"

Olivia sighs, "I do love you."

Olivia walks out.

Olivia cries as she leaves her daughter at Ravenwood.

Bauer Home:

Michelle is sitting with Jesse.

Jesse looks at her, "What are you talking about?'

Michelle sighs, "Jesse, you obviously came back to Springfield for reasons that you aren't saying."

He shakes his head, "Why else would I be here Michelle?"

She looks down, "I don't know. But it just seems like a random time for you to come back after all these years."

He nods, "Well I mean I can't think of a reason to come so why not just pick a random time to get a on a bike and head towards Springfield? That's all it is Michelle."

She sighs, "Well what about Drew? Why isn't Drew here? Every time I bring her up you change the subject."

Jesse looks down, "Let's just not talk about Drew right now. I'm just not in the mood for that."

Michelle sighs, "See! What is going on Jesse. I mean I know I haven't talked to you guys in a while but what am I not seeing?"

He sighs, "Why can't you just leave it alone?"

She shakes her head, "You know me. I'm not good at just leaving things alone. If I was then I never would have dated you."

Jesse laughs, "That would have been a mistake."

She sighs, "What's going on?"

He looks at her, "Drew and I are over."

Mallet and Dinah's:

Dinah turns from Mallet.

She walks away, "You have some pretty bizarre theories. I mean this one is really good."

Mallet nods, "Is it true?"

She sighs, "Mallet."

He sighs, "It is isn't it?"

She shakes her head, "Not the way you worded it-"

He shouts, "Damn it! Dinah!"

Dinah sighs, "Just here me out."

He looks at her, "Do you realize what you've done?"

She shakes her head, "I think you're over reacting. You deserve to be the Chief. And look how great you've been at it. You are making Springfield a better places."

Mallet looks at her, "How can you justify what you did?"

She hugs him, "I know you'll thank me one day. I love you so much Mallet. I did this for you."

Mallet pulls away, "I have to go."

She is confused, "Go where?"

He shakes his head, "I don't know."

Mallet leaves.

Spaulding Mansion:

Lorelei is laying in bed.

She is rolling around, "Wooee! I'm livin the good life again!"

She hears Phillip coming.

Phillip opens the door.

She smiles as Beth, "Oh Phillip. I missed you."

He grins, "I missed you too. I got you a sandwich from downstairs."

She jumps, "Give it!"

He smiles, "You sure are hungry."

She looks at him, "Do we have any chips honey?"

He sighs, "I'm sorry I didn't even think of that."

She sighs, "I'm sorry. I hate to be so selfish but I'm just so hungry. I haven't eaten."

Phillip grins, "Well don't be sorry. You are my new bride and I'm going to treat you like the angel you are."

Phillip kisses her and then heads to the kitchen.

Lorelei takes a big bite, "Mm. I love the Spaulding food. I'm so glad to be home."

Lorelei lays back and looks at the ceiling.

She starts planning in her head.

Reva Bend:

Noah walks in.

Reva smiles, "Hey Noah."

Noah looks at the kids, "Marah, Shayne. Wow you guys have really grown up haven't you?"

Marah walks over, "Noah! You look great. I didn't even know you were back in town."

Shayne shakes his hand, "It's nice to see you. It's been a long time. How have you been?"

Noah grins, "I'm good."

Marah turns, "Oh. So you two are back together?"

Noah looks at Reva.

Reva shakes her head, "No."

Shayne is confused, "Then what's going on?"

Reva sighs, "Noah is here as my doctor."

Marah shakes her head, "But Noah's an oncologist."

Shayne looks at her, "No."

Reva nods, "My cancer's back."

A very upset Marah and Shayne look at each other.


Marah and Shayne make promises to Reva

Michelle questions Jesse

Lorelei visits Alan

Blake, Harley, and Cassie catch up!

Annie, Olivia, and Dinah plan

Spaulding board voters are summoned


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