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Episode 161



Some crazy answers are given in Springfield...


Josh is with Reva while the kids are in the hallway.
Josh looks at her, "What is going on Reva? Everyone is looking for Jonathan and now this? Where is he?"
Reva sighs, "I can't tell you that Joshua. So please stop asking me questions about him."
Josh backs away, "He took off again didn't he?"
She stares at him, "Joshua I told you that i couldn't answer any of your questions about my son."
He looks at her, "It's connected to your accident isn't it? Why were you on that road?"
She sighs, "Please stop asking me questions about this because I just can't talk about it. All I can tell you is that Alan Spaulding is dangerous and he is a threat to Jonathan and Sarah. Liz knows that now and that's... I've told you to much already."
He shakes his head, "This is great. Our wedding last year was ruined because of your secrets about Jonathan and Sarah. Now here we are again with you keeping things from me."
She gets angry, "No. It's not the same thing. Because we aren't together Josh. Are we?"
Josh stares at Reva.

Alan & Natalia's House:

Natalia and Alan are sitting on the couch.
Natalia stares at him, "What could Rafe have been involved in that could make you send him out of the country?"
Alan sighs, "He was getting involved with the wrong kind of people. One of whom was Aubrey Randall."
She backs away, "Aubrey Randall? The woman who kidnapped Sarah?"
Alan nods, "I'm sorry to say that Rafe was... involved in the kidnapping of little Sarah."
Natalia shakes her head, "No. No. That's insane."
He sighs, "I'm sorry Natalia but it's true."
She gets up, "No. Rafe wouldn't kidnap a little girl. I know my son he would never do something so horrible."
Alan looks at her, "Natalia. He has been hanging out with her for months. The two became very close. It goes deep."
Natalia turns to him, "When did you find all of this out Alan?"
Alan sighs, "Not to long ago."
She stares at him, "Why am I just finding out about this? Why wasn't I the first person you told? Why did you send my son away before I got a chance to talk to him? You are helping him break that law!"
Alan gets up and walks towards her, "Natalia, my love, I did everything for you."
Natalia walks upstairs.


Remy is talking with Phillip and Beth.
Phillip explains things, "Well according to Liz, Jonathan and Sarah are gone. She sent them out of Springfield."
Remy is confused, "So they left with her permission?"
Beth nods, "I guess so."
Remy nods, "Well that must mean that Aubrey was the one who shot Liz. But I need a statement from Liz. Is she awake?"
Phillip sighs, "She is resting. She is not up for answering questions right now Remy."
Remy nods, "I understand. Can I just go in to see her for a moment?"
Beth sighs, "For a minute but she needs her rest."
Remy goes into Liz's room.
He sits by her bedside while she sleeps, "Look at you. Looks like you are recovering nicely. So why did you do it? You sent Jonathan and Sarah off without you? You deserve to have you child Liz. Every mother deserves to be in her child's life."
Liz's eyes start to open.
Remy looks at her, "Liz?"
She starts to mumble something, "Baby... Marina..."
Remy is confused by her words.


Marina and Susan are out on the porch still.
Marina is smoking with her, "So we never really talked since you came back to Springfield."
Susan nods, "I guess not."
Marina sighs, "You drugged me. Let me think I slept with some guy. You were doing a lot of things behind our backs."
Susan nods, "Yeah sorry about that. I did a lot of things when I was with Guillespie."
Marina turns to her, "So we were dating brothers at one point. Interesting."
Susan sighs, "And now Harley is dating Cyrus. How do you feel about that little relationship?"
Marina continues smoking, "Cyrus is hot. He used to have the whole bad boy thing but I don't know. He's kinda lame with Harley now. But if that's what she wants."
Susan laughs, "Aren't the bad boys the best? Call me crazy, but for some reason I still love G. Even after everything."
Marina turns to her, "Call me crazy but... I still don't believe in my heart the fact that my baby is dead."

Harley's House:

Harley and Gus are still chatting in the kitchen.
She looks at him, "So have you been looking at new places to live after you leave the Beacon?"
He nods, "Yeah. I've seen a few. It might take me a while. But Olivia is giving me the good deal for now."
Harley clears her throat, "Olivia. It's just weird. I mean we never liked Olivia. You never liked Olivia. Not to be mean but she always kinda... she's a bitch."
Gus laughs, "There's a lot more to her. We bonded when we were in that bank robbery. And she helped me deal with my addiction."
Harley smiles, "Well I'm glad your clean now. And it looks like you got a good girlfriend out of it."
He shakes his head, "Olivia and I are just friends."
She nods, "Oh."
He sighs, "Not like you and Cyrus Foley. I mean that's weird for me. He's an ex-con. You didn't seem to fond of him when he was dating Marina. And he's Guillespie's brother."
Harley sighs, "Cyrus and I aren't exactly, totally, completely together anymore."
He laughs, "Not exactly, totally, completely?"
She sighs, "What are the odds? It looks like at the moment both of us are single."
The two smile at each other.

Grant Family House:

Vi walks around Stephanie.
Stephanie stands still in shock.
Vi smiles, "What? Does it hurt for you to hear the truth?"
Stephanie shakes her head, "I don't understand what you are talking about. You said..."
Vi nods, "I said that you and Coop have been sleeping together behind my back. I'm not dumb Stephanie."
Stephanie turns to her, "Behind your back? Vi do you hear yourself. You make it sound like you and Coop are..."
Vi nods, "We are not over. You are nothing but a little fling to get out of his system. He doesn't really like you."
She is confused, "Coop likes me."
Vi shakes her head, "But not like me. He loves me."
Stephanie stares, "What? Vi what the hell are you talking about I don't even understand you."
Vi sighs, "It's sad. I mean you probably thought you would steal him from me. That I'm just some kid. But you can't keep us a part. We are in love Stephanie. I'm sorry but you are nothing to him."
Stephanie looks at her niece, "Vi are you trying to tell me that you have a relationship with your teacher?"
Vi has an evil smirk on her face.


