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Episode 162



Plans are changed in Springfield...


Reva is getting dressed into her regular clothes.
Lillian walks into Reva's room, "Hey how are you feeling?"
Reva sighs, "Better. I know I'll need to use my crutches until I'm completely healed but I feel much better."
Lillian sighs, "Well I'm sorry to be the one to do this but the Doctor wants you to stick around."
Reva sighs, "What? No! Why?"
Lillian shakes her head, "I wasn't told. But I'm sure it's just to check your x-rays one last time. Probably nothing else."
Reva nods, "I hope so. I hate being in hospitals. I certainly have spent enough time in them."
On the other side of the hospital Liz Spaulding gets out of her bed.
Liz keeps thinking about Marina.
Liz talks to herself, "Aubrey said it herself. That baby was Marina's. She took it from her. I have to find her."
Liz isn't very strong.
She looks out the window.
Company is right across the street.
Liz wonders if she could make it.


Jeffrey is sitting in his room.
Marah walks in with bags.
He turns to her, "What's all this?"
She puts them down, "I got some stuff for RJ. He's going to be with us soon so I thought I'd get some gifts for him."
Jeffrey laughs, "It's not his birthday Marah."
She sighs, "I know but he is coming home so I thought it'd be a nice treat for him. I got some baseball stuff, some video games, a kite, oh and I thought it'd be fun to take him swimming."
Jeffrey stands up, "Well don't get your hopes up. Marah he's a teenager now. He's not going to want us to take him out to the park or the pool. He's gonna want to go with his friends."
Marah sighs, "He's been away at boarding school. He hasn't seen these kids in a while."
Jeffrey smiles, "He'll be fine. We'll help him adjust back to life in Springfield."
Marah hugs him, "I just want him to be happy. I mean he grew up without his father. Now his mother is in a coma. I just want him to have something to look forward too."
Jeffrey kisses her.


Susan and Marina re driving around.
Susan pulls the car over.
Marina sighs, "There is no where to go in this town."
Susan nods, "Well duh! Everyone here is lame."
Marina sits back, "I feel like everywhere I go people are staring at me and whispering. They all know."
Susan sighs, "Cousin, people have been whispering at me for years. What's worse is when they point and throw things."
Marina sighs, "I'm just so stressed out."
Susan grabs her purse, "I could help you with that. But I have to ask first: Are you a cop right now?"
Marina looks at her, "Susan unless you pull a dead body out of that bag, I'm not going to do anything."
Susan pulls a plastic bag out of her purse.
She puts it in Marina's face, "You wanna?"
Marina turns to her, "I thought you didn't do drugs anymore?"
Susan pulls it away, "Hey! I did. I'm clean. But I don't count this. I'm talking about coke, x, meth, and all that junk. Those are bad for you. But this stuff is good for you! Alchol is worse for you then this."
Marina laughs, "You are very passionate."
Susan nods, "I'm thinking about doing some PSAs."
Marina holds the bag in her hands.


Mel is going over her wedding plans with Olivia and Dinah.
Mel looks at them, "Well now we don't know if Natalia is going to be back in time."
Olivia nods, "Well she is married to Alan now. That's what happens when you get tangled up in the Spauldings."
Mel turns to her, "Hey! Do you forget I'm marrying Alan Michael Spaulding?"
Olivia sighs, "I'm sorry. I'm sure he's different. But you know Natalia thought Alan was."
Mel shakes her head, "Stop it. Now I don't even know what Alan did that got Natalia so upset."
Dinah sighs, "All I know is Rafe left town because of Alan and Natalia is going to find him."
Mel is confused, "Why would Alan do that?"
Olivia sits up, "Well I bet it's because of the company. Alan wants to be CEO but if Rafe is getting into trouble it's gonna look bad. Maybe he sent him away until it's over."
Mel sighs, "Maybe."
Dinah nods, "It's crazy what running for CEO can do to a person you know?"
Mel is thinking about Alan Michael.
Dinah and Olivia turn to each other.
They are aware of the seeds they've planted in Mel.

