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2008: November 5th: First Anniversary Episode (Sweeps)



2008 - November 5th (Sweeps) - First Anniversary Episode



Beyond the Horizon's Anniversary episode is brought you with limited commercial interruption, thanks to sponsorship by DRtv!

Previously on Beyond the Horizon...

  • James traveled to Chicago to support Julia as she closed the chapter on her father's death, and Julia and James finally made love.
  • Overwhelmed with conflicting emotions regarding Terrence and Rod, Christian ran to Dominic and proposed they blow out of town!
  • Lauren found Eleanor at a low point and made her realize she needed to make a choice in her life. Eleanor chose Henry.
  • Fiona finally confronted Leo about his lies regarding VSI.
  • Jenna's manipulations were exposed to the Baldwins, and Theodore made the shocking decision to force Jenna to move out of the family brownstone.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Prologue - Present Day

Eleanor (Catherine Hickland) wakes up to the morning sunlight streaming through the window of Henry’s (Sebastian Roché) bedroom in the Von Stadt penthouse. “Good morning,” Henry greets her, stroking her hair. “I haven’t slept that well in I don’t know how long,” Eleanor purrs, nestling into Henry’s chest. “You wore yourself out, or wore out both of us, rather,” Henry smiled. Eleanor got serious, "I’m sure you didn’t realize, but the anniversary of my husband’s death just passed. Things have been so heavy, with Terrence’s death, I didn’t even acknowledge it. I didn’t even know how to commemorate it. How do you honor a man you never knew for sure?” Henry’s demeanor shifted quickly, and seems hard-hit by the reminder of Charles Halperin’s death. “Eleanor, you mustn’t dwell on what you’ll never know,” Henry urges her, with sincere concern rich in his voice. “I know,” Eleanor agrees “I couldn’t sleep very well in the last year, with everything that’s been happening, but last night I felt in control again... I felt safe.” Eleanor’s confession should make Henry feel wonderful. Under normal circumstances, it would.

“You didn’t get into any trouble asking for time off of work on zero notice?” Christian (David Evan Smith) asked Dominic (William Shew) as they carried their duffel bags to the rental car they just signed up for. “I can handle trouble, no problem, just hope I remember how to drive after so much time being ‘strictly subway’ in New York,” Dom winked. The boys get in the car and sit, and Dom hesitates before asking, “You sure you’re not going to get in trouble for disappearing on your life with zero notice?” Christian doesn’t know how to react to the question, “What life? Terrence is dead. There’s nothing keeping me here.” Dominic worries for his friend and foster brother, “Are you okay?” Christian rapidly responds, “I’m fine. Can we just go?” Dominic wonders where to, since they never decided. Christian told the rental company they were dropping the car off in L.A. Christian’s sure they can both find work there... in case they decide to stay. Dominic starts up the car.

Evan Royale (Ian Buchanan) lets himself in to the Royale & Klein Law Offices, and is startled to find Fiona (Connie Fletcher-Staton) sleeping at her desk. Evan sets his briefcase down and walks quietly over to her. With one finger he attempts to brush her disheveled red hair behind her ear, but the motion startles Fiona, a notorious light sleeper. Evan wonders what Fiona’s doing there. “Sleeping, obviously,” Fiona tells him matter-of-factly. Evan inquires about her apartment. Fiona tells him it has a rodent infestation and is in dire need of fumigation. Evan asks about her father’s home, but Fiona doesn’t find comfort there anymore. Fiona sits on the front edge of her desk and Evan sits there next to her. “You don’t fool me, you know,” Evan shares with her, fully expecting this news to surprise her.

Julia (Melissa Archer) returns home to find Carina (Natalia Livingston) sitting in the living room. Carina welcomes her back, asking about the trip. Julia shares that James followed her there and proved himself to be quite an amazing, supportive person. “Careful, your ice is melting,” Carina joked. Julia laughed, before noticing the bouquet of flowers on the coffee table. “Flowers, for whom?” Julia inquired. “For you,” Carina told her. Julia hurried over to them to read the card, impressed further by James. “From whom, should be the question,” Carina warned her, as Julia opened the card to read “Still Think of You... Love, Nathan” Carina is somewhat amused by Julia’s predicament, “What’s that saying? When it melts, it pours?” Carina smiles to herself, returning to the magazine she was reading. Julia is stricken to realize Nathan is still carrying a torch for her.

