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Episode 158



It's chaos in Springfield.....


Liz has been in surgery all night
Rick walks out the lobby.
Phillip and Beth run over to him.
He sighs, "So far things are looking well but we still have to wait and see how things go."
Beth wipes tears, "I just can't believe this is happening."
Rick looks at them, "Have you guys talked to the cops to see what is going on right now?"
Phillip nods, "They don't know where Jonathan or Aubrey are. But they must be involved in this."
Rick is confused, "Do you guys really think Jonathan shot Lizzie?"
Beth sighs, "I don't know. But if he did... I swear that I will make him pay for this."
Phillip is surprised by the rage in Beth's eyes.
Rick nods, "Well we are doing everything we can to save Lizzie. i promise you guys okay?"
The three friends hug.


The diner is closed today.
Buzz pushes Marina in on a wheelchair.
Frank and Eleni follow.
Eleni looks at her, "Do you want something to eat Marina? I'm sure your Grandfather would fix you something?"
Marina shakes her head, "No."
Frank sighs, "Maybe you should eat something."
She sighs, "I'm not eating for two anymore. It's not like anyone else's life is at stake anymore."
Eleni fights tears, "Marina I know this is a tough time for you but we just want to help you."
Marina turns to them, "I want to go upstairs and sleep."
Buzz nods, "Okay. I'll help you up."
Buzz helps her out of the chair and walks her upstairs.
Eleni turns to Frank, "How are we gonna help her with this Frankie? Our baby has lost her baby."
Frank nods, "I know. But we have to do everything we can. Even if we don't understand it ourselves."
The two hug.

Reva Bend:

Sarah is sleeping in the other room.
Reva hasn't got much sleep.
Alan could show up at any minute.
She wants to take Sarah to see Liz at Cedars but is afraid to take her anywhere that Alan could get her.
Reva stands up, "This isn't fair. Here we are again. Everyone is hiding because of Alan Spaulding. It's not right. People shouldn't have to live like this."
She tries Jonathan's phone again but he still won't pick up.
Reva is frustrated, "Damn it Jonathan! Where the hell are you!?!?"
She throws her phone at the closet.
It knocks a box off the shelf.
Reva walks over to pick everything up.
She is surprised by what she finds.
The old newspaper article about Tammy's death at Old Mill Road.
Reva picks it up, "What are the odds. I forgot I saved this," she looks up, "Is this a clue Tammy?"
Reva stands up and walks into the other room.

Alan & Natalia's:

Natalia walks downstairs.
Alan is sitting on the couch.
She walks towards him, "Have you heard about your Granddaughter?"
He nods, "Yes. Lillian said she would call and give me updates on Elizabeth while she is surgery."
Natalia sighs, "Why aren't you down there? I can get the baby dressed and we will all go."
Alan shakes his head, "Elizabeth has a restraining order against me at the moment. But I'm sure after this she'll put that aside."
Natalia nods, "Well I'm going to call Rafe. He and Lizzie are very close. I wonder if he even knows."
Alan turns to her, "Natalia, Rafe is on vacation right now."
She is confused, "Vacation? What are you talking about?"
Alan stands up, "We thought it would be best for him to take sometime down at the house in San Gabriel."
Natalia stares, "Are you serious? Alan why wasn't I even informed? When did you decide all of this?"
Alan hugs her, "Don't worry my love. Everything is going to be fine. I promise. I'm going to make sure our family gets everything we want."
Natalia is somewhat worried about her husband.

Police Station:

Remy walks over to David, "Hey man where have you been?"
David turns to him, "What do you mean?"
Remy is frustrated, "I've been practically working on the Liz Spaudling case all on my own!"
David stands up, "Well I'm sorry. I've been reading the information. You've done a good job. But I have been busy with everything going on with Marina and everything else."
Remy is confused, "Marina? What does she have to do with this?"
David turns to him, "You don't know?"
Remy stares, "Know what? I haven't even seen my family this week. I've been working on this case."
David sighs, "Marina had a huge fire at her house. It burned to the ground. I got there and pulled her out before it killed her."
Remy is in shock, "Oh my God. I can't believe... thank you man. You saved my best friend."
David shakes his head, "Don't thank me."
Remy is confused, "Why not?"
David sighs, "Marina's baby didn't make it."
Remy backs up, "No, no," he punches the desk, "Damn it!"
David walks towards him, "I'm sorry man."
Remy shakes his head, "Why? Why do horrible things happen to every girl in my life. Tammy is dead! Marina lost her baby! Now Liz is in a hospital bed!"
Remy storms out.

Old Mill Road:

The two thugs Alan hired pull their car to the road.
It's completely empty.
They get out of the car.
The first one points to the woods, "There. We'll take him out there."
The other one is holding a gun, "Good idea. But we gotta make sure it's clear first."
The two run in to check around.
Jonathan is still tied up in the back trunk.
He is kicking at the door.
He has no luck.
Suddenly he hears a car pull up.
Someone is at the car.
The hood opens up.
Jonathan is shocked to see his mother.
Reva stares, "Jonathan! Thank God I found you!"
She unties him.
Jonathan gets up, "Mom. Oh God I..."
She shushes him, "The guys are right out there. We have to run. Sarah is in the car. Hurry."
The two run into Reva's car and drive off.


