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Episode 160



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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A lot of questions in Springfield...


The hospital has been busy these past weeks.
The Coopers and the Spauldings have been through hell.
Now it's the Lewises.
Josh is sitting in the waiting room.
Marah and Shayne walk over to him.
Marah hugs him, "Daddy. Oh God."
Shayne looks at him, "What do we know so far?"
Josh sighs, "They aren't telling me a whole lot. But Ed is supposed to come and talk to us soon."
Marah sighs, "I can't believe this is happening. I mean first Marina, then Liz, now Mom."
Shayne looks at his father, "What happened to the driver?"
Josh shakes his head, "I heard that they are both in pretty bad condition and one might not make it. But I mean they were speeding down the road. I just don't know what your Mom was doing out there at that time."
Marah nods, "With everything going on it just seems crazy. I talked to Dylan this morning. I'm keeping him updated. Where is Jonathan?"
Josh shakes his head, "I have no idea. I thought he'd be here with Liz's family but the Spauldings haven't seen him at all. I'm worried about all of this."
Ed is walking down the hallway towards Reva's family.

Alan & Natalia's:

Natalia is bathing Baby Al.
She smiles at him, "Look at you my adorable little boy. Yeah. I think it's time to put some more of that stuff on your backside for your rash. Lets get that."
She goes into the medicine cabinet.
Natalia notices that a lot of Rafe's stuff is gone.
Including some of his insulin stuff.
She looks into the drawers noticing how empty they look.
Minutes later Natalia finishes with the baby's bath.
She goes into Rafe's bedroom.
She looks in his closet.
Rafe has taken most of his clothes with him.
His shelves are nearly empty.
Natalia has a bad feeling about all of this.


Rick walks into the waiting room.
Lillian, Beth and Phillip jump up.
Phillip looks at Rick, "What do we know now?"
Rick smiles, "She seems to be recovering very well. But we will have to wait and see how she heals today before we know if she needs another surgery or not. But it looks promising."
Beth hugs him, "Oh thank you Rick."
Lillian smiles, "I'll go call the house to let everyone know."
Phillip smiles, "When can we see her?"
Rick sighs, "Well I can take you two to come see her really quick. But she has been put on a lot of drugs to help with the pain. So she isn't completly going to be aware of what's going on right now."
Beth and Phillip follow Rick into Liz's room.
They all go into the room.
Phillip and Beth rush to their daughter.
Beth sighs, "Oh my sweet little girl. How are you feeling?"
A sleepy sounding Liz looks up, "I'm good. I'm happy to see you guys. It makes me feel better."
Phillip nods, "We are so happy to see you sweetheart."
The door opens.
Alan steps in, "Hello Elizabeth."
Liz stares at her Granddad.


The Coopers have been really worried about Marina.
She has been in her room upstairs ever since she got home from the hospital the other day.
They all try to talk to her but she sends them away.
This time they send up her cousin to talk with her.
Susan walks into Marina's room.
Marina is laying on her bed.
Susan walks over, "Hey. Buzz told me to come and cheer you up but I know it's pointless. So I'm not even going to try."
Marina stares emotionless, "Thank you."
Susan nods, "No problem. It'll be easy for both of us if I just chill in here for a few minutes and then leave and say you seem better but you need your space."
Marina nods, "Okay."
Susan turns to the computer, "Can I check my email?"
Marina doesn't respond.
Susan sighs, "I'm gonna take that silence as a yes."
She goes over to the computer.
After a few minutes pass Susan gets serious.
She sighs," Marina I can kinda relate. My adoptive father died in a fire. It sucks. And the pain never goes away. So I'm not going to sit here and rub your back and tell you everything will be okay. Because I know that is not the answer. And so do you."
Marina is actually listening to what Susan is saying.