Thomas (Bobby Steggert) and Rebecca (Lindze Letherman) were curled up together on the living room couch at the Baldwin brownstone, when Jenna (Kari Wuhrer) barged in, carrying a small suitcase. Jenna seems disgruntled, “Ugh, Elizabeth, would you give me a moment alone with my darling half-brother?” Rebecca looked around for someone named Elizabeth, and realized Jenna was addressing her, “I’m Rebecca,” she corrected Jenna, who really couldn’t be bothered with her, “Oh whatever. Beat it,” Jenna tells her. Thomas refuses to let Rebecca out of his embrace, “Isn’t it you who’s supposed to be leaving?” Thomas asked. Jenna resigns herself to Rebecca staying for this, “I just wanted to congratulate you, Thomas. It shouldn’t surprise me that you want an audience for this. But congrats, you’ve finally succeeded in ejecting me from the bosom of the family. It only took you a year. But I will tell you that I have Baldwin Enterprises, which is only growing, and you better believe I’m never down for long.” With that, Jenna leaves, head held high. Thomas doesn’t appear very happy to see her leave, prompting Rebecca’s question, “What’s going on in there?” Thomas thinks, and reveals, “Just thinking of how different my life was a year ago. Before Jenna, before James, before Eddie and Didi... before you, and my dad’s heart attack. So much has happened.”


Opening Sequence (Updated for the 1st Anniversary!)



~Present Day~

“And?” Rebecca wondered, and Thomas went on, “I think it’s still been a good year. Starting with you...” Thomas smiled, holding her tighter as he recalled the day he asked her out.

~October 31st, 2007~

“Tutor you? In the same subject that your father also teaches a course on here?!” Rebecca asked, skeptical, in the hallway of Hunter College. Thomas surrenders, “Okay, I’ve just been trying to come up with a way to get you to spend some time with me.” Rebecca is disappointed that tutoring was the best he could come up with. Thomas defended himself, “I’m not good with ulterior motives!” Just then, two EMTs with a gurney rushed past them and made a sharp turn into a classroom, grabbing their attention. Thomas grew nervous immediately. “What is it?” Rebecca asked, sensing his fear. “That’s my dad’s classroom,” Thomas said, chasing after the gurney.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~Present Day~

“Fool you?” Fiona claims not to understand. “You play such the strong woman. Fiercely independent. Career-oriented. Strong, moral beliefs. Determined to change the world with law and logic.” Fiona doesn’t see what’s so wrong with Evan’s assessment about her. Evan explains, “You were just given a whopping dose of life without logic. A senseless death. And you’re a bit of a mess now, because of it. It’s understandable, you just need to embrace it. I knew this day would come the moment I met you.”

~June 2007~

Evan is sitting with a 30something woman who’s very pregnant, and Evan’s consoling her. She’s obviously upset, though her face is skewed from view. Fiona sits in the waiting area, dressed for an interview. Evan reassures the woman, “You’re doing the right thing, dear. You know I would never steer you wrong... You’re just not prepared to become a mother. There are so many prospective parents out there just waiting to bring a child into their home to shower them with love, stability, and attention. I have a lot of connections through my work and I will make sure this child is placed in a very loving home. It’s for the best.” Wrapping up his conversation, Evan sends the very pregnant woman on her way. Fiona watches the woman leave, then grabs her briefcase and moves to leave as well. “Miss? We’re ready for you now.” Evan told Fiona. “Well I don’t think I am,” Fiona glares at Evan, obviously disgusted with him. Fiona turns to leave again, but Evan halts her, “Miss? I usually like to take a woman out to dinner before she decides that I’m a filthy swine. Care to give me at least that chance?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~Present Day~

Christian is staring out the car window as Dominic sings along to the radio, which is running show tunes from Dom’s iPod. Christian begins getting lost in thought, and remembers a frustrating rehearsal day from the show where Christian first worked with Terrence (Walt Willey).

