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Episode 164



A huge day in Springfield.....


Spaulding Mansion:


Mel is with her bridesmaids.

Mel is wearing her dress, "I can't believe today is the day."

Felicia helps her daughter, "You look like a princess baby. Oh Melissande, you deserve this."

Olivia walks over, "You look great Mel. Today is your day and it is going to be great."

Dinah nods, "I don't think I've ever seen you this happy."

The women all chat.


Liz walks in, "Oh... hey."

Mel smiles, "Liz. It's good to see you. Your dress is over there."

Dinah walks over, "Hey cousin. How are you feeling?"

Liz nods, "I'm good. It's nice to be back out in the real world for a change."

Mel grins, "I'm glad you're here Liz. Your uncle loves you very very much, we both wanted you in the wedding party."

Liz nods, "Thanks."

Dinah walks Liz to the other room to help her get ready.

Mel sighs, "I don't know if she likes me all to much."

Olivia shakes her head, "It's probably me. Lizzie and I have never exactly gotten along. But don't worry. Today is your day Mel. Everything is going to be just perfect."

Leah walks in, "Mom!"

Mel runs over and hugs her little girl.




Beth knocks on Edmund's door.

Edmund opens, "Hey Beth."

Beth sighs, "I need to talk with you."

Edmund lets her in, "Isn't there a Spaulding wedding today?"

Beth nods, "Yes. Mel and Alan Michael. But we weren't exactly welcome at their wedding. Which they purposely scheduled right before mine and Phillip's wedding."

Edmund nods, "Yeah I didn't get an invitation to that did I?"

Beth sighs, "Did you really expect one Edmund?"

He nods, "Well I've been keeping your secret. I know that you've been struggling to keep Lorelei in control."

Beth sighs, "That's why I'm here. I have been doing much better. It was a waste for me to try and come to you for help. So I'm sorry. But I need you to promise you'll never mention this to anyone. I would like to forget about it and move on."

He sighs, "Can you do that Beth? Can you really just forget about it all together?"

She nods, "Yes. Lorelei is gone. If she were coming back she would have come back when Liz was shot. But no, I dealt with the pain and stress all on my own."

He nods, "I'm proud of you."

She nods, "Thank you. So I trust you will keep this to yourself?"

Edmund laughs, "Oh Beth, you know me better than that."

She turns to him.

Spaulding Mansion:


Alan Michael is fixing his tux.

Gus smiles, "You look good brother."

Alan Michael nods, "I know we still haven't got to know each other very well but I'm glad you are in my wedding party."

Gus nods, "Of course I am. You are my brother still. And Mel is my friend, you make her very happy."

Alan Michael nods, "I love her so much. And Leah. I just want to give Mel and Leah everything that they deserve."


Alan walks in, "Well look at two of my sons. You look like real Spauldings. Alan Jr. is out of town but Phillip should be here."

Alan Michael laughs, "He got an invitation and he is lucky to get that so don't even start."

Alan shakes his head, "Spauldings have to stick together. Phillip is still you brother. Do you know how it is going to look to people when they see him missing?"


Remy walks in, "It'll look like one less Spaulding to worry about."

Alan scoffs, "I forgot he was in your wedding party."

Alan Michael walks over, "Yes. Remy is Mel's brother. And I'm very happy to have you here."

Remy nods, "Just be good to my sister and we won't have any problems."

The men all get ready.

Reva Bend:


Reva is having a welcome home party from the hospital.

Her kids threw it for her.

Reva hugs Shayne and Marah, "You guys are just the best. I mean it thank you so much. You didn't have to do all of this."

Marah shakes her head, "Don't say that. We did. We are so glad that you are okay."

Shayne nods, "We wouldn't be able to make it without you."

Reva clears her throat, "Well um... you could. I mean one day you are gonna have to. And you'll be fine."

Shayne shakes his head, "But your not going anytime soon. Why do we have to talk about that now?"

