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May 19, 2006



-Maggie is with Alice at the Horton House. They are happy to hear about Jen and Frankie and plan on going to the wedding the next day. Maggie says Mickey has been working so much she is lonely so she is happy to be spending time with Alice. Maggie goes upstairs to get something and begins to grab her head. Meanwhile, Alice is alone downstairs in the kitchen. She looks towards the wall and is shocked by what she sees.

-Celeste continues to have bad visions about those in Salem and on Morgan Island. She sees Sami, Belle, Kate, Roman, Tek, Patrick, Alex, Marlena, John, and Abe and hears two gunshots and screams of people in pain and in agony. She tells Bonnie those on Morgan Island are in danger but so are the people of Salem. She has a vision of walking into a room full of coffins and screaming when she opens one. She tells Bonnie they need to warn everyone. They run off together.

- An enraged Abe (still not realizing Alex is Stefano), Belle, Sami, Kate, Roman, and John search the island for Stefano/Alex vowing to kill him. Bo, Billie, Shawn, Mimi, Lucas, Carrie, and Austin search for them all and are very worried based on the missing guns. The mysterious stranger continues to alternate between stalking Carrie and Sami. The stranger seems unnerved by Sami carrying a gun.

-Tek and Patrick search for Marlena worried the plan will backfire since she seems to have lost control. Patrick wonders if they should just find Stefano and do him in and blame it on Marlena or someone else since many want him dead. This wouls spare them further torture. Tek is intrigued by the idea. They draw their guns and run off.

-Hope and Lexie search for John, Stefano, Tek, and Patrick. They are worried about the lives of everyone on the island.

-Abe bumps into John who is shocked to see him. John is stunned to see abe so angry and asks him what is wrong. Abe fills him in on what Theo said and what he figured out. John can't beleive it and tries to tell Abe who Alex really is but Abe won't have it. He is in a rush and doesn't want Alex to get away. He won't have John stop him. When John grabs at him to try to stop him so he can tell him about Alex, Abe hits him with his gun and knocks him out. Abe takes off with his gun drawn. John comes too and races to find Abe to tell him that Alex is Stefano and there is no way he would rape his own daughter. John says he won't have Abe kill Stefano. That honor is his.

-Marlena walks around the island like a zombie with a gun and continues to speak of zero hour and putting the plan into action. She seems determined to kill all the "evil" starting with Stefano.

-Stefano unties a speedboat and prepares to take off. He makes sure he has all the supplies he needs. The boat has trouble starting but he gets it working after a struggle. He is about to put it in gear when he hears a noise and turns around. He yells, "You!!"

-Maggie comes running downstairs crying. Alice is upset too. Maggie tells Alice she heard it again. The same ryhme song she heard during the serial murders. The Lizzie Borden rhyme is back. Alice says she has been hearing it too with the children's voices and confides she just saw Tom's ghost. Maggie cries," It's happening again isn't it?" Celeste and Bonnie then walk in and Celeste agrees. She explains her recent visions for the people on Morgan Island and in Salem. All 4 women are worried. Maggie explains that the rhyme was just like thet last time only this time instead of adding victims one by one to the lyrics like the last time they dealt with all this it said everyone in Salem would die. Celeste then shakes with fear and says, 'Dear God!! It has started already. Salem already had one death and one woman's life change tonight and now two have lost their life on Morgan Island." Everyone wonders who. Celeste says, 'The phoenix had risen again. I can feel that it did but now it's been eliminated." Everyone beleives that means Stefano was back on Morgan Island but they wonder if people on Morgan Island got to him. They think he may have been in cahoots with Alex or maybe Phillip's kidnapping since that is why many Salemites went down there. Celeste worries about the other death. She has another vision of two bodies and she sees Alex's body and then another. She then sees who the dead body is and screams.

-Bo, Billie, Shawn, Mimi, Carrie, Austin, and Lucas arrive at the docks. They get closer to look at the boats and Carrie and Mimi both scream. They find two dead bodies. One is Alex. The other is so shocking no one can beleive it and i half covered in a sheet. Sami, Belle, Kate, and Roman arrive and are stunned too. Everyone asks where they have been but they don't answer. John shows up too and is equally stunned. Hope and Lexie appear. Everyone just looks at them. They wonder what is going on. They see Stefano's dead body and Lexie gets a little emotional but is controlled. They wonder who the other body is. John warns Hope to take this slow but Hope just pulls the sheet covering the body's face off and is shocked. Lexie is too and starts screaming uncontrollably. Back in Salem, we finally see why Celeste screamed in her vision. We see her vision again and the other body turns out to be...Abe. Celeste breaks down in Bonnie and Maggie's arms as, on Morgan Island, Lexie breaks down in Hope's as all the Salemites stand near Abe's body and mourn him.


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