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Episode 159



The Angel of Tammy Winslow Randall returns to Springfield...



Jonathan and Sarah sit with Liz.
Liz's eyes open, "Sarah."
Sarah smiles.
Jonathan looks at her, "Liz?"
Liz grins, "She called me Mommy."
Jonathan nods, "You are her Mom."
Liz looks at Sarah, "I'll never know what two people like Daddy and I did to deserve an angel like you. You know a lot of people have given up things to protect you. That is what is happening right now."
Jonathan is confused, "What do you mean?"
Liz smiles at Sarah, "When I was little I didn't live in Springfield. I think my parents knew that kids shouldn't have to grow up in a place like this. When things get so complicated here."
He nods, "Liz I know we had plans to run off but now your Grandfather is back to going after us again."
Liz nods, "I know. Sarah... I love you."
Jonathan worries, "Liz what are you saying?"
Liz looks up at him, "We don't have time to wait for me. You have to leave Springfield with Sarah. And you have to leave now."
Jonathan stares in shock.


Marina lies in her bed.
Her face is covered in tears.
A small light is in the corner of her room.
Tammy's Angel walks over, "How's my best friend doing?"
Marina sighs, "I'm the worst mother in the world. I couldn't even keep my baby alive long enough..."
Tammy sighs, "Marina you can't give up. You have a lot in your future. A lot to look forward too. I can't tell you but you have a huge destiney before you that you can't even imagine."
Marina shakes her head, "There is nothing left for me in this world. Nothing to live for anymore."
Tammy looks at Marina, "I'll always be here in your heart Marina. You were the best friend I ever had. You are an amazing person. Your story doesn't end here Marina. I love you."
Tammy blows her friend a kiss before she fades away.

Jonathan stares at Liz, "What are you saying?"
Liz look at him, "I heard you and Reva talking. My Granddad is dangerous again. And Aubrey is still out there. It's not safe for Sarah here. And if she doesn't leave now then she will be stuck in Springfield forever. I won't let that happen."
He looks at her, "But you'll be better soon. And then we can all leave together just like we planned."
Liz shakes her head, "Life isn't fair. We know that better than anyone. But it can be for Sarah. She can have a good life. Just promise me you will take her somewhere safe. Somewhere that no one will be able to find you."
He sighs, "Liz... we can't do this again. You expect to be able to live without your daughter?"
Liz shakes her head, "Not happy. But I have to put her before me. Tammy died for her, you left your family for her, now it's my turn. Just promise you won't let her forget me."
He kisses Liz's head, "I promise. I will never forget what you have done for us Liz. I forgive you. For everything."
Liz has tears in her eyes, "Go before... Just go."
Jonathan has Sarah kiss Liz before they go.
Jonathan picks up a sad and confused Sarah as he sneaks out the back door.

Police Station:

Remy is hiding out in a file room.
He has a bottle of rum.
Remy is trying to drink his problems away.
He feels a familiar presence.
Tammy sits next to him, "I never liked that stuff. It always tasted gross. But I guess I'm not tough enough."
Remy sighs, "It's not the taste."
Tammy sighs, "Drinking isn't going to change what's happening with Marina. Or anyone else for that matter."
He nods, "I can't save anyone. I couldn't save you that night."
Tammy turns to him, "That's not your responsibility. But that doesn't mean you aren't a hero. You saved Lizzie from bleeding to death."
Remy shakes his head, "I stopped you from bleeding to death and you still died later."
Tammy stares at him, "You and Lizzie. I never saw that coming. But it actually make sense."
He shakes his head, "It would never work with Liz and I. I won't ever love her."
She sighs, "Take it from someone who knows, you don't pick who you fall in love with."
Remy turns but Tammy isn't there.
Remy continues drinking.


Jonathan and Sarah walk through the graves.
Sarah walks around.
Jonathan is holding flowers.
He puts them on Tammy's grave.
Jonathan sits down, "Tammy. Man who would have thought this is where our future was headed. No one thought that the two kissing cousins of Springfield would ever make it work. But we really loved each other. You will always be the love of my life. The way I see it Sarah has two mothers. Thank you for all that you have given me. This town is not the same without you. My life is not the same without you."
Jonathan can feel someone behind him.
Jonathan turns.
Tammy's Angel is standing behind him.

Spaulding Mansion:

Annie Dutton walks out the front door.
She walks towards the gates.
She was given word that someone wanted to talk to her.
Annie looks at Alan Spaulding standing outside the gate.
Annie smiles, "Wow. I was wondering if you would ever show up here again. What took you so long?"
Alan sighs, "I snapped out of it. I let things go by long enough without my control. I want it back."
She looks confused, "The house?"
He nods, "Yes. But that's not what I meant. I want my power back. I am sick and tired of the Spauldings being kicked around. We are the ones who should be running this town."
She nods, "If you want this you are gonna have to earn it fair and square."
He laughs, "Fair and square?"
She laughs, "Okay well our version of it."
He nods, "You understand."
She sighs, "Do you want inside Alan? We can talk."
The gates open up.
Alan hasn't been inside in over a year.