~August 2007~

“That’s it! We obviously need to break for lunch because you all must be so hungry that you can’t connect with your characters. Go! Eat! Come back as real actors!” Terrence shooed them away, and they left, except for Christian. Terrence seemed to take comfort from the fact Christian stayed behind. “I’m sorry if it’s me,” Christian offered, “I’m probably a little distracted today.” Terrence was surprised, “If you are distracted, it didn’t show. I’d probably be just as frustrated regardless of who I was trying to direct. I’m having a rough day,” Terrence admits, sitting down. Christian joins him on the edge of the stage. “My wife had me served with divorce papers today,” Terrence tells him, though Christian didn’t even know that Terrence was married. “I am... I was,” Terrence shared, “I can’t say I’m surprised, I’ve put her through hell. I just hoped that she might take things better. I guess I mean to say, I came out of the closet to her. And being that she’s worked in theatre for most of her life, I convinced myself that she might be able to accept that her husband was gay. How the hell stupid am I?!” Terrence was practically beating himself up.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~Present Day~

Julia leans against her window, staring out, tapping the card from Nathan on her chin. Suddenly, Julia remembers a day when Nathan brought her out that window onto the fire escape.

~Valentine’s Day, February 2007~

“Come on, I want you to see this,” Nathan (Jason Thompson) told Julia, pulling her out the window. Nathan’s shirtless, in his boxers, and Julia appears to be wearing his shirt. The light on their faces implies dawn, sunrise. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” Nathan says, romantically. “What?” Julia says, shocked that she didn’t remember what day it was. “It’s our first Valentine’s Day together,” Nathan explains, “And I wanted it to start at the crack of dawn so that I could share every minute with you.” Julia forces a smile and expresses that she’s touched by the sentiment, “But let’s go back to bed... we both worked so late last night, I’m tired, and I’ve never been big on greeting card holidays like this one.” Julia climbs back through the window and goes to bed, leaving Nathan to wonder where he went wrong.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~Present Day~

Henry surprised Hattie (Kate Collins) by coming to the office. Hattie tried to give him his messages, but Henry waved them away. Henry instructed Hattie to act as though he wasn’t there. Henry walked into his office and shut the door. Walking around the desk, Henry obviously has a lot on his mind. Henry starts to hear familiar shouts, things he heard long ago, from Charles Halperin (John Schneider).

~Early October 2007~

“You’re a monster! This is how you make your money?! This is how you built your empire? Off of peoples’ weaknesses, their addictions? Their sickness and despair puts food on your table...” Charles railed at his boss in disgust. “And food on yours too, apparently,” Henry replied, unapologetically.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

All following events take place non-chronologically, in their respective times in 2007

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~June 2007~ Evan guides Fiona into a meeting room where Herbert Klein (Kin Shriner) has been preparing Fiona’s interview. Fiona’s caught off-guard by Klein, who is dressed like a stereotypical, oily, ambulance-chasing lawyer. Evan is significantly more sharply dressed, but it only implies Evan is more self-aware, potentially more deceptive than Klein, who wears his ineptitude on his sleeve. Evan introduces Fiona to Herbert, who politely stands to greet her and shake her hand, “So you’d like to intern with us here at Royale & Klein?” Herbert asked politely. “Actually, no. I wouldn’t,” Fiona revealed through a hostile expression that she was incapable of hiding. Klein was slightly scared of her.

~October 31st, 2007~ Thomas is sitting in the waiting room of the hospital while his father is in surgery. Rebecca runs up to him, having taken a subway to the hospital when she found out where Theodore was taken. “What are you doing here?” Thomas was surprised Rebecca showed up. “I was worried. Professor Baldwin has always been so nice,” she explained. Thomas was in a bit of a daze, “He’s been in surgery for like two hours... is it supposed to take this long?” Rebecca tried to ease his concerns, explaining that it can be many hours for surgery when it comes to heart attacks. Thomas is frustrated with the waiting, “I can’t do anything... I just have to sit here.” Rebecca asks if he should call someone, but Thomas says no, “I have two half-siblings, but I barely know them... they never come to visit, I don’t think they even really care about him. And my mother... they’re not together, haven’t been for years. The love is still there, and she’d come back in a heartbeat, but... I don’t want to worry her, I don’t even know anything yet.” Rebecca puts her arm around him and he rests his head on her shoulder.

~August 2007~ “You can’t fault yourself for being optimistic,” Christian tried to reassure Terrence. “I fathered two children with her, we’ve been married for over 30 years. I asked her to invest her heart and soul in me, build a family, forsake all others, the whole nine yards. I didn’t realize how good I had become at lying to her. God bless my children for sticking by me,” Terrence adds, “but Emma... she just up and left, didn’t tell me where she was going, or when she’d return. And now this. I guess I just hate having to accept that I have to let one life die in order to let another life survive. I’m just as selfish as my wife told me I was right before she left.”

