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Sleazy Sister Patterson! #114



Westwood Park, Natalia’s House untitSabynsfrontdoor.jpg

Natalia screams, a scream like one rarely ever heard, as she sees her baby get shot! Mark Jr., the child she only just found out was hers, screams before falling unconscious. big1.jpgTears flow down Natalia’s cheek, and as Suga turns to Natalia and Ria with her gun, Natalia charges full force and tackles Suga!

Natalia 3128734.jpg


Suga, struggling with Natalia, missy-elliot.jpg

“You ain’t doing nothing, miss lady. You should of given me my money, or else your precious son wouldn’t be dead.”

Ria is very panicked, and she looks around frantically. She grabs the phone and rushes to Mark Jr., and she begins to shed tears herself. She dials 911 as she looks down on Natalia’s son.

Ria, still panicked, CA7NSHO3CALSJS5NCA2L6GZQCALQ43X3CAP.jpg

“Uhm hmm this is Ria Winters and we need an ambulance down here now! A baby’s been shot by a psycho woman who wants to get in panties! Look you got to help us. I was not trying to play captain save a hoe. Oh God. A BABY HAS BEEN SHOT! We’re in Westwood Park, Natalia Cigiliuti’s house! “ Ria by this point is having convulsions. She can’t believe she bore witness to a baby being shot.

911 Operator

“Okay, okay, calm down, can you give me an exact address? “

Ria, beginning to get very freaked out ,

“WE AIN’T GOT NO TIME FOR THAT! JUST GET DOWN HERE, PLEASE! HONEY THIS BABY NEEDS HELP, I AIN’T GOT NO TIME TO GIVE YOU SOME DAMNED ADDRESS YOU JUST GET YALL ASSES DOWN HERE DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “ Not thinking straight, her thoughts escape her. All she can think about is will Mark Jr. survive? The babies cry becomes locked in Ria’s head.

She slams the phone down in anger, and then continues to look down at Mark Jr., she knows she can’t just leave him like this.


“I’m gone do something…Nat’s already lost you once, she ain’t gone lose you again. I finally get some good sex and in the same day I got to play wonder woman, I gotta save a baby…but I’m gone do it.”

Ria tearfully begins to perform CPR on Mark Jr., desperately trying to keep his heart beating as she presses her hand on his chest, tears pouring from her eyes while Natalia continues to fight Suga.

Natalia and Suga both stand and continue to fight, and Suga fires several gunshots that just hit the wall. Natalia however does not back down, and continues fighting her former partner in crime.


“After all I did for you, I paid you, and you return the favor by SHOOTING MY BABY BOY! You’ve crossed the line, Suga, DAMN YOU TO HELL! I’m not going to let you get away with this! “


“You coulda just paid me again, Natti, and this woulda never happened. This is you paying for all you did…maybe this is Dahlia and Ashley haunting you from beyond the grave. “


“Oh no, this is between YOU and ME. No one else. And hell hath no fury like a mother’s wrath! “

Suga, as they continue their struggle, constantly trying to hit and block each other,

“Please…you don’t know how good you have it, even without a kid! “

Natalia, getting even more angry


Natalia’s anger causes her to literally grab Suga by the arms and ram her head into the wall! Suga tries to struggle but she is no match against Natalia’s sudden strength.


“Do you know all what I’ve gone through?! “

Suga doesn’t respond and just continues to try to break away.


“DO YOU?! Suga, YOU never had to deal with the stuck up bitch that is Sabryn and have her look down on you and treat you terribly at SG! YOU never had to lose the love of your life! YOU never had to be blackmailed by a tranny! YOU never had to get shot! YOU never had to go through a psycho stealing your baby and then your doctor telling you that the baby died! YOU never had to have a drug dealer blackmail you and SHOOT YOUR SON! “

Before Suga can even speak, Natalia socks her in the face, punching her HARD! She snatches the gun away from Suga and hits her over the head with it, knocking Suga out. Suga slumps over unconscious and Natalia tosses the gun away, and runs over to Ria and her son.

Ria, still performing CPR,

“Breathe, damnit, BREATHE! Please…please…breathe…it’s gone be alright if you just breathe… “

Ria and Natalia are both a mess crying right now, and Natalia just stands in silence for a moment as she leans down while Ria continues to try to keep Mark Jr. alive.