Old Museum:

Coop walks in.
He looks around and no one appears to be there.
He goes to get some stuff from his room.
Stephanie walks out, "Coop? Hey."
He turns, "Oh... Steph. I didn't know anyone was going to be here."
She nods, "It feels like you don't even live here anymore."
He nods, "Well I've been sleeping at the boarding house. My family just has a lot going on."
Stephanie nods, "I'm so sorry about Marina. That's terrible. No mother should have to deal with that."
Coop sighs, "Yeah. Uh... I have to get going. I am late for work."
She is confused, "Isn't school over?"
He nods, "Yeah. But you know a teacher's job is never really done. I got some summer stuff going on."
Stephanie looks at him, "Are you teaching summer school?"
He hesitates, "Um... well..."
She sighs, "Are you going to see Vi?"
Coop turns to her, "What?"
Stephanie has tears in her eyes, "Coop what is going on with you and my niece?"
Coop and Stephanie stare at each other.


Lucy and David are running the restaurant.
The other Coopers are out.
David stays in the kitchen.
Lucy walks back there, "Are you ever going to say hi to everyone out here? I feel lonely."
He sighs, "I'm just... I don't feel like going out there right now."
She looks at him, "David how long is this going to last. No one here blames you for Marina's baby dying."
David sighs, "I can't even look at Marina. I feel guilty. I will never forgive myself."
Lucy grabs his arms, "Listen to me! You have to stop this! You are my hero. I love you. I love you so much David. No, you couldn't save everyone this time. But you saved my niece and I am so proud of you."
The two kiss.
They hear noises in the diner.
They step out of the kitchen.
Liz Spaulding is stumbling around, "Marina... Where is Marina?"
Liz collapses.
Lucy and David catch her.


Marah is sitting at the desk.
Jeffrey looks over at her, "What are you doing?"
She sighs, "Oh I'm making a list of kids for RJ to hang out with this summer. You know what I mean?"
Jeffrey nods, "I think so."
Marah sighs, "Now when he was younger his best friend was Harley's son Zach. I used to babysit them a lot. Maybe I could call Harley and see if Zach and introduce RJ to some good kids."
Jeffrey laughs, "You can't plan this kid's life out. RJ will be fine. He's a good kid."
Marah nods, "He's just been through so much. His father died when he was a baby. His adoptive father died when he was young. And now his mother just totally screwed things up."
Jeffrey sighs, "Well Cassie didn't really screw up. She was sick."
Marah shakes her head, "I'm sorry. Maybe it sounds cold but I'm kind of glad she is out of RJ's life now. He deserves better than anything Cassie could offer him."
Jeffrey sighs, "I was with Cassie for a while. She was a great mother to RJ, as well as Tammy and Will."
Marah sighs, "I don't know. All I know is that RJ needs me now and I'm not going to let him down like his mother did."
Marah goes to the phone to call Harley.

Mel, Olivia, and Dinah are still discussing.
Mel sighs, "Well I'm so excited. I never had a real wedding you know. Rick and I were married in the hospital."
Dinah smiles, "You deserve it honey. We are all so happy for you."
Olivia nods, "Have you guys decided on a honeymoon?"
Mel sighs, "Oh... uh. I thought I told you. We decided to postpone a honeymoon. He just has a lot with the company and everything. We can always do it later."
Olivia nods, "Oh I'm sorry. You did tell me."
Mel gets up, "I'm gonna to go the bathroom."
Mel goes to the restroom.
Dinah turns to Olivia, "I feel bad. I feel like we are manipulating our best friends."
Olivia shakes her head, "We aren't. We are doing what's best for them. Natalia and Mel have to see that Alan and Alan Michael need to be prevented from becoming CEO. It would ruin their lives."
Dinah sighs, "Well I think Natalia will be easy to finish convincing. She is very upset with Alan. She doesn't even want to return for the votes."
Olivia nods, "Do you think you could get her to sign you over her proxy?"
Dinah nods, "I'm certainly going to try."
The two women wait for Mel to return.