Josh sits next Reva.
She looks at him, "Joshua. I don't want other people to get involved. I just can't."
Josh sighs, "Reva I feel like you need to tell me something."
Reva sighs, "All I can say is this. Liz and Jonathan made a decision. All I did was help them. So Liz is aware this time."
He looks down, "Reva you could have been killed."
She nods, "But I wasn't. I'm still here. I did what I did for my son. I can say no more."
He shakes his head, "You'll have to do something. Reva when you go to the police..."
She sighs, "I'm not going to press charges. From what I hear the two guys are punished enough. I got what I wanted. I stopped their car from doing what they were about to do."
Josh takes her hand, "You are the most amazing woman I have ever known in my entire life."
Reva laughs, "You ain't seen nothing yet Bud!"
The two laugh together.

Alan & Natalia's:
Natalia walks downstairs with the baby.
She is carrying suitcases.
Alan walks to her, "What the hell are you doing?"
She turns to him, "You watch your mouth. Your son is right here. I'm going Alan."
He is in shock, "Just like that? You are leaving? We don't even talk about this? You're just gone. We're over?"
She sighs, "Alan..."
Natalia puts the baby down.
She takes his hand, "We aren't done. Alan I love you. You are my husband. But I don't agree with what you did. I'm going to San Gabriel. I'm going to see Rafe and talk to him."
Alan shakes his head, "I don't think that's the best idea darling."
Natalia sighs, "Well right now I'm not to happy with you. So I'm going whether you like it or not. Dinah is on her way. She is going to pick me up and help me get on a plane there."
He scoffs, "But why take the baby?"
Natalia picks the baby up, "Alan... we just need sometime. We'll be back later but right now, I think you need to time think about a few things alone. Okay?. I love you."
Natalia kisses Alan.
Dinah's car pulls up.
Natalia leaves.
Alan stands speechless.

Harley's House:
Gus and Harley are still talking.
Gus looks at his watch, "Oh crap. I was supposed to be at the station soon. I have to chat with Mallet about a case."
Harley gets up, "I'm sorry. I kept you here talking."
He shakes his head, "No. It was nice. You know, like the old days. Just hanging out talking."
She nods, "Maybe we can do it again when you aren't busy?"
He nods, "I'd like that."
She sighs, "Well I mean not like... Just to talk about the kids and everything. You know schedules, school, summer, sports, all the S's. Everything."
He smiles, "It sounds great."
Harley walks him to the door, "Drive safe."
Gus and Harley share one last smile before he leaves.
Harley shuts the door.
She slowly slides to the floor.
She has the same butterflies in her stomach that she used to get with Gus.

Grant House:
Stephanie and Vi are still arguing.
Vi sighs, "This is just the most disappointing moment of my life right now. I mean you have completely betrayed me."
Stephanie shakes her head, "I don't get why you are doing this. Vi do you expect me to believe that you and Coop are sleeping together?"
Vi laughs, "Wow! He really had you fooled. You really thought he loved you and he was gonna end things with me."
Stephanie backs away, "I don't know what the hell is wrong with you but this is crazy."
Vi nods, "Is it? I mean you remember when you and Coop first started hanging out? When he brought me home from school? My car didn't really break down. It was just an excuse for us to be together. Than he chaperone's the prom! He had no reason to, other than to be with me that night. Which is why I didn't go with another guy."
Stephanie looks down, "You broke up with Jason..."
Vi nods, "Yep. That's right. Because that was when Coop and I first began our relationship."
Stephanie shakes her head, "I don't... I don't believe any of this Vi."
Vi whispers in her ear, "Believe it. And remember the next time you kiss him that those lips have been all over me."
Vi walks away.
Stephanie is completely shaken.

Susan and Marina are sneaking back up to the boarding house.
Marina stops on the stairs.
She turns to her cousin, "Thank you Susan."
Susan shakes her head, "No problem. I bum smokes from people all the time it's not biggie."
Marina looks down, "No. Thanks for being... honest. And real. I'm tired of people rubbing my back, crying, and telling me that everything is going to get better."
Susan sighs, "Yeah. It's gets really old after a while. But that's what the Coopers do."
Marina nods, "You were always the black sheep of the family."
Susan nods, "Correct. I'm no cop. I'm not that crazy about the weird Greek food or traditions. And I get really creeped out by the big family hugs you all do. I feel like I'm being suffocated."
Marina laughs, "Yeah I know what you mean," Marina pauses and then looks back at her, "So do you think it's possible."
Susan is confused, "What?"
Marina sighs, "That my baby isn't dead?"
Susan sighs, "Honestly? No. But you're in Springfield. You never know in this crazy place."
The two go back inside.

Remy can see Liz trying to talk.
Remy jumps up, "Liz? Liz? What are you saying?"
Liz falls back asleep.
Remy keeps trying to wake her, "Liz?"
Phillip walks in, "Hey what's going on?"
Remy sighs, "I was just...'
Phillip looks at him, "Please, Detective Boudreau, not right now. Let my daughter get her rest. Whatever answers she must have can wait for tomorrow okay?"
Phillip walks Remy out.
Liz starts to wake up again.
She looks around, "Remy... Remy?"
She tries to sit up but she is very weak.
She keeps having weird flashbacks.
Liz sighs, "Marina... I have to tell you... your baby is alive."

Liz rushes to find Marina
Reva gets shocking news
Stephanie confronts Coop
Marina hangs out with Susan
Dinah and Olivia plot
Marah and Jeffrey discuss RJ


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