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Episode 116



Shocking decisions in Springfield.....

Marina's House:

Shayne and Marina sit in the living room.
Marina smiles, "Thanks for staying here last night."
He nods, "No problem."
The doorbell rings.
Marina answers, "Hey Rocky."
Rocky walks in, "So I heard Shayne stayed with you. Hope he didn't get on your nerves."
She shakes her head, "No. He was great. I just have been really emotional lately."
Rocky walks over and hugs Shayne, "I'm so sorry about our date last night. I lost track of time and....," Rocky notices Shayne's suit he slept in, "Wow you were really dressed up for last night."
Shayne sighs, "Last night was supposed to be something more."
Rocky is confused, "Okay Shayne I don't understand."
Shayne looks into his eyes, "It was supposed to be our commitment ceremony."
Rocky backs up, "What? I don't know what your talking about we haven't even set a date yet."
Shayne nods, "I know but I wanted to surprise you with this. I wanted to make it easier for you."
Rocky scoffs, "By planning our ceremony without me knowing about it?"
Shayne gets offended, "Well it doesn't matter does it? Because you were busy doing something else weren't you?"
Rocky gets nervous.


Heather Tom is now in the role of Michelle Bauer.

Michelle walks into the club.
The old building is still being worked on.
She looks around, "Danny. You were opening this up and gonna make it a new club for Springfield. But looks like your dream hasn't been finished yet. But I will finish it for you."
She runs her hand across the bar.
She sits on a stool.
She looks around, "Is there some sign here? Some sign of my future? Anything? Just something telling me that I'm going the right direction?"
Suddenly she hears a sound from the back.
Bill walks over, "Michelle? What are you doing here?"
She is surprised< "I was about to ask you the same thing."
He walks over with papers, "This is Ava's club she purchased. I realized we were paying bill's on this place and I came here and realized she was trying to open a club."
She looks at her papers, "Danny left me this in his will."
Bill and Michelle look at the pappers.
Bill looks up, "You know what? I think Ava and Danny were working on this togehter."
Michelle shakes her head, "Ava never told you?"
Bill sighs, "Nope. I guess she wanted to suprise me or... I don't know. But now that she's in a coma I decided to come and try to finish it for her. You know?"
She nods, "Yes. I know exactly what you mean Bill."
The two friends smile at each other.

Bauer Home:

Mindy walks downstairs, "Hey Rick."
Rick smiles, "Hi sweetie."
They kiss.
Rick grins, "Good morning. How'd you sleep?"
She smiles, "Great! After last night..."
The two giggle.
Mindy sees the eggs, "Ooh you made me breakfast?"
He turns, "Uh... you know what you can take mine."
Mindy looks around, "But there's two plates."
He nods, "Well the other isn't mine."
Mindy is confused, "Then who's is it?"
Roxie walks in from the other room, "Mindy. Good morning."
Mindy is surprised, "What are you doing here Roxie?"
Roxie grins, "Well I was up for a walk and was in the neighborhood and I thought I'd drop by and see the Bauers. And of course sweet Rick made me breakfast. Isn't he the best?"
Mindy nods, "Yes. But you know some people aren't always awake this early when you surprise them."
Roxie smiles, "Well lucky for me Rick was."
Mindy stares at Roxie.

Malah House:

Dinah is holding her son.
Mallet walks in, "Morning Babe. How's my boy?"
Dinah smiles, "He's so great. He slept all night can you believe it?"
Mallet smiles, "We have a great kid here."
The doorbell rings.
Mallet asnwers.
Clarissa walks in, "Hi Mallet."
He smiles, "Hello little Clarissa."
Dinah looks over, "Oh yeah. They closed school today so I told Blake we'd watch Clarissa while she went to work."
Mallet nods, "Sounds like a fun day."
Clarissa walks into the livingroom, "I was wondering if I cuold invite Belinda Aitoro over?"
Mallet looks at her, "Gus and Harley's daughter? Sure."
Clarissa smiles, "Great! I'll go call her."
Clarissa goes into the other room.
Mallet sits, "Belinda. She's a cute kid. I've seen her over at Harley's."
Dinah nods, "I don't know if I've seen her yet. I saw pictures she's cute. I think she's 12, 13? She looks familiar though. But I can never tell what it is about her."
Mallet and Dinah look down at their son.