Old Museum:
Coop walks towards Stephanie, "What are you talking about?"
Stephanie sighs, "Coop what is going on with you and Vi?"
Coop sighs, "What did she tell you?"
Stephanie backs away, "Please tell me it's not true."
He shakes his head, "Of course it's not! I can't believe you would even ask me that question."
Stephanie sighs, "I'm sorry! But you were clearly lying to me about where you were going. And Vi seemed pretty sure that you were... that the two of you were involved."
Coop nods, "I know. I didn't want to say anything. But at prom, Vi professed her love to me. She saw us kissing and got angry with me. Like I was cheating on her."
Stephanie is confused, "I don't get it! Why would she think that you were dating?"
He shakes his head, "I have no idea! She was always hanging around after school. But I didn't think much of it. Now looking back... I don't know I guess maybe she thought we were flirting."
Stephanie sighs, "Well she is convinced that the two of you are in love with each other."
Coop nods, "We need to get this settled. Because things are going to get very ugly."
Stephanie and Coop are both worried.

Susan and Marina are sitting in the car.
Marina is laughing, "I'm so glad you talked me into this."
Susan giggles, "Have you ever tried that before?"
Marina shakes her head, "No! I almost did in high school. But I never actually did."
Susan grins, "See it's not so bad now is it?"
Marina shakes her head, "No! Not at all! Why is this stuff illegal in the first place?"
Susan shakes her head, "The government is messed up man. I don't know how you work with it."
Marina sighs, "Well I don't know about that. I'm totally leaving the force. I'm done with being a cop."
Susan claps her hands, "Yes! Yes! I saved you from yourself."
Marina cracks up, "I love you right now Susan!"
Susan starts the car, "Let's get out of here. The roads empty now but you never know."
Marina turns to her, "You sure you can drive like this?"
Susan nods, "Are you kidding me? I'm a better driver like this. I am so much more aware."
Susan and Marina drive off.

Lucy and David are with Liz.
David sighs, "The hospital is on the way to bring her back."
Lucy looks down, "Liz why were you leaving the hospital?"
Liz opens her eyes, "Marina... where is Marina? I was looking for her. That's why."
David looks at her, "Marina isn't here right now. Why do you need to see her right now?"
Liz tries to sit up, "I have to tell her... now. I have to tell her before it's too late."
Lucy holds Liz, "Just relax. What is this about?"
Liz sighs, "Her baby."
David looks at her, "Liz. What do you have to say to Marina about her baby? What's going on?"
Liz sighs, "Marina's baby... it's alive."
Lucy and David look at each other.
Both are in shock.

Reva sits in her room and waits for the doctor.
She is getting annoyed and frustrated.
The doctor walks in.
Reva turns to him, "Great. I really have to go. I'm sorry. I know I'm an impatient patient but I really have to get home to my family. They wanted to go out to eat. I just need to go."
The doctor shakes his head, "I'm sorry Ms. Shayne. But we need to have a talk first."
Reva nods, "What about?"
He sighs, "We didn't want to scare you until we were sure."
She gets worried, "Sure about what?"
He looks at her, "Ms. Shayne, the nurse discovered a mass when she was examining you."
Reva can't hear what he is saying.
His mouth is moving but she hears nothing.
Then she finally hears his words, "Ms. Shayne your cancer may have returned."
Reva's stomach drops to her feet.

Reva deals with her news
Lucy and David question Liz!
Marina gets out of control
Bill goes to the Bauer Home
Dinah, Olivia, and Annie plan
Roxie is using Ashlee


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Oh wow! There's so much going on in Springfield right now and this is why I love your show. I miss so many episodes and I'm glued in. Unlike the real show where you can stop watching for two months and still know what's going on!

Again you and Tara are like the best posters on mySONtv. Seriously.

Wow. Reva's cancer has come back. At first I thought she was paralyzed but wow. This is some major drama on the Lewis family.

Another highlight is Mel marrying AM. She just likes to climb families. First Bauers and now Spauldings. I really enjoyed the teaming and scheming of Dinah and Olivia. Those two are vixens and it's good to see them going back to there bad roots. These are women who want power. Poor Mel.

Loved the Lizzie scene where she told everyone that Marina's baby is alive. She's kind of the town wierdo so will they believe her?

Awesome job! You should've had DK's job in a heartbeat. You would've saved the show.

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Thank you Matt! That means a lot! :)

Reva's story is so big! And it will bring back a character. ;)

Mel and Alan Michael are one of those couples that just happened. He was supposed to come between her and Frank but eventually they fell in love. They have a lot of drama this summer.

Liz is the town weirdo! LOL! We'll see her grow up a lot though.

Thanks for reading!

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