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Episode 157



Lives are rocked in Springfield...


Jonathan stares at Aubrey in her blood soaked dress.
Jonathan sighs, "Who's blood is that?"
He suddenly sees Liz bleeding in the corner.
He runs to her, "Liz! Liz! Oh my God! What happened Aubrey? What did you do to her?"
Aubrey sighs, "Don't you see Jonathan? I had to protect us and our children. You, me, Sarah, and Little Johnny. We'll all be better off without her. She's a Spaulding."
He takes out his phone and calls 911.
Aubrey shakes her head, "What are you doing?"
He turns to her, "I am calling an ambulance. She needs medical help. You shot her!"
Aubrey is confused, "I did it for you Jonathan. Don't you understand? I had to keep us safe. You killed my Dad to keep us safe. He was the only man in my life before you. Now you are the man in my life. You are all that I have left to hold onto."
Jonathan is one the phone, "Yes. Liz Spaulding has been shot. I need you hear quick... yes the old farmhouse outside of town. Hurry."
Jonathan hangs up.
She grabs the stroller, "We need to get going before the police come. They can take care of her. But we have to run."
Jonathan stares at Aubrey.
She is completely insane.

Alan & Natalia's:

Rafe runs down the stairs with packed bags.
Alan turns to him, "You need to hurry."
Rafe scoffs, "I don't even know what the hell is going on? I can't leave town right now."
Alan nods, "Yes you can and you will. I have plane tickets for you to the house in San Gabriel. We planned this weeks ago. And you are leaving very soon."
Rafe shakes his head, "You can't be serious? How long am I supposed to be there?"
Alan sighs, "You are going their for vacation. That is all I am going to say. You are lucky to have me Raphael."
Rafe shakes his head, "This is happening to fast. Jonathan is going to come after me."
Alan sighs, "No he is not. I took care of Jonathan. So don't worry about him okay."
Rafe backs up, "No. I heard what happened last time you tried to take care of Jonathan Randall. Isn't that how Tammy Winslow-"
Alan turns to him, "That's enough! Now I am trying to protect everyone in my family from this man. You have to get going."
Rafe walks away.
Just then Alan's cell phone rings.


The Coopers are all in tears.
Michelle just broke the news about the baby.
Eleni sobs in Franks arms, "It's not right Frankie. It's just not right. We were just sitting with her planning for the baby. And now..."
David sits in a seat in the corner.
Lucy sits with him, "This isn't your fault."
David nods, "I should have known. If I had known she had given birth I could have got the baby out in time. She kept trying to tell me but I didn't understand."
Lucy shakes her head, "If it wasn't for you then Marina would have died in the fire. And you both almost didn't make it out. That is a miracle. You are still my hero."
Rocky sees Kevin down the hallway.
Rocky slowly goes to him, "When did you get here?"
Kevin sighs, "I had to check on you. I'm so sorry Rocky."
Rocky wipes a tear, "I'm so glad you're hear."
The two hug.
Kevin pulls away, "I uh... saw Shayne's car."
Rocky looks down, "He just came to... he just showed up."
Kevin nods, "Does he know?"
Rocky shakes his head, "I don't think so."
Kevin nods, "Go find him. This baby meant a lot to you guys. You need to be the one to tell him."
Rocky is shocked by this.

Jonathan is aiding to an unconscious Liz.
Aubrey holds the baby, "He wants to see his Daddy Jonathan. Come on. Just let her lay there. Don't neglect your son."
Jonathan shouts, "What the hell is wrong with you? That is not my baby! You faked it all!"
Aubrey shake her head, "No. Liz is lying to you."
Jonathan stares at her, "No she's not! Because she can't talk right now! She is bleeding to death!"
They can hear the sirens.
Aubrey panics, "Okay we need to get out of here right now Jonathan. They are coming after us."
She puts the baby back in his seat.
Jonathan shakes his head, "I am not going anywhere with you."
Aubrey looks at him, "I got us a car! It's just down the road. We can go anywhere we want."
He shouts, "Get the hell away from me! You are a sick little bitch! I hope I never see your face again.
A heartbroken Aubrey walks away, "Fine. Springfield is s stupid town. Me and the baby don't need this. Goodbye Jonathan. I'll never forget you. I think we'll see each other again."
Aubrey takes the baby and runs out the back door.
Aubrey talks to the baby as they leave.
She smiles, "Look at you little guy. I did a lot to get you. And I'm not giving you up. It's just gonna be you and me for a while. We are leaving Springfield."
Aubrey heads for her car.