Reva shakes her head, "I..."

Hawk runs over, "Hey! How are you sister?"

She hugs him, "Pop! I'm so glad to see you."

Roxie hugs her, "Hey sis. I'm so glad to see you up and about. I'm glad you are out of the hospital. Promise me you will stay out of hospital beds from now on."

Reva doesn't know what to say.

She changes the subject, "Where's Rick?"

Roxie sighs, "He's still debating on whether to come here or to Mel's wedding. When I left he was still pacing."

Reva turns to Marah, "What about Jeffrey?"

Marah sighs, "I wasn't sure if you'd be comfortable with that. Besides he has work he said. I'm not sure what."




Jeffrey walks into the doors of the hospital.

He walks over to Lillian.

Lillian nods, "Well your here."

He sighs, "I'm ready to see her now."

Lillian sighs, "Jeffrey there are strict rules. I don't know how you got around them but you went above me and got your name on the list."

Jeffrey nods, "Just don't worry Lillian."

Lillian shakes her head, "I told you. Only immediate family can see her when she's in this condition."

Jeffrey nods, "Well I was her family at one point. Now I need to talk to her about a few things. There is a lot going on right now in my life that concerns her."

Lillian looks at him, "This isn't about you and... it's not about your feelings for Marah is it?"

Jeffrey looks down, "Just take me to her room Lillian."

Lillian walks him to a room.

She unlocks the door.

Jeffrey looks at the name on the door.

Cassandra Winslow


Spaulding Mansion:

Liz is getting uncomfortable around Mel and her friends.

She walks out down the hall.

Remy is sitting in a chair.

He looks at her, "Why aren't you in the room helping Mel get her something borrowed or whatever?"

Liz sighs, "It's kinda awkward. I don't know Mel a whole lot anymore. She's nice. Why aren't you in the guys room talking about how he is throwing his sex life away?"

Remy sighs, "Because the bride is my sister. And that over there is a room full of Spauldings who are going to hurt her."

She sits next to him, "Okay, so here we go. This is the part where you list every bad thing the Spauldings have done."

Remy sighs, "Are you saying I have nothing to worry about?"

Liz shakes her head, "No. You should worry. But Mel loves my uncle."

He nods, "Yep."

She clears her throat, "I never got to thank you officially. You saved my life after my shooting."

He nods, "No problem. I was just doing my job."

Liz puts her hand on his, "Thank you Remy."

He nods, "Your welcome Liz."

The two look into each other's eyes.


Beth is worried.

She looks at Edmund, "What the hell are you getting at? I confided in you and now you want to hurt me with it?"

Edmund sighs, "You are such a drama queen. All I'm saying is that I should get something out of the deal."

She shakes her head, "I never should have trusted in you."

He nods, "I know! What were you thinking?"

She looks at him, "You stupid, sick piece of crap! You have no idea what you are doing."

He stands up, "Oh yes I do. Beth, what do you think Phillip would do if he heard that Lorelei could come back? Just the sound of her name would shake him Probably ruin the wedding if not cancel it."

She shoves him, "What do you want from me?"

He grins, "I want Ava out of Ravenwood."

Beth scoffs, "How the hell am I supposed to do that?"

He sighs, "You have Spaulding connections. Do it!"

She shakes her head, "I can't!"

He nods, "You can and you will. You have until your wedding day. Or else I will make sure that someone is there to object."

Edmund walks Beth out of his room and shuts the door.

Beth starts to cry in the hallway.

Spaulding Mansion:

Mel and Leah are sitting in a bedroom.

Leah smiles, "You look like a princess."

Mel grins, "Thank you. So do you."

Leah nods, "I feel like one. I'm so happy for you."

Mel sighs, "You mean that baby? I mean you know I'm not trying to hurt your Dad?"

Leah nods, "Dad has his chance with you. Now Uncle Alan Michael is going to be your true love. He's gonna make your dreams come true."

