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As fans learned on the May 19 episode, James Reynolds' Abe Carver was revealed to be the beloved character to meet their demise during Stefano/Alex's escape attempt. Rumors have been swirling for weeks that major cuts were ahead as part of the show's revisiting of a "failed tale" that they are seeking to correct. Brock Pierce's Josh, better known as Abby's boyfriend, was recently killed off but his character was not part of the reported bloodbath taking place behind the scenes. It was recently reported that several beloved characters, including some of 20+ years, were let go and Reynolds appears to be one of them. Several sources say another beloved character will bite the dust this Friday, May 26, as part of the show's major cliffhanger before the two week hiatus. "There are many exits to come," says a show source. "The show isn't going to talk about it but Abe and the charater that dies this Friday are just the beginning. After the hiatus, there will be a major tragedy that will eliminate more then 5 characters. Some of these characters usually would be considered indispensible but it's really crazy right now. I guess they want to really par the cast down but at this pace they may only have 8 characters left."

The show is bringing back John Clarke (Mickey) and Arianne Zuker (Nicole) on Monday May 22. Another beloved fave returns on May 24 to help Jack get home and there is also a mysterious stranger stalking Sami and Carrie whose identity will be revealed this summer. There is also the matter of the mysterious caller Victor has been speaking with (Phillip's kidnapper). Will that person be a new character or returning one?Jensen Ackles' Eric Brady also returns May 26. The returns of Clarke, Zuker, and Ackles is short term while the other two mysterious comebacks are said to be more long term proving the show isn't going to be replenishing the cast too much in the weeks to come to soften the effect of the bloodbath on fans. The show recently put John Aniston (Victor) and Tanya Boyd (Celeste) on contract and also brought back Lorenzo Caccialanza (Nico) as a recurring player too maybe help ease fans through all this turmoil. The show did hint to fans they would be angry but should keep the faith because there is a great reward at the end. This is apparently where the anger stage starts.

Fans will note that on the May 19 episode Maggie and Alice started hearing the Lizzie Borden rhyme and Alice saw Tom's ghost, both signs of death during the SSK saga in 2003. Celeste is also predicting death and tragedy for both characters in Salem and on Morgan Island. Could the tale being revisited be the SSK? Is their copycat on the loose? Marlena's behavior was weird on the May 18 and 19 episodes so how does that fit in? Fans will need to stick with it and find out.

On a side note-Wayne Northrup's Alex North (who will now be known as Stefano Dimera) may not be finished like Reynolds's Abe. Could the Phoenix be rising again?

All will be revealed soon so keep up with all the clues and episodes and enjoy the ride!!!

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