~Early October 2007~ Charles Halperin storms into his office with a cardboard box, and begins loading it with items, “Consider this my resignation!” Henry follows behind, unmoved by the dramatics, “Charles, you’ve been a valued member of the team here, there isn’t a need for you to resign. I might be able to put together a retention bonus for you to stay on.” “Throw more of your drug money at me and hope I can buy my soul back later, is that pretty much what you’re getting at, Sir?” Charles wasn’t having it, “You valued me as a member of your team because, unbeknownst to me, I was keeping the books nicely cooked for you, covering your crimes and enabling you to keep reaping the benefits. But you’ve lost that now. And once this reaches the authorities and the media gets a hold of it, I may be collecting unemployment, but I sure won’t be relying on the taxpayers money the way you will be, pounding out license plates.” Henry slams Charles’s office door and urges him not to do anything he will regret, “Charles if you’ve done your research you know that my influence is powerful and far-reaching. You do not want to make an enemy of me.” Charles looks betrayed by Henry’s threat, “Wow. So it’s come to this? From getting Employee of the Month to getting a thinly-veiled death threat? Do what you will to me, Henry, but the pen is mightier than the sword, and my influence can be far-reaching as well.” Charles tries to shove past him, but Henry blocks his exit and shoves him back, “You aren’t leaving until this is settled!” Henry shouts, as Charles spins around and bashes his head against the corner of his desk. Crashing to the floor and taking a framed photo of his family down with him, Charles dies instantly. Henry is horrified by the turn of events, and the commotion catches the attention of Leo (Jeff Branson), who barges into the room to find his father standing over Charles Halperin’s body.

~May 2007~ Julia is filling out a chart at the Nurses Station, when Nathan comes off the elevator and greets her happily. “Hey,” Julia smiles to see him. Nathan takes a folded piece of paper out of his inside jacket pocket, places it on the counter and uses one finger to slide it towards Julia. She seems excited and already looks like she knows what it is before opening it. Julia picks it up and unfolds it, eager to read, “Officer Nathan Weber, we are pleased to inform you...” Julia reads, before Nathan jumps the gun and explodes, “I made Detective!” Nathan picks Julia up and spins her around, filled to the brim with excitement. Nathan continues, “All those long hours, all my hard work, the stakeouts, the busts... it’s all paid off! I had to come over right away to tell you. We need to celebrate! What do you say we go to the top of the Empire State Building and announce to the city that there’s a new Detective on the force with the NYPD that’s ready to protect the streets?” Julia’s excitement deflates as soon as Nathan mentions the top of the Empire State Building. Nathan instantly notices. “What? What is it? Whenever I share a happy moment with you, or try to, things coast for a little while, and then I say something and the air just gets sucked right out of the room.” Julia denies Nathan’s statement, telling him she hates it when he starts to question her like a suspect, or crack her like a tough case. “You are a tough case!” Nathan shouts, and then remembers to lower his voice in the hospital, “It’s like you won’t let yourself have any happiness, and it makes me wonder why you even bother to be with me?” Julia realizes Nathan’s right and she has been derailing their relationship.

