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2008: October (Continued)



October 2008


Back at Julia’s hotel room, Julia and James arrive and Julia asks him to sit on the bed. “I just want to thank you for proving me wrong. I had a lot of ideas about the kind of man you were, and in the last year you’ve really been there. You’ve been supportive, attentive, considerate, understanding... you’ve been more than I thought you were capable of being. I’m sorry I judged you harshly, and kept you at arms length for so long,” Julia said, leaning into him and pushing him back on the bed. Julia kissed him, and it wasn’t more than a few minutes before they were starting to make love.

In Texas, Ramon arrives on a doorstep and looks around at the house. It looks pleasant, complete with a white picket fence, but the housepaint is slightly weathered. On the porch is a swinging porch bench that swings back and forth slightly in the humid breeze. Ramon rings the doorbell. Shortly, the door opens to reveal a beautiful older woman, who bears close resemblance to Aviva and Carina. “Lucia Reynoso?” Ramon asked, just to confirm. “Yes,” she responded, furrowing her brow at the unfamiliar guest. “I’m here about your daughter,” he says. Lucia’s face suddenly looks stricken, panicked, and she clutches his arm, “What’s happened, is it Aviva?! Has something happened?” Lucia’s sudden panic over Aviva surprises Ramon, almost as though Lucia’s been through this before.

Eleanor gets off the elevator on the Penthouse floor at The Dorilton. She heads up to Henry’s door, and thinks for a second, before pushing the thoughts away and using her key to let herself in. Eleanor heads to the study, where she finds Henry reading a book. “Eleanor darling, where have you been?” Henry asks, marking his page with the bookmark. “Standing still,” Eleanor says, laying a passionate kiss on Henry’s lips. Their kisses grow more aggressive, and Eleanor starts undoing the buttons on Henry’s shirt and liberating him from his suitjacket.

Christian runs over to Dominic at Large Bar and proposes that they run away together!

On the 1st Anniversary Episode of Beyond the Horizon:

  • Thomas recalls the day his father won the lottery... and had a heart attack.
  • Christian remembers the day he and Terrence admitted their feelings.
  • Nathan wants another chance with Julia, who remembers their mutually reluctant end to their relationship.
  • Fiona remembers the day she interviewed with Evan Royale and Herbert Klein for her internship.
  • Henry is haunted by the memory of Charles Halperin’s death.

On the November installment of Beyond the Horizon:

  • Christian and Dominic take a nostalgia-filled trip cross-country.
  • Rod tries to put Christian out of his mind and refocus on Crystal.
  • Fiona finds herself the keeper of Rod and Crystal’s secrets.
  • Trevor’s interest in Crystal turns personal.
  • Leo makes an effort to start a new phase with Fiona.
  • Christian and Dominic’s lives are put in danger when they try to uncover their roots.
  • Ramon probes for information about Aviva’s childhood from Lucia.
  • Hattie discovers Shawn’s rise to power was hastened by some leverage Shawn had.
  • Dana pursues her agenda, which comes to include Trevor... and Rolo.
  • Shocking test results raise the stakes at Shady Glen Sanitarium.
  • Thomas sympathizes with an anguished Tiffany.
  • Rebecca develops a new concept for Sapphyre Cosmetics.
  • Ford directs his anger toward innocent victims.
  • Ava shows Dr. West a different side.


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