The two hug.

Alan Michael walks in.

Leah freaks, "No! You can't see her yet!"

Alan Michael laughs, "Hey don't worry. I don't think anything will ruin our wedding."

Mel stands, "Well I don't have my dress completely ready."

He grins, "You look beautiful."

She smiles, "What do you want?"

He sighs, "I missed you. And I wanted to see you one last time before we became husband and wife."

Mel smiles, "I love you Alan Michael."

He looks at her and Leah, "And I love my two princesses."

The three hug.

Reva Bend:


Reva tries to sneak into the kitchen to get some alone time.

Josh follows her in there.

He smiles, "Reva Shayne. Look at you."

She smiles, "Joshua. Did you just get here?"

He nods, "Yes I did. We were working a little to much and got here late. I'm glad your home."

The two hug.


Vanessa and Billy walk in.

Vanessa hugs her, "Oh sweetie. I'm so glad your okay. We need to have dinner sometime. We can chat."

Reva nods, "That's great. We need to set that up."

Billy hugs her, "Hey Darlin'. Oh you look great. Reva Shayne has more lives than a cat."

Reva smiles, "Don't you forget it."

She excuses herself into the restroom.

Reva is washing her face.

She looks into the mirror, "You think you can take on the world. Survive drowning, being hit by a car, plane crashes. But a little cancer is all it could take to end the life of Reva Shayne."

Reva starts to cry.


Jeffrey walks into her room.

He sits down, "Hey. It's me Jeffrey."

He doesn't know what to say.

What do you say to someone in a coma?

He sighs, "RJ comes home soon. He is gonna be staying with me. That's what you wanted. I'm not sure why. I mean don't get me wrong I adore RJ, I've known him for so long. But I thought Josh, or Reva. But me? Why me? Well I have to admit we were close once. For the longest time I thought we were gonna spend the rest of our lives together."

Jeffrey starts to think about his time with her.

Then his mind goes to Marah.

He sighs, "But I'm with Marah. We're together. But I feel like thing between you and I... I just feel like maybe we have some unfinished business. But maybe I'm just confused... What am I doing? You changed. You weren't the Cassie that I fell in love with. The Cassie I fell in love with is probably gone."

His hand is resting on the bed.

Suddenly he feels fingers tapping on him.

He looks and her fingers are moving.

Her eyes are blinking a little.

He jumps up, "Help! I need a doctor!"

She opens her eyes for the first time in 3 months.

And for the first time in years.... Cassie Winslow is back!



Jeffrey talks with Cassie!!!

Alan Michael and Mel are married

Reva struggles to hide her secret


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OMFG! That didn't seem to take very long...Remy and Liz. While I think the Remy and Liz paring seems good, I really wish that Remy would have fought harder for Blake! Lord, he acted like he was going to fight for her! I just hope the pairing of Remy/Liz isn't that "bounce back" type.

WTH? Beth actually thought that Edmund would keep her secret without something in return?! She must be nutty(ier) than a fruit cake! She's killen me!

One more thing...when the hell is Ross supposed to return?! And I'll LMAO if the thing that causes Blake's life to fall apart is if she is pregnant!

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  • Members

Remy and Liz have a huge love story ahead. Remy and Blake are avoiding each other because deep down they still desire each other. But at the end of the day Blake has the love of her life and Remy hasn't had his.... yet.

Beth was stupid to think Edmund wouldn't use this against her. But a girl can dream. lol

Ross will return one day. I have it planned out. Don't worry. All I can say is that the thing that causes Blake's life to fall apart involves Ross and will bring the Marler family to the frontburner for a while.

Thanks for reading. :)

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So basically, if I stay a good girl I'll be rewarded? Alright

I just hope the Alan-Michael doesn't hurt Mel the way he has hurt the wives of yesterday. I swear if he does, I will come thru my screen and choke him myself!

Oh, love the return of Annie!

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