Harley's House:

Harley is sitting in her living room.
The door opens.
Gus walks in with the kids.
Zach and Jude race upstairs, "Hi Mom!"
Angela hugs Harley, "Hi Mommy."
Harley smiles, "Hi honey. Did you have fun at Daddy's?"
Angela nods, "It was fun."
Harley lets her go run upstairs.
Gus laughs, "They seemed to enjoy saying with me at the beacon."
Harley nods, "That's good. They weren't to crowed?"
He shakes his head, "Not really. Olivia gave me a discount on a good place so it's not bad. Roomy."
She smiles, "That's good."
He nods, "I will probably get my own place eventually. It's just a little difficult right now. Because I'd need at least a 3 bedroom with all the kids and everything."
Harley laughs, "You can't just build another one?"
He smiles, "Naw. That's something special. I built this house with my own hands. It's really special."
She sighs, "It almost seems unfair for me to be living in this house that you built."
He shakes his head, "The house that I built for you. It's always going to be your house Harley."
She shakes her head, "No matter what Gus. This house will always be our house. There is nothing we can do about that."
The two smile at each other.

Grant Family House:

Stephanie walks into the living room.
She is on her cellphone.
She hasn't heard much form Coop.
She leaves him a message, "Hey Coop it's me. Stephanie. I was making sure you were still alive. I know there is a lot going on with Marina. But I'm worried about you. Please just call me and let me know that you are okay. I hope I didn't do something to upset you. I'll talk to you later okay? Bye."
She hangs up.
Stephanie is really confused about what's up with Coop.
She turns around and sees Vi standing behind her.
Stephanie jumps, "My God! Vi you startled me."
Vi stares at her, "Sorry. I seem to have that effect on people."
Stephanie looks at her, "Is something wrong honey?"
Vi scoffs, "Honey? Oh I'm just your sweet little niece right? No wait you always say we are more like sisters."
Stephanie sighs, "Vi is something wrong?"
Vi smiles, "No. I just never realized what a whore you are."
Stephanie is stunned by Vi's accusal.


Alan walks into the room.
He looks at his granddaughter, "Oh Elizabeth. I just hate seeing you like this darling."
Beth stands up, "Alan, we can't have to many people in here so you are going to have to wait in the hall."
Alan sighs, "Elizabeth I think we need to talk alone for just a moment sweetheart."
Phillip shakes his head, "Hell no. Alan get out of here. Liz is still recovering."
Alan scoffs, "Fine. I have to go talk to someone anyways."
Alan turns to leave.
Before he steps out Liz speaks up, "You won't find them."
Beth looks at her, "Find who?"
Liz sighs, "Jonathan and Sarah."
Alan turns to her.
Phillip is confused, "What are you talking about?"
Liz sighs, "Jonathan and Sarah... they're gone."
Alan is angry, "What do you mean they're gone?"
Liz starts to close her eyes, "I sent them away to protect them..."
Liz falls asleep.
Alan shouts, "Elizabeth how could you..."
Phillip stands up, "Get the hell out of here Alan. Get out of here before I throw your ass out."
Alan looks at his son, "This is not over Phillip."
Alan leaves.
A very puzzled Beth and Phillip sit with their sleeping daughter.

Susan is out on the porch of company.
She's having a smoke while she waits for Buzz to drive her home.
Marina walks down from the outside staircase.
She doesn't want her family inside to see her.
Susan turns to her, "Look who's all up and about."
Marina sighs, "Thank you for not... for not trying to make me feel better. Because it's not going to happen."
Susan nods, "I know. Look at me. My adoptive parents died when I was young so I ended up being raised by Dylan and Harley. The two teens who gave me away. I end up dating a hitman. Now he's locked up. And I still love the bastard. But I'm still standing."
Marina watches Susan's cigarettes, "Can I have one of those?"
Susan is surprised, "You smoke?"
Marina sighs, "I did when I was a kid. But I.... I just could really use one right now."
Susan hands her one and lights it for her.
Marina takes a big puff, "So is this it? Is this what you use to deal with all the pain?"
Susan sighs, "I have some other stuff."
Susan is thinking about Gus.