~June 2007~ Evan explains Fiona’s stance for her. “Well Mr. Klein, it appears Ms....” Evan refers to Fiona’s application, “... Applewhite... has come to the conclusion that I am morally reprehensible and unfit to sign her bi-weekly check. Care to state your case Ms... Applewhite?” Evan puts her on the spot... Fiona seems engaged by Evan’s challenge. “Well... fine. I witnessed Mr. Royale telling a woman, convincing her, though she was obviously distraught, that she was incapable of being a mother, and advising her to give her baby up for adoption.” Evan waits for her to continue, but it seems she’s done. “Is that it? My my, you really do need this internship, you’ve so much to learn. Ms.... Applewhite, are you a mother?” Evan asks. Fiona concedes she’s not. “Exhibit A!” Evan exclaims, “Ms.... Applewhite is NOT a mother. Therefore she knows not the emotional, financial, and social challenges a new mother faces in her day-to-day life!” Herbert Klein seems to be enraptured by this mock trial. Evan continues, “Ms.... Applewhite, what is the extent of your personal history with the defendant?” Fiona’s confused, “The defendant?” Evan’s frustrated, “YES! The defendant, the woman whose honor you are determined to defend, the defendant!” Fiona concedes that she doesn’t know the woman. “Exhibit B!!” Evan exclaims, louder than before, “Ms... Applewhite bears no knowledge of, nor shares any personal history WITH the heretofore unnamed defendant. Therefore she has no grounds to make judgments to the contrary that said defendant is unprepared for the challenging task of motherhood.” Fiona protests, “Now wait a minute!” But Evan refuses to wait, “Ms... Applewhite, please state, for the record, the extent of your personal history with the accused.” “I have none!” Fiona concedes, infuriated. “Exhibit C!!!” Evan shouts, before Fiona interrupts him. “Shut up! Enough of your exhibits. Okay, I am not a mother. Okay, I don’t have all the facts. But aren’t you supposed to be civil servants? To carry out the wishes of your client, not tell them what those wishes are or should be? Who are you to tell her she’s not mothering material?! No, I’m not a mother, but I have one, and I know what one can endure and what one can’t. So don’t you DARE tell me that as a woman that I can’t stand up for someone who is being forced into a decision by someone who just wants to collect the legal fees!” “ORDER IN THE COURT!” Herbert Klein pipes up, caught up in the drama of the argument... “... sorry,” Klein apologized a bit more timidly. Evan steps up to defend himself, “Ms... Applewhite. Royale & Klein are highly regarded legal COUNSEL. People, usually in distress, turn to us for legal advice because they consider us knowledgeable about the law, about life... For you to come in here, and pass judgment on me so quickly, tells me I would never select you for any jury in my court cases. But for a woman who is such a spitfire that she would challenge me fearlessly... It tells me you have much to learn, but possibly much to teach me. Perhaps over dinner... and breakfast the following morning?”

~August 2007~ “I’m sorry,” Christian rubbed Terrence on the back, bringing about a tense, close moment between them, “And I know that there’s a lot of raw emotion for you right now. But I think once you get a little more perspective on this, you’ll see this was really the best thing you could have done.” Terrence wants to laugh at Christian’s reassurance, “you are so young,” Terrence reminds himself about Christian. “And age is just another political standard used to separate and polarize people,” Christian responds, surprising Terrence again. Christian continues, “You’re hurting. Emma must be too. But what’s done is done! The damage is the maximum it can be, you’re going to what, un-ring that bell and things will flip back to the way they were? The greatest disservice you could do is rob yourself of the life you fought so hard to live because of your guilt.”


Commercial Break


~Early October 2007~ Henry explains the altercation to Leo, and that Halperin was planning to expose VSI. Leo thinks fast, and comes up with the idea to stage an accident to explain the blunt force head trauma. But they need to have a believable story. Noticing the family photo amidst the shattered glass of the frame, Henry supposes they stage a car wreck, as if Charles was abandoning his family and swerved off the road. Henry checks Halperin’s detailed date book, and sees that the family should all be out tonight. Leo calls Ford to send him to the Halperin home to take Charles’s clothing. Henry decides to transfer $1 million to Halperin’s account to make it look like he embezzled money to leave town.

~July 2007~ Nathan lets himself into Julia’s apartment, and he’s furious. He finds her sitting on the couch, zoned out. He slams the door, getting Julia’s attention. Nathan raises his arms as if to ask her what’s going on. “Where the hell were you?!” Nathan finally says. “Here,” Julia tells him. “Here. HERE. Tonight was the policeman’s ball. You promised me you’d be there. And what happened this time?!” Julia, still in her daze, told him, “My mother sent me an email.” Nathan shrugged, waiting for more. He grew impatient, “So what? You never talk about your mother. What, is she sick? Did someone die? WHAT!... TALK TO ME!” Julia’s shaken from her daze, and gets up to try to explain, “She found my email... I don’t talk about her because I don’t want her to know where I am. I’ve been hiding from her for years.” Nathan’s anger fades as he realizes she’s finally opening up to him about something. “Why? Is she dangerous? Did she do something? Did... you do something?” Nathan wonders. Julia’s eyes are watering. “When I was younger... I found my father... dead. Hanging. I was convinced my mother did it. But I had no proof. Just my gut feeling. This gnawing sickness I felt... like she knew more about it than she said. When she was giving her statement, the surprise she was expressing... it seemed so fake. So as soon as I could... I left. And now she has my email address. And it’s only a matter of time before she figures out where I am.” Nathan looks betrayed, completely gut-punched. “I don’t believe you,” he says, shocking her.