Jonathan stands up.
He is always taken away by her beauty.
Jonathan looks at her, "Tammy."
She smiles, "Jonathan. I knew I'd see you soon today."
Jonathan nods, "It feels like just yesterday we were married. Which means it seems even closer to your death."
Tammy nods, "So I've seen. I look at Springfield and people act like it just happened. This has gone on long enough. I understand people have grief but things have fallen apart."
He nods, "Yeah. Everyone knows that this town fell apart after you died. Nothing has been the same since."
She sighs, "Jonathan. Things can't be like that. It's time things went back to normal around here."
He nods, "I'm getting ready to leave. I just wanted to say goodbye."
Tammy is confused, "To me? Jonathan I am not in Springfield. I'm in your heart. You act like our relationship was one sided. I love you so much. You and Sarah were the best parts of my life."
Jonathan walks to her, "Do you mean that?"
She smiles, "Of course. It took me a while but eventually I learned to love you when the lights were on. You are the love of my life Jonathan Randall."
He cries, "And you are the love of my life Tammy Winslow Randall."
Tammy kisses him.
Jonathan can actually feel her lips on his.
Tammy's vision fades away.
But Jonathan can still feel her with him.

Reva Bend:

Reva walks inside.
All of her stuff is destroyed.
She sees photo albums torn.
Broken picture frames are everywhere.
On her table lays a photo.
She walks over to it.
A picture of Jonathan and Sarah now has Jonathan ripped out of it.
Reva sees this as a threat.
She drops it, "Oh God. No. Jonathan. Sarah."
She goes running out the front door.

Liz lies in her bed.
Liz cries, "Life isn't fair. This is my karma. My punishment for Tammy's death. Now I have to try and live without my little girl."
Tammy's angel is with Liz, "That's not true."
Liz looks at her, "Tammy?"
Tammy nods, "I'm not vengeful Lizzie."
Liz cries, "Tammy. Tammy I am so sorry. You were the best friend I ever had and I was just so jealous of you all the time. And that's why you died that night. It's all my fault."
Tammy shakes her head, "No. Lizzie there is something you have to hear. Something you need to remember. I forgive you. I forgive you for what you did to me."
Liz cries, "Thank you Tammy. Thank you."
Tammy nods, "I'll look after Sarah for you. She will never forget you Liz. I promise. Get your rest."
Liz is exhausted and falls asleep.

Spaulding Mansion:
Annie leads Alan into the study.
Alan looks around, "I thought Cassie might have changed this place drastically but it's not a whole lot different."
Annie nods, "Well I went back to the original design somewhat. I like it like this."
Alan sighs, "It's been over a year since I've been in here. I feel like Springfield is almost back to normal."
Alan lights up a cigar.
Annie smiles, "I know that. Does this mean you are back?"
Alan nods, "Alan Spaulding is back."
Annie grins at Alan Spaulding.

Jonathan is driving down the road.
He notices a car behind him.
The two thugs are on his tail.
This all seems to familiar.
He won't let himself lose control of the car.
Jonathan makes a quick turn to try and lose them.
He takes a short cut.
But he knows they will catch up.
Jonathan keeps driving but sees a woman in his path.
It's Reva!
Jonathan hits the breaks and barely misses her.
Jonathan gets out, "What are you doing?"
Reva cries, "Jonathan! I had to make sure you were safe! Alan's men are after you!"
He nods, "I know! I have to get out now! I only stopped because I didn't want to hit you."
Reva pauses for a moment, "Okay. I know what I have to do. Get back in your car."
Jonathan sighs, "Mom. I..."
She stops him, "No more goodbyes. Okay? I love you. You are my baby boy. I love Sarah. I'll pray for you every day. I love you. I love you. I love you my baby," she hugs him, "Now go!"
Jonathan gets in his car, "I love you Mom!"
Jonathan drives away.
The other car is catching up.
Reva knows what she has to do.
She stays in the middle of the road.
The car keeps going.
Reva isn't moving.
The driver sees her.
He tries to hit his breaks but they are going to fast.

The town of Springfield has never recovered from Tammy's tragic death, but now things begin to go back to the way they were.

Rick walks out to Phillip and Beth.
He has good news about Liz.
The three friends hug in celebration.

Spaulding Mansion:
Alan Spaulding and Annie Dutton toast to the future.

Jonathan's Car:
Jonathan and Sarah are leaving Springfield for a new life.

The thugs car is flipped over in a ditch.
A few yards away Reva Shayne is lying in a pool of blood.

From the ache that voids my soul
Steals the light from my everyday
If someone could take me far away...

Reva's family worries!
Beth and Phillip see Liz
Susan chats with Marina
Gus spends time with Harley
Vi confronts Stephanie
Natalia questions Alan


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