“My baby…don’t leave me, please, don’t leave your mommy like this… “

Ria loses it at Natalia’s comment to Mark Jr, she almost collapses to the floor in pain as the sorrow filled words touch a deep chord in her heart, she knows how desperate Natalia feels right now, but she keeps on pressing her hands down. Finally, after a moment, Ria yells out in relief.


“I feel a heartbeat…he’s still alive, we just gotta wait for the ambulance! “

Natalia, her eyes widening as Ria pulls away and she looks down on her son and gets closer to him,

“There’s hope…there’s still hope…oh Ria, he can still live… “

Ria and Natalia both continue to cry and Ria puts her arms around Natalia for friendly comfort, and they both continue to stay close to the baby as they just sit there and sob…

Soon afterwards, the police and paramedics burst in, and they see Mark Jr. lying there with a bullet in him and the two ladies shaking. Mike walks in and is horrified at the scene.

The paramedics rush to Mark Jr. and begin to examine him as Natalia and Ria both stand up.

Natalia, now petrified and constantly shivering,

“Is…is he gonna be alright? Is my son gonna live?”


“Well, we can’t be for sure…but he is breathing…this is a very serious situation, even worse than when an adult or child gets shot…but the fact that he’s still breathing is a good sign, we just have to take him to surgery now and remove the bullet, and then we’ll know. “

The paramedics quickly rush Mark Jr. away, and Natalia turns to Ria, both of them still in tears.

Natalia, hugging Ria again,

“Thank…thank you…thank you so much, you may have been my son’s savior… “


“Girl…girl…oh girl I don’t know what to say…I just wish this didn’t happen to you… “

Mike approaches Natalia and Ria, and they both turn to him as a few officers grab the unconscious Suga and the gun.

Mike, motioning towards Suga ,37463873_79e2b1c4a1.jpg

“Is that the culprit? What happened, why was an innocent child shot? “


“Y-yes…that’s her…she’s a drug dealer, she use to be in jail…her name’s Suga, she wanted money from me, when I wouldn’t give it to her she shot my little boy… “


“She’s crazy! A psycho! “

Natalia, scowling as she stares at Suga,

“No, she’s just a cold hearted bitch. “

Mike, also looking at Suga,

“Wait a minute…I remember her…Dahlia Salem got locked up with her, a year and a half ago I think it was…almost two years…when you pressed charges for something, I think it was stealing some clothes… “

Natalia, recalling the incident but wanting to stay away from the subject of her business with Suga,

“Yes, that’s right… “

Suga opens her eyes and briefly floats in and out of consciousness as she’s handcuffed and dragged away.

Natalia and Ria both shudder, and Mike sighs.


“I’m…so sorry, this has to be a terrifying incident…but I promise you that I’ll do my best to try to see that Suga gets booked for life for this… “


“Good, because I’m gonna be pressing charges. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to the hospital… “

Natalia just walks out the door, and Ria glances to Mike then to Natalia as she leaves.


“Wait for me girl, I ain’t staying in this crazy ass house…”

Ria follows Natalia, both women still very shaken from the event…


Episode: 114 Sleazy Sister Patterson!

Written by: ML Cooks and Tara Smith

Ria’s House

Jasmine steps out of the shower, and puts on a body towel. She then wraps her hair up in a towel. She opens the bathroom door and the smell of blueberry pancakes, turkey bacon and coffee hits her nose. She walks out to the kitchen and sees her mother cooking.


“Smells good momma.”


“I thought a nice breakfast would be nice to get our day started.”


“Is something special about today?”


“Well this evening you girls and I are going to out to eat. I have an announcement to make.”


“Is everything ok?”


“Miss Patti ok darling. It’s nothing bad. It’s good in fact. And I am taking your sister job hunting.”


“Your asking for trouble. Ria is well off. She is still living off her savings from Karim.”


“None of my girls will live off another man. Besides, Karim has moved on from what I see. Ria don’t need to be living off his money. It’s time she get a real job and I might have one for her.”

Patti serves the breakfast.


“Ok so where is my sister?”


“She didn’t come home last night. I don’t know where she’s at.”


“Well what are you going to do when I leave for work then?”


“I’m having some executives come over so we can discuss a new album. It’s been a long time since I did anything new. And my fans and critics having been asking for a while so Miss Patti will give em’ what they want. So darling how’s your new job going?”


“It’s going really well. I think I might have met somebody who‘s caught my eye.”


“That’s nice darling. About it tell me.”


“It’s going to sound crazy, but I am attracted to Daniel.”