Phillip and Beth are waiting for more news on Liz.
Beth is tense, "I can't handle this. It's just like before. When she was a little girl with leukemia. We spent so much time here waiting to hear whether or not she..."
Phillip holds her, "Lizzie is going to make it. Okay? She is a strong woman. Just like her mother. And before we know it we will be at our wedding. She'll be making a speech about how happy she is. Sarah can be the flower girl. It'll happen."
Beth smiles, "I'd like that. So would Lizzie."
He holds her close, "We know it's not Lizzie's time yet."
Beth sits up, "I know but I just keep thinking about Cassie. I mean I was so cruel to her all the time. She was just a grieving mother. No mother should ever have to bury her child."
He nods, "I know. I feel horrible for Marina Cooper."
Beth sighs, "Oh that's right. That poor girl. She must be devastated. I know what that's like."
He is confused, "What?"
She turns to him, "When you were gone I was pregnant with Alan's baby. I had a miscarriage."
Phillip is shocked, "I had no idea."
Beth nods, "Yeah. Believe me things like that totally change a person forever."

Marina lies in her bed.
She just stares at the wall.
She had made so many plans for her son.
Baby Daniel was going to look just like his father.
She was going to set up play dates with Robbie and Hope to meet him.
This was going to be her last gift from Danny.
Now she has lost his son, the house he built for her, and everything that was inside.
All gone in one night.
If only she could remember what happened that night.
Downstairs Buzz, Frank and Eleni sit.
Buzz pours coffee, "How long are you two staying in town?"
Eleni sighs, "As long as our daughter needs us."
Buzz nods, "Well I know you can't stay here forever. So I want you to know that we will all be here for her. Me, Harley, Lucy, Coop, Rocky. Everyone. Marina will never be alone."
Frank sighs, "Well I'm sorry to say this but for now, no matter how many people are with her Marina is going to be alone."
The three of them are very worried about her.


Reva is driving her car.
Jonathan is in the back with Sarah.
He looks at Reva, "How did you know where to find me?"
She sighs, "Jonathan you wouldn't believe me if I told you."
He nods, "Well I have a lot of stuff to tell you but not nearly enough time to do it."
She sighs, "I saw Alan. He was at my house."
Jonathan nods, "What did he do?"
Reva takes a deep breathe, "He's back to his old ways again. Things are looking pretty bad again."
Jonathan nods, "He is trying to have me killed again."
She sighs, "Where should I take you guys?"
He sighs, "To Cedars. I have to check on Lizzie."
She is worried, "Jonathan, Alan might be keeping tabs there. He must know by now that you have escaped. He probably sent people to guard her room by now. It's not safe."
He nods, "Well then we'll have to sneak in. But Sarah and I have to see Liz immediently."
Reva drives towards Cedars Hospital


Natalia is pushing the stroller.
She sees Remy on the bench.
Remy looks up, "Hey. How have you been?"
She hugs him, "I'm good. How are you?"
He sighs, "I wish I could say the same."
She sits with him, "Are you okay?"
He shakes his head, "It's just... everything going on right now. Marina, and now Liz."
Natalia nods, "I didn't even know that you and Lizzie were friends. I thought you didn't like all Spauldings."
He sits back, "So did I. But there is something about Liz. I don't know what. I mean after Blake I thought I'd never care so much about someone else. But it's not possible anyways."
She looks at him, "Why not?"
He turns to her, "Because I'm falling for another woman who is in love with Jonathan Randall."
Natalia sighs, "Well Jonathan Randall is not a great guy. He seems very dangerous. But you are a hero. Remy any woman would be lucky to have you in their life."
He smiles, "Says the woman who dumped me."
She laughs, "Shut up."
He looks at her, "I still think you are too good for Alan."
She sighs, "I know what you all think. But Alan is the love of my life. And he has changed. Believe me."

Reva Bend:
Alan pulls up in front of Reva's house.
His thugs walk over.
Alan gets out, "You let Jonathan Randall get away?"
The first one nods, "Mr. Spaulding he must have been let out by someone. Someone helped him."
Alan nods, "Yeah. I know who. Come on. Get me inside this house."
The second one goes up to the door and kicks it in.
Alan leads them inside.
Alan hollers, "Reva! Jonathan! Get down here right now!"
They begin to tear the house apart.
Photos of Reva's family are tossed around.
Her house is getting destroyed.
Alan sees one of Sarah's toys lying on the ground.
He picks it up.

Reva walks into the hospital.
She sees Phillip and Beth sitting together.
She sneaks a peek at the nurses station.
She finds Liz's room.
Reva walks around the corner to get Jonathan and Sarah.
The three of them go down the hallway.
They stop at a room.
Reva sighs, "Okay I'll stand guard. But you have to make this quick."
Jonathan picks up Sarah and they walk inside.
Liz is hooked up to machines.
Jonathan sits by her bed.
He whispers, "Liz... Liz please wake up. Liz..."
Sarah looks at her, "Mommy!"
Liz's eyes begin to open.

Tammy's Angel returns to make things right in Springfield!


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