~October 31st, 2007~ Thomas lifts his head from Rebecca’s shoulder when he hears her crying, “What happened? Why are you crying?” Rebecca brushes off Thomas’s question, “It’s nothing. I’m sorry.” Thomas persists, and Rebecca finally admits, “The last time I was in this hospital, my mother came to identify my father.” Thomas realized Rebecca only recently lost her father in a car accident, and was instantly apologetic, “I’m so sorry, Rebecca, I haven’t even thought of what being here would mean for you.” Thomas quickly switches roles with her and takes Rebecca into his arms, putting things into perspective since his father very well could survive this.

~August 2007~ Christian tells Terrence that coming out was difficult for him too, “I’m sure it’s hard on everyone in different ways, but I was in foster care growing up. I didn’t know anything else, I didn’t believe the family that said they wanted me to stay forever because it had never been true. I always moved. Something different happened with the Fields, though. They really seemed to mean it. And the adoption went through! I was so happy, and I felt that I could really tell them anything. We were on our way to family dinner out because it was Saturday night. I mean, these people taught me what a tradition was supposed to be, gave me that sense of stability. So we’re in the car, and I just blurted it out. My father swerved, and we struck a car in the other lane and our car flipped over. I didn’t even get to hear any kind of reaction outside of the shock that made my father swerve. I couldn’t take it back, I couldn’t say I was joking. It was just done. Over, in one night. And I cried for weeks. These two people were dead, two people who wanted nothing more than to love me and give a lost, lonely child a home... and they had no reason to pick me. But they did. I used to think if I had just stayed in foster care, maybe they’d have gotten a different kid, and they’d still be alive. But after wrestling with the guilt for years, and landing back in foster care until I was eighteen, I just had to let it go because it was killing me too. And if they died and I lived... if I gave up after that it really would have been all for nothing, wouldn’t it? So I decided to be me again. Honest me, open me, fearless me. Live the life I was born to live. We can’t control the reactions and the pain we cause by being ourselves, we can only choose to hide who we are to not rock the boat and then suffer in a life filled with regret, or we can choose to embrace who we are and take every chance to help people become okay with it over time. And have no regrets.” Christian’s passionate speech impressed Terrence, who felt foolish that he dismissed Christian as ‘so young.’ Christian was obviously an old soul, and some voice within Terrence kept telling him to kiss him. Hoping to embrace a life without regret, Terrence ran his hand along Christian’s jaw and Christian’s eyes closed, affected by Terrence’s strong touch. Terrence took the lac k of resistance to be an invitation, and leaned in to kiss Christian passionately. Christian’s hands ran up Terrence’s chest and around the back of his neck to hold Terrence in their kiss.

~June 2007~ “I wouldn’t break bread with you if you were the last breathing entity in this solar system,” Fiona stressed. Herbert was amused by Fiona’s rejection of Evan, “You can start Monday morning,” Herbert smiled, shaking her hand with his sweaty palm. Fiona was trying to process how she landed this job, and whether she even wanted it, but she couldn’t help but feel drawn to... and needed by... these two amoral, maladjusted oddballs.

~July 2007~ “I can’t believe you!” Nathan is incredulous, “All these months, trying to get close to you, trying to know you, trying to find that light that I’d catch glimpses of flickering in your eyes, and THIS is what you’ve been holding back?! I’M A POLICE DETECTIVE FOR CHRIST’S SAKE! And this crime that you’ve been suspicious about since you were a kid is the wall you’ve put between us all this time? Why didn’t you come to me? Say something to me? Ask for help? Do you know how much I love you? How I would do anything for you? But all you do is push me away?! TRUST ME!” Julia’s tears are trailing down her cheeks, “You don’t understand,” Julia insisted. “No!” Nathan corrected her, “You won’t LET me understand!” Nathan stormed out, and Julia slumped down onto the couch, looking around at her empty apartment... her empty life.

