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Episode 163



There are a lot of secrets to keep in Springfield...




Reva is in complete shock.

She looks at her doctor, "Are you trying to... your telling me that my cancer has returned?"

The doctor nods, "I'm saying it's a possibility. We'll have to do some more examinations. Which means you staying here another night."

Reva stares, "But... a few minutes ago I was about to walk out of here with a clean bill of health. I was gonna go see my family and celebrate. But now your saying that I have to stay here and find out if I am dying or not?"

The doctor sighs, "I wish I had better news for you Ms. Shayne. But you need to get changed back into bed. I'm gonna go set up things in the other room and we'll start the examinations."

The doctor leaves.

Reva sits back on the bed.

Reva begins to examine her chest.

All seems well.

Suddenly Reva feels a bump under her hand.

She shakes.

Reva slowly moves her hand back and forth across it.

Her eyes fill with tears, "No, no, no, no. Not again."




Roxie is having dinner.

Surprisingly she is with Ashlee Wolfe.

Ashlee smiles, "I'm so glad you invited me out to dinner."

Roxie nods, "Well of course Ashlee. I have some time before I have to meet with my sister Reva."

Ashlee nods, "Well I'm surprised too."

Roxie looks at her, "What do you mean?"

Ashlee sighs, "Well I wasn't sure if you really liked me. I mean every time I see you at the hospital you always make mean faces at me, yell at me, and one time I could have sworn you were flipping me the bird-"

Roxie sighs, "Well I'm sorry. I have a bit of a temper. But you are a very sweet girl Ashlee. What are you going to eat."

Ashlee is reading the menu, "Um... probably just the grilled chicken with some vegetables."

Roxie shakes her head, "Come on Ash. We can pig out."

Ashlee shakes her head, "Not really. I try to stay in shape. I've always struggled with my weight. I used to be very overweight."

Roxie is surprised, "Really? I had no idea."

Ashlee nods, "Yeah. It's a long story."

Roxie takes her hand, "Oh you can tell me. I want to know just so much about you Ashlee."

Ashlee smiles, completely unaware of Roxie's ulterior motive.


Bauer Home:


The doorbell rings.

Ed walks downstairs to answer it.

Ed opens the door.

Bill is there, "Hey."

Ed smiles, "Hi Bill. Uh I'm sorry but Michelle is at work."

Bill nods, "I know. That's why I'm here. I actually wanted to talk to you about some stuff."

Ed steps aside, "Sure. Come on in."

Bill walks in, "Thank you."

Ed shuts the door, "So what's on your mind Bill?"

Bill sits down, "Now I know Michelle has been through a lot this year with Danny's death and everything."

Ed nods, "It's been very hard for her. It reminds her a lot of her mother's death and that's very difficult."

Bill sighs, "I know. But I think us being together has really been good for both of us."

Ed smiles, "I agree. You make my daughter very happy Bill. You've always been good to her."

Bill grins, "I'm glad to hear you say that."

Ed stares at him, "Bill is this what I think it is?"

Bill nods, "Ed. I would like to have your blessing to ask your daughter to marry me."

Ed is very surprised.


Spaulding Mansion:


Annie, Dinah, and Olivia are having a meeting.

Annie smiles, "The voting for CEO will begin soon. I've swayed enough voters my way. How about you ladies?"

Dinah sighs, "Well I think things are going well. I actually may have Natalia's proxy."

Annie sits up, "Are you serious? That's great! Alan's wife on our side is just what we need."

Dinah sighs, "Well I'm not sure. She hasn't' said yes yet. But she is worried about Alan taking over the company. I think there is a good chance she'll help us with your votes."

Annie nods, "And what about Mel?"

Olivia clears her throat, "Well as we know that once she marries Alan Michael she will be given stock from the company as a gift. Therefore she will have a vote."

Annie nods, "Can we get her on our side?"

Olivia nods, "We are laying the groundwork. She sees what this is doing to Alan Michael. It's only a matter of time before she cracks."

Annie smiles, "This is brilliant. We get them on our side and others are sure to follow."

Dinah nods, "Springfield is about to see a new era of power."

Annie grins, "Get ready ladies. We are about to take this town by storm."

The three women smile at each other.




David and Lucy sit with Liz in the backroom.

David looks at Liz, "What are you talking about? Why would you say something like Marina's baby is alive."

Liz starts to sit up, "I... I remember. When I saw Aubrey. She was there and she had a baby. She was going to pretend like it was hers but it was Marina's I heard he say so."

Lucy shakes her head, "That makes no sense. Aubrey shot you and went on the run. Are you saying she took the baby?"