Harley's House:
Gus and Harley are having coffee.
Gus looks at her, "So how is Marina?"
Harley sighs, "She is in a complete depression right now."
He looks down, "That's terrible. She deserves better than that. She had so much last year with Danny's death, then everything with Shayne and Rocky, and now this."
Harley nods, "I feel terrible that I can't do anything for her. Susan is over there right now."
Gus doesn't feel comfortable talking about Susan, "Uh... Do we have some more coffee here?"
She gets up, "Sure. Oh by the way how is Rafe?"
Gus sighs, "Actually I just found out that he went on a trip to San Gabriel. I guess he had been planning it but didn't tell anyone. Except for my father of course."
She pours Gus more coffee, "Well it must be tough for him living with Alan, Natalia, and the baby."
He nods, "Yeah I guess so."
She sighs, "Is it difficult. I mean with Alan and Natalia. They're raising the baby you thought was yours."
He sighs, "Sometimes but mostly I just think about all of the things I gave up for that baby."
Harley and Gus stare into each other's eyes.

Alan & Natalia's:
Alan walks into the house.
Natalia is standing at the door.
Alan looks at her, "Is everything alright?"
She shakes her head, "No. I want to know where the heck you sent my son Alan! I need to know."
He walks towards her, "I don't know what your talking about. I told you Rafe is in San Gabriel on vacation."
She is frustrated, "How long Alan? Rafe took almost all of his stuff. And why didn't he pack until right before he left? None of this make any sense to me Alan."
He takes her hand, "You need to sit down."
She pulls away, "No! Just tell me Alan. Why are you keeping something from me? We are married. We have to share everything with each other Alan. You are worrying me."
Alan sighs, "Natalia... your son has gotten himself into a whole lot of trouble."
Natalia is incredibly nervous.

Grant House:
Stephanie is worried about Vi.
Stephanie walks towards her niece, "Okay. I am really confused. Did I do something to upset you?"
Vi scoffs, "I really was fooled. You had me so completely fooled. You walk around all sweet and innocent. Pretty little Stephanie. Every guy wants her. Sam Spencer, Remy Boudreau. But they were never good enough for you. I never understood why you didn't want them. But now you picked a guy. But not just any guy."
Stephanie nods, "You are talking about Coop. I know it's weird because he's your teacher but you are graduating. And he is really sweet. I really like him. I think he might be..."
Vi backs away, "Don't say it. I'm going to be sick."
Stephanie is confused, "Vi what is wrong?"
Vi shakes her head, "You two were sneaking behind my back, you were just hoping I'd never find out."
Stephanie stares, "What are you talking about?"
Vi wipes a tear, "I guess Mr. Bradshaw was never going to tell me that he was cheating on me with my own Aunt."
Stephanie's mouth drops.


Reva is lying in her hospital bed.
Josh, Marah and Shayne walk in.
Reva smiles, "Hey. I had a dream. And you were there, and you, and you two Bud."
Josh sighs, "The Wizard of Oz?"
She laughs, "I couldn't resist."
Shayne hugs her, "Mom I was so worried."
Reva sighs, "Oh don't worry about me. I just love a good adventure every now and then."
Marah sighs, "Well next time you need an adventure we'll go sky diving or mountain climbing."
Reva smiles, "Don't tease me because I might just take you up on that one."
Marah hugs her, "I love you Mom."
Shayne sighs, "I have to go call Uncle Billy really quick. I promised to let him know."
Marah nods, "I'll call Dylan. I'll be right back."
Marah and Shayne step out.
Josh looks at Reva, "Are you really okay?"
She sighs, "It's a lot more painful then I'm letting on. But I'm not dying Joshua. Your still stuck with me."
Josh sighs, "Reva I there is something I need to ask you. Where is Jonathan? Where is your son?"
Reva stares at Josh.

Reva won't give in to Josh
Natalia packs her bags
Stephanie can't believe what she hears
Marina tells Susan her suspicions
Harley and Gus continue flirting
Liz starts to wake up in front of Remy


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