~October 31st, 2007~ Thomas enters Theodore’s (John Ingle) hospital room a while after his surgery. Thomas puts his hand on his father’s arm and accidentally wakes Theodore up. Thomas apologizes, and urges him to go back to sleep. “Is it true? I had a heart attack?” Theodore asked. Thomas confirmed it, and asked what happened, what brought it on? Theodore thought for a second and then realized, “I won the lottery!” Thomas thought his father was suffering from being heavily medicated. But Theodore kept on, talking about how he buys a ticket from the same newsstand outside Hunter every morning, just as a novelty, but when he read the numbers in the paper, he realized he won the $350 million jackpot! Thomas urged him to stay calm, not to repeat his earlier incident. Theodore asked if he called his sister and brother. “Half-siblings,” Thomas corrected him. Theodore wants to make sure his children know that he’s okay.

~August 2007~ “Wow,” Christian laughed, as he and Terrence broke from their kiss. “I’m sorry,” Terrence quickly apologized. Christian was perplexed, “Why?! It was a pretty damn good kiss,” he smiled, leaning into Terrence, only for Terrence to stand and step away from him. “Why?” Terrence thought it was obvious, “I was caught up in the moment, but you’re younger than both my children, I’m directing you in a show, it’s all sorts of inappropriate.” “Terrence...” Christian tries to calm him, “There were two of us in that kiss just then. It’s still not socially ‘appropriate’ for two men to be married under the law in most states. Do you really think I care that you’re older, if you also happen to be talented, handsome, charming, intelligent, funny, passionate, I could go on and on. If the only reason you want to ignore this attraction between us, is because of my age, I’m sorry, last I checked I was old enough to smoke, drink, drive and vote for President. They don’t even card me at the gay bars anymore, as hard as that is to get used to. Terrence, you’ve never caught me looking at you?” Christian asks, drawing Terrence slowly closer until they engaged in another soft, passionate kiss.

~November 1st, 2007~ Thomas looks through his father’s address book and dials a number for his half-brother James (Alec Musser). We see James, in bed, with a gorgeous brunette, having too good of a time. James’s cell phone vibrates on his bedside table, and James reaches to look at the screen, and the number registers as ‘unknown’. Ignoring the call and tossing the phone back on the table, James turns over in bed and we see he’s got a gorgeous blonde in bed with him too! Thomas leaves a voicemail for James, “Hey... this is Thomas... Baldwin... your half-brother. Give me a call back... dad had a heart attack... He’s okay, but he wanted me to catch you up.... Um... so call me back.” Thomas then finds a number for “Jenna Work” and dials that, and a man answers “Shenanigans!” Thomas asks to speak to Jenna, and hears the man hand the phone over to her, telling her to keep it short and sweet. Jenna, in pigtails and a VERY short German barmaid’s uniform, takes the phone. “Jenna?” Thomas asks.

“Yeah, what? I’m workin’.” Jenna says rudely.

“It’s Thomas”


“Your half-brother...”

“Oh... right. What the hell are you calling for? You in jail or something?”

“No, nothing like that... It’s dad... he had a heart attack.”

“... Is he okay?”

“Yeah. He just wanted me to let you know.”

“Well he’s old. I guess it happens. What brought it on?”

“... He won the lottery.”

“Is he that weak, that some $20 scratch-off sends him into a coronary?!”

“Believe it or not... he won $350 million.”

Jenna’s side of the line went dead for a moment... “Are you serious?” She asked, breathing a little heavier. A patron at the table behind her pinches her nearly-exposed rear end to get her attention and waves his empty beer mug at her, silently demanding a refill. Jenna hangs up, gets down in the patron’s face and roars “I QUITTTT!!!!”

~Early October 2007~ Having set the chain of events in motion regarding the cover-up of Charles Halperin’s death, Leo and Henry met to discuss their next step. Henry believes Charles hid the evidence he had against them, and it most likely was counted among the belongings his wife will inherit. We see Ford Collins (David Chisum) in an already-crashed car with Charles Halperin in the driver’s seat. The smashed framed family portrait from his desk at VSI is mixed in with his various other belongings in the backseat. Ford is wearing gloves and trying to position Charles in the right spot for Ford to smash his head into the steering wheel. Ford mentally prepares himself for the gruesome task, and takes a deep breath in before whacking Charles Halperin’s head into the wheel. Back at VSI, Leo shares, “Hopefully the secrets Halperin had over us will die with him, and we’ve created an elaborate enough scene to keep his wife on edge, so we can work to cover our asses. If only we knew what we were looking for...” Leo’s cold, detached words replayed in Henry’s head in the present day as he realized how many other people were broken by the day Charles Halperin died.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Epilogue - Present Day

Thomas Baldwin sits staring at a thick, detailed pen in his living room, when Theodore enters. “What’ve you got there?” Theodore is intrigued by the pen. “Oh, Rebecca gave this to me for my birthday... it belonged to her father and she said it was very important to him,” Thomas explains, “I was just thinking about how little Rebecca has left of him, and how lucky I am to still have you here, after the scare you gave me last year. I mean, mom’s back, I have Eddie and Didi... even Jenna and James keep it interesting if nothing else. I’ve made a good impression in my little role at VSI. I’m just really lucky... and I’m really grateful I didn’t lose you last year.” Thomas hugs his father tightly.