Liz nods, "Yes. She was going to try and pass it off as Jonathan's but it wasn't."

David stares, "Then what happened to Aubrey's baby?"

Liz shakes her head, "There was never a baby. She's just like those women that you hear about on the news. They fake a pregnancy, befriend a real pregnant woman, then one day they..."

David looks up, "They kill the mom and take her baby."

Lucy turns to David, "The fire."

David shakes his head, "None of this make sense."

Liz sighs, "You have to help me find Marina!"

David and Lucy don't know what to believe.




Marina and Susan walk into the bar.

Susan sits down, "Lets do some shots!"

Marina sighs, "I don't have a lot of money on me."

Susan shakes her head, "It's fine! My Grandma Reva owns the place... oh crap! I forgot! I was supposed to see her today. She gets out of the hospital. Damn it."

Marina gets her shot glass, "To late now!"

She throws down the shot.

Susan laughs, "You were supposed to wait for me you stupid whore!"

Marina walks away, "I just want to have fun today! I want to forget about Danny, the baby, everything!"

Susan laughs, "Whatever you say cousin."

Marina starts dancing to music.

Susan smiles, "Woo! You need to have a good time. Forget about everything. Tonight you are not the cop, daughter, or victim or angel."

Marina laughs, "I just want to have fun!"

Susan laughs, "Then do it!"

Marina climbs on a table.

All eyes are on her.

Marina starts dancing on the table.


Bauer Home:

Ed and Bill sit in the living room.

Ed turns to him, "Wow, I certainly did not expect to be having this conversation today."

Bill nods, "I'm sorry to just do it like this but is there a better way to ask a man to marry his daughter?"

Ed shakes his head, "I guess not. I have to say I really admire you for doing this."

Bill nods, "Well I know if some man wanted to marry Emma, I would want him to ask my permission."

Ed sighs, "Well Bill I can't give you my permission."

Bill is shocked, "Uh... oh."

Ed smiles, "Because I don't own my daughter's life. But I will give you my blessing."

Bill grins, "You mean it?"

Ed nods, "Of course. Bill, you and Michelle have been friends forever. I am glad she still has you in her life."

Bill shakes his hand, "Thank you sir."

Ed sighs, "But do you think she might be apprehensive. I mean so soon after Danny?"

Bill nods, "I understand that. I'm not proposing soon. I'm waiting a few weeks. I want the time to be right."

Bill is happy things are going to well.


Ashlee and Roxie are enjoying their meals.

Roxie looks at her, "How is your food?"

Ashlee smiles, "It's very good. I don't eat here a whole lot. It's pricey. But hey I'm gonna be a doctor."

Roxie nods, "That's nice. I mean you would probably be a very very good doctor Ash."

Ashlee nods, "I like healing people. I think it's just something so amazing to be a part of."

Roxie sighs, "Oh yeah. That's cool. Uh... so have you visited your mother very much since she has been in prison?"

Ashlee nods, "Yeah. She is usually to embarrassed but I feel bad about her being there by herself."

Roxie sighs, "Your poor Mom. She seems nice."

Ashlee is surprised, "Really? Usually people say she seems like a total bitch. And usually I'm one of those people."

Roxie shakes her head, "Oh I'm sure she's just a big softy."

Ashlee grins, "Thanks Roxie. I mean it's nice to know that we are friends now. I mean with Dr. Bauer being my mentor right now. I'm glad to be getting along now."

Roxie nods, "Oh me too."

Ashlee gets up, "I have to go to the restroom."

After she leaves Roxie sits and relaxes, "Oh that ignorant twit. She's just so annoying. But it'll be worth it. Doris Wolfe. Your in prison. So now your daughter has "

Roxie sits and waits for Ashlee to return.

Spaulding Mansion:

Annie, Dinah and Olivia are still in the meeting.

Annie looks at Olivia, "So, Olivia. As you know I have helped Dinah with her daughter, and her husband. But you haven't asked much from me. I feel bad. Is there something I could do for you?"

Olivia sighs, "I wish but my problems are to big."

Annie nods, "Try me."

Olivia sighs, "Okay. A year ago I got a restraining order against Phillip for Emma. But the judge said that if Phillip went under psychiatric evaluations for a year that he'd reconsider. It's getting closer and closer to the date. I think Phillip may be allowed back into Emma's life."

Annie nods, "Now I have heard a lot about Phillip. Everyone says he went nuts or something."

Olivia nods, "He ruined my life. He tortured me. He threatened me. He tried to take Emma away from me. But I raised her with Bill. Bill is Emma's father. Phillip is not anymore."