“Daniel? Didn’t he just bury Lauren?”


“Yes he did. In talking with him in a session at the hospital, I find I am so drawn to him.”


“I don’t know about this Jazzy. He just lost Lauren. I don’t think this is a good time for you to be starting a relationship with him. Besides, he‘s your patient.”


“I’ve never said I was going to marry Daniel. I am just attracted to him.”


“I am warning you Jazzy, you hook up with Daniel now, and it will be you who will get hurt. He is not ready yet.”


“Momma, let’s worry about Ria and you telling her the truth about our father. Was that the big announcement tonight?”


“No. It’s not. I am not ready to tell Victoria this. It’s going to be hard. She is not going to accept it very well.”


“No she’s not……. I have to get ready for work. I got Daniel coming for another session.”


“You’re playing with fire Jazzy. He’s not ready.”

Jasmine just smiles at her mother,

“Listen, It’s getting a little cramped here. I am checking into a hotel tonight.”


“Fine, leave poor old Miss Patti by herself.”

Jasmine hugs her mother and kisses her on the forehead then heads to the guest bedroom to get ready for her session with Daniel at the hospital.

Downtown Pasadena, City Jailjail.jpg

Mike walks over to Sabryn and Mona’s cell and unlocks it.


“I’m being released?”


“In your dreams. I’m taking Sabryn to a different cell.”


“Why, is something wrong?”


“No.” Mike handcuffs Sabryn before escorting her through the halls of the jail. He unlocks another empty cell and puts Sabryn in it. He takes her cuffs off. He locks himself in the cell with her.


“What are you doing?”


“This is going to sound crazy, but I wanted to talk with you.”

Sabryn, looking confused,



“I’ve been doing some research on your case and my heart goes out to you. How are you holding up?”


“I don’t know. I don’t know whether I should be happy because Ashley is finally out of my life, or should I be angry that the father of my child has a baby with my arch rival. Bryan has cheated on me at least two times. Or should I feel depressed that I can’t be with my son. I don’t know what to feel. I have so many emotions. My life has been turned upside down and inside out “


“I am really sorry for everything you are going through. I know you are a good person and I know you will be able to beat these charges. What you did was in the heat of passion. A crime of passion. Ashley has done a lot to you and she was clearly unstable. I don‘t think you have anything to worry about.”


“That’s kind of odd hearing that from the chief of police.”


“Not really. I am just calling it like I see it. It’s very simple. You committed a crime of passion. You were pushed to your edge and had a temporary bout of inanity. It happens, I see it all the time in this field. You’ll be out of here in no time. Back with your son.”


“I can only hope and pray.”


“And I am going to help you.”


“Why are you going to help me?”


“We both have lost a lot and been through a lot. I lost Jodie and your life has been turned upside down by Ashley and Bryan’s affair. I understand how it feels to have the person you love be unfaithful. Jenn did that to me with Tyler. I feel your pain. I just want you to know you got somebody in your corner. I’m here for you and I want to help you through this.”


“I really appreciate it. At this point, I really have no one. Thank you Mike.” She hugs him. Mike hugs her back.

Huntington Memorial Hospital big_hospital_pic.jpg

4.jpgKevin walks into his brother’s room and pulls up a chair next to Karim and sits down. He looks at him, with heart monitors and respirators hooked up to him. He stares at Karim’ bandaged up face.mp05-1.jpg

“I am so sorry this is happening to you. I could not bear the thought of losing you. You’re my only family I have left. I know I can trust you. I thank God for a brother like you man. If it wasn’t for you I’d be nothing. I am so blessed to have you. I love you” Kevin stares at his brother for a moment and wonders what Karim was thinking or feeling when Ashley hit his car, sending him flying out in mid air and then getting ran over by Sabryn.

“No one should have to go through all that.” He wipes a tear.

“When you wake up, we have a lot to deal with.” He pauses as he lets the news of DC being his father soak in.

“It keeps getting worse. Just when I thought it doesn’t get worse. It does. Your mother has failed us again. She has lied to us AGAIN. Patterson was a fake and a phony again. I don’t understand, does it ever stop? I just can’t believe Don is our father. 27 years of believing another man was my dad. 27 years of lies. 27 years wasted for nothing. Who the hell am I? Why is this happening to me? Sharan doesn’t want me. Why? Because of Mona. Mona, a product of Don and Patterson’s affair. WOW! Mona, my full blooded sister. My own sister, I CAN”T BELIVE THIS! What did I do to deserve any of this? I didn’t have an affair with anyone. I try to be a good, honest and decent man. I AM IN FACT. And this is my reward?. So why is this happening to me? It feels like I am dying. This has to be a bad dream. Everything that I thought was, isn’t. “ Kevin sits back and lets the tears roll down his face.