Eleanor is home, sitting in a man’s robe. She curls up in a chair that looks like it holds memories for her, and she has a flash of Charles, wearing the robe she has on right now, giving her a warm hug from behind. Remembering something else, suddenly, she gets up and goes to the bottom drawer in the writing desk, opens it, and pulls out the broken framed picture of the Halperin family from Charles’s desk at VSI. The glass is still shattered and it looks exactly the way it did when it broke. Eleanor looks at it and a wave of deep sorrow washes over her. “You said ‘forever’. I know that you meant it. I just know you did. I still don’t understand,” she told her husband in the photo. He looked like the husband that she knew. Growing angry, Eleanor beats the framed photo against the desk violently, breaking the frame further, until the picture slips out and floats to the floor. There’s writing on the back that Eleanor never knew was there. Picking it up, the handwriting is instantly recognizable as her husband’s. Written simply, it reads “The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword”. Even more confused and frustrated by the phrase’s significance, Eleanor throws the photo in the trash.

“Did you thank him for the flowers?” Carina asks, shaking Julia from her daze. “No...” Julia says, “I don’t know if I should. All this time, my father’s death was what stood between me really being with Nathan. Really opening up to him. And now I have my answers about my father... but James is the one who broke through my wall. I’m not even sure when it happened, how it happened. James was there every step of the way. Nathan would’ve been, if I’d let him. What do I do?” Julia seems truly torn. Carina doesn’t really have an answer for her.

Fiona and Evan still sit at the edge of her desk. “I was pretty naive,” Fiona conceded. “Exhibit D,” Evan smirked, nudging her with his shoulder. “But to think of something like my father’s death... I can’t imagine why he needed to die. He was such a good man. In a world full of selfish, lying bastards, he was SUCH a good man. He just finally established the life he always wanted. Why did it all have to be snatched out from under him?” Fiona struggles to see the logic, the law of the world, that would make sense of it. Evan sympathizes, “Some things just are. The law is so much about assigning blame, pointing fingers, accountability. But if we look deeply enough, we’re all partly to blame for the state of things, the world we find ourselves in. The life we make for ourselves. And if everyone’s to blame, then no one’s any more to blame than anyone else. Some things just are. I’m sorry about your father.” Fiona’s surprised and somewhat comforted by the permission to not fully understand something. “Shall we discuss this further over breakfast in bed?” Evan couldn’t help but ask. “No,” Fiona said, without missing a beat. She’d had so much practice telling him no. But it was nice to have Evan listen to her for once... like her father used to.

Christian wakes up with a start, and looks around, disappointed to remember he’s in a car, leaving New York behind. Dominic noticed Christian’s startled awakening, “Where’d you go? You were out for a while,” Dom smiles. Christian wasn’t sure of his answer, “...I was just dreaming of better days.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On the November installment of Beyond the Horizon:

  • Christian and Dominic take a nostalgia-filled trip cross-country.
  • Rod tries to put Christian out of his mind and refocus on Crystal.
  • Fiona finds herself the keeper of Rod and Crystal’s secrets.
  • Trevor’s interest in Crystal turns personal.
  • Leo makes an effort to start a new phase with Fiona.
  • Christian and Dominic’s lives are put in danger when they try to uncover their roots.
  • Ramon probes for information about Aviva’s childhood from Lucia.
  • Hattie discovers Shawn’s rise to power was hastened by some leverage Shawn had.
  • Dana pursues her agenda, which comes to include Trevor... and Rolo.
  • Shocking test results raise the stakes at Shady Glen Sanitarium.
  • Thomas sympathizes with an anguished Tiffany.
  • Rebecca develops a new concept for Sapphyre Cosmetics.
  • Ford directs his anger toward innocent victims.
  • Ava shows Dr. West a different side.


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