Dinah sighs, "Phillip is my cousin. But Bill is my brother. I don't want Phillip taking Emma from him. And if Phillip is CEO then he will have a good chance of doing so."

Annie nods, "Well then we will have to be very careful to make sure he doesn't win."

Annie, Dinah, and Olivia have a lot at stake.


Susan and Marina are partying.

Susan is doing shots at the bar.

Marina is still dancing on the tables.

Susan laughs, "I love this girl!"

Marina jumps onto the bar, "Whoo!!!!"

Susan can't stop laughing, "This is awesome!"

Marina starts to remove some of her clothing, "It is too damn hot in this place!"

Susan jumps up, "Okay. Maybe we shouldn't be taking off anything right now Marina."

Marina shakes her head, "Come on! Don't be such a lame bitch! We are having fun!"

The bartender looks up at her, "Miss. You need to get off the bar right now. I'm serious."

Marina kisses him on the head, "You are so cute. Get me some more shots! I'm just getting started."

All the guys in the bar are cheering.

Susan taps on Marina's leg, "Okay. Let's bounce before these pervs start trying to pick us up."

Marina grins, "What if they do? I could stand to get laid."

Susan whispers, "Marina after what just happened..."

Marina shouts, "No! We aren't talking about that!"

The bartender goes to Susan, "Get your skanky friend out of here before I call the cops."

Susan sighs, "She is a cop."

Susan gets Marina off the bar and walks her out the door.


Lucy sits with Liz.

Lucy sighs, "Liz maybe you were just imagining something."

Liz shakes her head, "No! The drugs have worn off. I can think clearly and I distinctly remember what happened. Aubrey stole Marina's baby."

David walks over, "I just got off the phone with the station. They told me the found out that the fire was arson."

Lucy stares, "Oh my God. So what Liz is saying..."

David sits with them, "Liz, listen are you absolutely sure that this is true. That Aubrey kidnapped Marina's baby."

Liz nods, "I heard her. I know she was faking her pregnancy for sure. Then I heard her say that the baby was Marina's. This was the day after Marina's fire."

Lucy turns to David, "Oh my God."

David shakes his head, "We can't tell Marina. No. Not until we are certain that this is for real."

Liz sighs, "So what? Am I supposed to go around town acting like I know nothing. For years I thought my daughter was dead. I can't make Marina go through the same thing."

Lucy nods, "We won't. But David is right. Let him investigate and make sure it's true."

David nods, "And if it is. We have to find Aubrey before something happens to Marina's son."

The three of them all worry.


Reva lies in her bed.

She is waiting for the doctor to come back.

Her hand remains on her chest.

She keeps hoping the lump will disappear.

But it doesn't.

Reva's eyes fill with tears.

She thought her breast cancer was gone for good.

Her life was so different before cancer.

She likes the person she is now.

She wipes a tear.

Reva sighs, "Is this it? The beginning of the end for Reva Shayne?"

Reva cries in her bed.


Reva faces her family

Mel and Alan Michael's wedding begins

Beth asks for help from Edmund

Jeffrey pays a visit to someone very surprising!!!


Recommended Comments

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This episode was nice. I love everything that's going on.

I was wrapped into Roxie and Ashlee's scene. I saw Rosana with bi polarness. Poor Ashlee, she's always been used.

The three women trying to take over Springfield is a nice touch to the vixens we don't see on the show. These are all women who are bad and they want something. I love that on a soap opera. We see it so much on all of the telenovelas.

I could so see Marcy Ryland playing Lizzie like this. She's never been believed by anyone. Ever. I could see her desperation coming out.

It's so wierd not seeing Bill with Lizzie. I don't know how I feel about him and Michelle's upcoming marriage. I always thought Michelle deserved to be with Danny.

Poor Reva. This time I really do feel bad for her. I was sort of expecting an old GL ending where everyone was focused at one time with some sort of music playing in the background and fade to black after we see her.

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Roxie's story is big! And Ashlee will be her victim. But it will shed some light on what Roxie has gone through since she left town in the 80's.

Annie, Dinah, and Olivia. These 3 are powerful and finally working together. They will turn Springfield upside down. And a lot of people will be effected.

Yes, I always wanted Liz as the woman that people still aren't sure of and MR would rock with that.

Even though I'm writing Bill & Michelle they aren't my fav. Too cheery. But that's why we don't see much of them. All I'll say is that soon we'll see a lot of them. ;)

That's what i had in mind for Reva's scenes. She has a lot coming up.

Thanks for reading!!!

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