“Karim, I need you’re support right now man,…. I am so lost. There are days I don’t want to even wake up or get out of bed. I sometimes wonder would my life be better if I just ended it all. Just end my life. I have nothing left to live for no more. I don’t know who I am or where I come from. It’s all been a fantasy. Based on other peoples mistakes and deceptions. And I am caught in the crossfire.” Kevin buries his fist in his eyes and snaps out of this depressing mode he is in.

“Don’t worry about me man. I’ll be ok. I’ll be here when you wake up. You’ll be ok now. Your new father has saved your life. I’m going to get out of here and get my mind of things. I got a lot of soul searching to do. A nice drink sounds good.” Kevin gets up and heads out of his brother’s room. He runs into Ria.


“Kevin? What’s the matter? What are you doing here?”


“Karim was in a car accident.”


“Oh hell naw! Is he going to be ok?”


“He will be now.”


“Thank God for that.”


“I really have to go.”

Ria, pulls on his shoulder before he could leave,

“Kevin, are you really ok? I can tell something is really bothering you?”


“I don’t know who I am Ria.” Kevin walks off. Ria looks confused. She turns around and sees Sister Patterson, DC and Miss Jenkins. She walks over to them


“What’s going on with Karim?”

Sister Patterson, wiping tears from her face,sispatterson.jpg

“You SLUT! How dare you show your face here at a time when my family is going through tragedy? This has nothing to do with you.”

madea.jpgMiss Jenkins slaps the sh!t out of Sister Patterson. So hard, loud and stunning is the slap the entire hospital floor comes to a complete standstill, as they focus on the slapped sister. Sister Patterson clutches her face.

Miss Jenkins

“I’m getting real tired of your mouth. Shut the hell up! You have no room to call anybody a slut. You led one man to believe he had children’s. You lied to your kids. What kind of mother are you? What kind of woman does that? What kind of daughter locks their mother up in her own home for years. That’s what you did to me.” Madea looks around at the crowd.

“That’s right. The secret is exposed. My daughter is insane. She held me captive in my own house for years. It’s been so long I done lost count.”


“Yea. It all make sense now. I caught her coming or going to a darkened house across the street all the time. With a picnic basket of food.”


“I knew you was crazy. And thank the Lord for Miss Jenkins. It’s about time some one put you in your place. You old rusty bat. Pat the bat.”

Miss Jenkins

“Now that’s enough honey. Yes my daughter is ugly but only I will call her ugly. “


“I can understand that. Just make sure you tell her.”


“I’ll have something to tell you if you don’t shut the hell up and back the hell up!” Madea reaches into her purse and begins to pull her gun out. Sister Patterson jumps in the way and tries to talk her mother down.


“Some body better get her. She don’t know me like that.”


“Say what? All hell naw! You don’t know me?” Ria says beginning to take her earrings out.

“Bitch if you want some you can get some too. You don’t know me like that and while I’m beating that ass I’ma beat Miss Patterson’s ass too. Calling me a slut in church like that in front of everyone. Don’t know one put me on blast like that. I’ll take you and your big ass momma on ! You got the right one right here!”

DC grabs Ria before a war could break out. Security rushes over to the scene.


“It’s ALRIGHT!. I’m ok officer. I was just leaving.” She looks at Ria before she goes.

“I know yo mammy. Me and Miss Patti go way back and I’ll have to go have a chat with her about her unruly child.”


“Bitch Please.”


“You show is funny.” Madea then walks off.

Sister Patterson

“Why did you even come here you hor? You have no class what so ever. You just had to intrude. I hate you!”


“Take a nap Pat.”

Sister Patterson storms out the hospital leaving DC and Ria. The scene quiets down.

Ria looks at DC,

“So what was Miss Jenkins talking about Pat leading one man to believe they were her kids?”


“Kevin and Karim are my sons!”


“Get the fu(k out of here?”


“I’m serious.”


“Oh God, I slept with my ex fiancée’s father. Now I’ll never have a chance to get him back. I can’t believe this.”