Reva Bend:

Reva and Sarah are in the living room.
The phone rings.
Reva gets up to go and answer it.
She sees it's Jonathan, "Hello?... What's wrong?... What? Oh my God.... Yes. Okay I'll take Sarah... Bye."
Reva hangs up.
Reva starts getting Sarah's things together.
She hears a car pull into her driveway.
She worries about who it is.
Before she can get to the door it opens.
Alan walks in, "Where is he Reva?"
Reva gasps, "Alan you scared me. What is going on? I just heard about Liz-"
Alan walks past her, "I was at my house today when Jonathan runs up and attacks me and my Grandson Raphael."
Reva is surprised, "Why?"
Alan is angry, "Because he's a punk! And then he threatened us and now I get a phone call telling my Elizabeth was shot!!!"
Reva shushes him, "Stop it. Sarah is in the other room."
He looks past her, "Well that's good because I am taking Sarah right now."
Reva is seeing the old Alan Spaulding again.

Rocky is shocked by what Kevin is proposing.
Rocky stares at him, "You want me to find Shayne?"
Kevin nods, "It's not like I'm asking you to go make out with him. But you both lost something. That child was almost yours. You should be the one to tell him."
Rocky kisses him, "Thank you."
Rocky walks down the hall.
Kevin leaves.
The Coopers are still in the waiting room.
Buzz walks over to Michelle, "How is Marina?"
Michelle sighs, "She will probably wake up soon. She probably doesn't even remember what happened entirely."
Eleni sits up, "Oh God! I don't think that I could tell her. I just don't think I could do it."
Frank hugs her, "We will all go in together. You, me and Pop. And we'll find someway to tell our little girl,.." Frank breaks down.
A nurse walks out, "Ms. Cooper is waking up."
The Coopers all stand still.


Jonathan is trying to keep Liz from bleeding to death.
The door opens.
EMTs run over to her.
Remy runs in, "Oh my God! Liz! Liz!"
Jonathan stands up, "She hasn't opened her eyes I can't get her to open her eyes!"
Remy is helping with Liz.
Remy and Jonathan have a sense of deja vu.
Remy stands up.
Jonathan shakes his head, "I can't do this again Remy! I can't let this happen again."
Remy nods, "We couldn't save Tammy. But we can still save Liz."
Remy gets back down, "Let me help her! Let me do something please."
Jonathan pulls him back, "Remy let them help her okay."
Remy fights, "We have to help her!"
The EMTs push Remy back.
Jonathan grabs his phone, "I got to call Reva. I have to check on Sarah."
Jonathan walks out the back door.
But suddenly two thugs grab him and drag him away.

Reva Bend:
Alan starts to walk over to Sarah.
Reva stands in front of him, "No. Alan think about what you are trying to do. You are not even supposed to be around Sarah."
Alan scoffs, "I think Elizabeth has some changes to make now that Jonathan has shot her!"
Reva shakes her head, "No! Jonathan wouldn't hurt Liz! They have made up. They were planning on running away together."
He nods, "Yeah. Until he decided to go after her family again. She must have tried to stop him. And now she is fighting for her life. It seems like every woman who is connected to him either goes completely insane or ends losing her life-"
Reva slaps him, "Don't you dare! Don't you ever try and place the blame of Tammy's death on Jonathan! Or this! Why are you doing this? I thought marrying Natalia changed you."
He nods, "I will not let my family suffer anymore because of you and your family."
She shouts, "Get out of my house."
He shakes his head, "I'm not leaving without Sarah."
She stares into his eyes, "You want Sarah. You are going to have to go through me. I will die before I let you lay a hand on her."
Alan backs away, "I'll be back Reva."
Alan slams the door as he leaves.