“Neither can I. I can’t believe Patterson did this. I’ve lost so much time. Kevin hates me. I think it’s too late for us.”


“Karim is really going to hate me. Before,… he thought I slept with his uncle. But your his father now. I slept with Karim’s father. I can’t take this” She walks off and heads to Natalia’s room. DC takes a seat in the waiting area and let’s the news set in. He feels uneasy but excited at the same time. He doesn’t know what do at this point. From losing his brother, killed by his own thought to be dead daughter. A daughter his brother Abe, kidnapped and molested for 15 years, wanting revenge for the infidelity of his wife.

DC speaks out loud,

“Abe knew about the affair the whole time. He must of only found out around Pat got pregnant with Mona. And that’s why he kidnapped her. OH MY GOD WHY?” DC breaks down in tears, sinking out the chair and dropping to his knees. He realizes his mistake, his affair with his brother’s wife was the beginning of a long road of pain and sorrow and the chickens are now coming home to roost. DC realizes he lost his own wife, Lynn and his two sons with her due to his affair with Pat. DC’s affair with Pat caused Abe’s death. DC sowed that seed that fateful sin the first time he slept with Sister Patterson. One night of passion can, and has led to a lifetime of unimaginable pain. DC realizes so many people have been touched by this affair, Abe, Lynn, Kevin, Karim, Mona, Miss Jenkins, and his own two missing sons. DC sits on the hospital floor crying, letting all his emotions out. He cries tears of sorrow. He then feels a touch and a voice,

“It’s going to be alright darling.”

He look up and sees Patti Labelle.


In Jasmine’s Office

Daniel walks in. Jasmine smiles at him as he takes a seat.


“Nice to see you.”


“Thank you. I feel a little bit better being here this time.”


“That’s a good thing. How have you been holding up since our last session?”


“I’ve been doing pretty good. Haven’t done nothing crazy like I want to, so I guess that’s a good thing.”

Jasmine, chuckling,

“It is.”


“Mona’s trial is in a little bit and that’s what really keeping me going. Knowing I am about to partake on Mona getting what’s finally coming to her.”


“She’s hurt a lot of people from what I understand.”


“That’s just the tip of the iceberg. She’s insane. Just like her mother.”


“Sister Patterson is not the brightest marker in the box. That woman needs help seriously. I still can’t get over how she called my sister a slut at the funerals.”


“Oh there is no love lost between Ria and Sister Patterson”


“That’s what I keep hearing…… You really seem to be in a better mood this time. I am glad to see it.”


“Talking about my feelings was a good thing for sure. I do feel like I am free. A weight has been lifted off me. I am more positive. Focusing on running The Blue Note for Lauren has really kept me busy. It makes me feel good. “


“And that’s the most important thing. The law will take it’s course and I am sure Mona will be locked up for the rest of her life. How about Lauren’s shooting? Any word on that yet?”


“Not yet. Mike is working over time with the recent crime wave here in Pasadena. But he’s going to be talking to suspects in a day or so. “


“Seems everything is right on track.”


“It is and I owe it all to you. I really wasn’t sure of talking to a shrink, no offense, about my problems. I thought it was so cliché but this really helped. Thank you so much. I feel so comfortable around you.”


“I am glad I can help. Listen, this might be out of the blue but what do you say if we caught a bite to eat. I am still sort of new to this city and haven’t seen much of it. Just as friends…. Don’t think of me as your shrink. Ria has been so busy and caught up with her life, she hasn’t had time to show me anything.”’


“It would be my pleasure. It’s the least I could do for what you’ve done for me. Though I must admit, It may feel kinda odd, after telling you everything about me.”


“Let’s forget about all that. Tell you what, I’ll tell you what it was like growing up with the Great Patti Labelle.”


“I bet that’s a good story there.”


“I guess you could say that. Let’s say you give me a call when your done with Mona’s trial?”


“Will do.”


“Good luck Daniel, and I look forward to this evening.”

Daniel, smiling at her,

“Me to.” He gets up and leaves her office. Jasmine is smiling ear to ear as she revels in her scoring a date with Daniel tonight.

Back into the waiting area,

DC almost feels embarrassed being on the floor crying in front of Patti Labelle.


“It must be pretty bad darling. You ok?”

DC, standing back up wiping his face dry

“It’s been a crazy day! I just found out that I am the father of Kevin and Karim.”

Patti, shocked, thinking Abe fathered Kevin and Karim, therefore making Sister Patterson a hypocritical slut,

“What c’hoo sey“? “


“I know it sounds bad. It happened so many years ago.”


“You mean you and Sister Patterson?”


“Yes. So many years lost. SO many lies told. We hurt so many people.”


“I can almost identify what you are going through.”


“How so? You got some secret kids out there?”

Patti, chuckling,

“Oh no darling. I just have a truth to tell to one of my babies. I don’t want to get into to it right now, I am just waiting for the right time to handle in dealing with telling my daughter what I have to tell her.”

DC, after hearing Patti talks about her daughter, DC realizes it’s Ria,

“Ria’s mother…… Wow. Who would have guessed I fu(ked Patti Labelle’s daughter?”

Patti is appalled and slaps DC.

“How dare you speak to me like that? I know my baby girl didn’t sleep with you. You’re just making this up for the tabloids….. And I was here to show some compassion. And you speak to me like you have no sense. What kind of man are you? And that Sister Patterson. She kills me too. Preaching to me about my daughter. And she’s the one having affairs and spitted out 3 babies out of wedlock. Wait till her I see her. I have some words for her. You tell that sleazy Patterson I want to see her.” And with that statement said, a statement which was a declaration of war with Sister Patterson, Patti storms off.

Back Downtown,

Pasadena City Court House100_1391.jpg

Wearing an orange jump suit, ankles and wrist chained up, Mona is escorted into the courtroom by Mike. When Mona enters the courtroom, butterflies begin to fly in her stomach, as she looks upon her family, Miss Mable Madea Jenkins, Sister Patterson, DC, and Kevin. She also sees, Dondre,ddcvdac.jpg Daniel, and Sharan l_ebfed896bd0cf0ad015fabffadaf4959.jpgstarring her down. She walks over to her table. jack-nicholson.jpgThe DA Jack Nicholson looks at Mona and wonders where her attorney is.

An officer of the court gets things under way,

“All Rise!”

Everyone in the court stands up.


“The honorable Judge Hatchett presiding.” The courtroom is shocked the TV judge is presiding over this case.

JUDGEHATHET.jpgJudge Hatchett pounds her gavel, signaling everyone to sit,

“Order in the court.”

The officer hands judge Hatchett the court docket,

“Your honor this is case number 3.114 on the calendar. The parties have been sworn in.”

Judge Hatchett looks a the DA then at Mona. She looks confused when she doesn’t see her lawyer.


“Do you not have representation?”


“I do your honor.”


“Are they going to be here? I am ready to get started!”


“I am representing myself your honor.” Everyone in the courtroom are star struck.

Next on S.T.E.A.M.:

Surprises at Mona’s trial!

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Jack Nick on STEAM??? Insanity but I love it and can't wait to see what he brings to the courtroom table. There seems that there should be five upcoming court room battles.

First Suga should fry ten times forward for what she did. That was just uncalled for and quite frankly inhumane. I don't even think Sheila Carter would do something like that...or Nan Sheridan for that matter. If Chris died for supposidly killing an adult (which he didn't do) then Suga should get everything she deserves. She's definitely the most hated character on the show. Probably the most repulsive. Nat for sure should've scratched her eyes out when she had the chance.

I thought Sabryn's scene was touching too. Mike really is a nice guy to show that he has a heart in her case but shouldn't it be his job to be impartial?

Let's talk about Jasmine and Patti's scene. I really like Jasmine. Her story with Daniel kind of reminds me of what's going on in Varried Lives with the whole doctor falling for the patient thing. I kind of like them together but I'm still pulling for a Sharan and Daniel pairing. I don't know what it is about the older folks in Passadena but they all have histories that are just plain ugly. Like Mama Labelle. Did she really sleep with D.C.? He's just as disgusting as Mona (like father like daughter). I'm kind of hoping that he isn't that much of a sperm pimp/spimp.

Glad that Sister Pat got slapped by Madea. She deserved that one but I hope that Madea slaps Ria. Ria is so selfish...why is she worried about bro hoes when she's going after Kiko? It doesn't make sense. Yeah she was likeable when she did an unselfish act with Nat's baby but she still did it to make herself look good. (Probaby to score some panty points around town). So in a way, she kind of deserves to have slept with her father.

In the words of Becky Buckwild "If it looks like a hoe, smells like a hoe...then it's probably a hoe!"

Very fast paced yet interesting episode. I was hooked.

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