Marina lies in her hospital bed.
She is waking up.
Michelle walks in, "Marina. Your family is here to see you."
Buzz, Frank and Eleni walk in.
Marina sits up, "You're all here?"
Eleni looks at her, "Oh my little Angel."
Eleni walks over and kisses Marina on the head.
Frank stands by his daughter.
Marina looks up, "Daddy... Daddy where is my baby?"
Frank is speechless and fighting tears.
Buzz walks over to Marina who is still a little out of it, "Marina honey. Do you remember anything?"
She nods, "I was in my house... I was having contractions.... and there was a fire."
Buzz looks down.
Marina sits up.
Eleni can't stop crying.
Marina looks over to Michelle, "Michelle... my baby?"
Michelle has tears in her eyes.
Marina's voice is breaking, "Tell me every thing's okay with the baby. Tell me that every thing's okay with the baby. Tell me everything is okay with my baby!!!"
Michelle cries.
Marina sobs, "No!!! No, no, no, no."
Her family holds her.

Liz is put on a stretcher.
Remy is with her, "Liz please... please don't give up. Okay? You are a fighter okay. Everyone told me about how you beat cancer when you were only a little girl. This is nothing for you. I mean come on. If you can get Remy Boudreau to tell a Spaulding to stay alive then don't you want to stick around and find out why?"
Liz taken away and put into the ambulance.
A few minutes afterwords a car pulls up.
Phillip and Beth run to the house.
Remy runs to meet them.
Beth is in tears, "Remy! Remy where is she? Where is Lizzie?"
Remy looks at them, "She is on her way to Cedars right now. They should be there very soon."
Phillip stares, "How did this happen?"
Remy shakes his head, "I haven't found out yet. Jonathan has the answers."
They look around.
Remy grabs a cop, "Have you seen Jonathan Randall?"
The cop shakes his head, "No. He must have left the scene."
Beth is confused, "Why would he leave?"
Remy shakes his head, "I have no idea. But we have to get to Cedars."
They all get back into their cars.

Parking Lot:
Alan pulls his car into the random parking lot.
He parks and gets out.
He walks over to a blue car.
The two thugs get out, "You got the money Mr. Spaulding?"
Alan is holding an envelope, "I want to see him."
They walk him to the back and pop open the trunk.
Jonathan is tied up and gagged inside.
Alan looks at him, "Hello Jonathan. You know at first I was just going to hold you hear long enough to protect Rafe. But now... I am going to have to say goodbye. But don't worry about Sarah. I will take good care of her for you. Say hello to Tammy."
Jonathan struggles against the ropes.
They shut the trunk.
Alan looks at the thugs, "Feel free to smack him around and beat him for a while. But in 24 hours I want him dead."
Alan walks back to his car.
He sits with a cigar in his hand.
He sighs, "I quit for you Natalia. I quit a lot of things. But I have to do what's best for my family. God forgive me."
Alan lights it up and takes a big puff.

Marina cries in her families arms.
Eleni hugs her, "I'm so sorry my little girl. I am so sorry. I love you so much Marina."
Frank kisses Marina's head, "I wish I could make your pain go away baby. I'm so sorry."
Marina pushes them all away, "Please go away. Please. I need to be left alone. Please!"
Slowly the Coopers leave her alone.
Marina's crying can be heard down the hallway.
Shayne is lighting candles still.
Rocky walks in.
Shayne can tell by the look on his face.
Shayne walks over and cries in Rocky's arms.
Out in the lobby, Liz is rushed in.
Liz opens her eyes for a brief second and sees Marina through the window of her room.
Liz whispers to herself, "Marina's baby..."
The hospital is filling up.
The Coopers are still crying in the waiting room.
While the Spauldings rush in to pray for Liz.
No one knowing that these two events are connected.

Aubrey drives her car up the hill.
She looks at the sign.
She is about to leave Springfield.
She turns to the baby boy in the backseat, "I still got you. I will never let you go little one. I'm your mother."
Aubrey looks out her window.
She feels no remorse for her actions.
She takes a deep breathe, "I'll see you all again. Jonathan, Liz, Marina, Rafe, all of you. It's not over."
Aubrey steps on the gas.
She says goodbye to Springfield.

Reva gets a clue
Marina leaves the hospital
Liz's family worries
Natalia questions Alan


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