Lillian's House:

Lillian is getting ready for work.
Beth walks over, "Mom I'm worried. I haven't seen Lizzie in weeks. She keeps calling me telling me she's vacationing but... I don't konw I just have this feeling something is going on."
Lillian sighs, "Well tonight if your still worried we'll go see if we can find anything out."
Lillian hugs her daughter and then walks out to her car.
Phillip walks to Beth, "I'm worried Beth. Lizzie was very upset when she found out about Sarah and Jonathan. She could be anywhere."
Lillian walks back into the house.
Beth turns, "Mom is everything alright?"
Lillian smiles, "I found someone on our front lawn."
Liz walks behind her holding Sarah.
Beth gasps, "Oh my God!"
Phillip and Beth run over.
Liz smiles, "This is your Granddaughter Sarah."
Beth cries, "Sarah!"
Phillip kisses Liz on the head, "You found your daughter!"
Liz nods, "Jonathan brought her to me."
Phillip gets angry, "Jonathan. Where is he?"
Liz sighs, "Don't get mad at Jonathan. I'm mad enough. But we are trying to work together for Sarah's sake. He's at the farmhouse. But he promised not to do anything crazy."
Everyone looks at little Sarah.

Alan & Natalia's:

Natalia is cleaning.
There is a knock at the door.
Natalia answers.
Jonathan stands there, "Hello. I'm JB. I'm a friend of Rafe's is he home?"
She nods, "Uh he might be. Will you wait here."
She walks into the other room to find Rafe.
Jonathan opens the door and sneaks in.
He walks up the stairs.
Alan is in the nursery looking at his son.
Alan smiles, "Oh you... my Son. You are my second chance at happiness."
Jonathan walks in, "What about Tammy? Will she get a second chance?"
Alan turns around, "My God! Jonathan Randall! You are alive?"
Jonathan walks closer, "Yep. I ain't no ghost Alan."
Alan is in shock, "Sarah! Sarah is alive too! Oh my God! Does Elizabeth know abuot this? I have to see her."
Jonathan pulls out a gun, "No. I don't think so.'
Alan backs up, "Jonathan... listen. I don't expect you to believe me. But I have changed. I am very sorry for what happened to Tammy. I have never forgiven myself."
Jonathan smiles, "Well we have that in common. I've never forgiven you either."
Alan looks at the baby, "Please. Don't hurt my Son."
Jonathan shakes his head, "No. Don't worry. I'm smarter than you. You see I'm not gonna make the same mistake you did. I'm gonna make sure I kill the right person."
Jonathan leads Alan out of the room.


Malah House:
Mallet pulls into the driveway.
He just came from Harley's.
Belinda and Clarissa are in the backseat.
Mallet smiles, "Oh Dinah said that she wants you guys to decorate our tree for us."
Belinda smiles, "Oh cool!"
Clarissa opens her door, "Let's go."
Mallet is walking towards the house.
Clarissa makes a snowball and throws it at him.
He laughs, "Really? Really?"
He picks up snow and tosses it at her.
Belinda laughs and starts throwing snow too."
The three get into a snowball fight.
Dinah looks out the window.
She smiles as she sees what a great father Mallet can be.
But Belinda catches her eye.
She still isn't sure what it is about her that she finds familar.

Bauer Home:
Mindy walks back downstairs after getting dressed.
Roxie waves, "You look cute."
Mindy sighs, "Where did Rick go?"
Roxie looks around, "Now I just can't seem to remember."
Mindy shakes her head, "I don't know why I even asked you.'
Roxie gets up, "Is something bothering you Mindy because you've been, well frankly quite a bitch today."
Mindy turns, "Excuse me? You came into our house this morning. Do you know how rude that is?"
Roxie scoffs, "It's Rick's house and he let me in! I didn't barge in. I don't konw what your so jealous about."
Mindy backs up, "Jealous of you? You are a whitetrashy bitch! You've been jealous of me since we were kids. Now I'm going to look for Rick. I don't want to see you when I get back."
Mindy walks upstairs.
She sees some of her shoes in the hall.
She picks them up and puts them in the closet.
Roxie sneaks up behind her and pushes her into the closet.
Mindy shouts, "What the hell?"
Roxie grabs a chair and puts it against the door.
Mindy pounds on the door, "Hey!"
Roxie runs downstairs.
Rick walks in, "Where is Mindy?"
Roxie sighs, "Uh... I think she got a ride to work. But Rick do you think you could give me a ride home?"
Rick nods, "Uh sure yeah."
Roxie smiles, "Thank you."
The two walk out while Mindy is still stuck in the closet.

Bill and Michelle sit at the bar.
Bill looks around, "This is such a cool place. I mean after we get it all done it's going to rock."
Michelle laughs, "Oh I hope so. But as long as I am in charge of how to decorate it."
Bill nods, "And I'll have the company work on construction."
Michelle smiles, "We are gonna have so much fun."
Bill sits back, "This is great. I'm working on a club with my best friend I've had my whole lfie."
Michelle sighs, "If only Ben were here. The three of us would totally have a great time."
Bill hugs her, "I know. You know what we are going to have a great time. Our lives have been so crappy latley and it's time we had fun. And who better to do it with then your best friend?"
Michelle smiles, "We are really doing this? We are going to be business partners?"
Bill nods, "Yeah. I mean we know we have what it takes. And... maybe this is some sort of sign. I don't know. But it can't just be a coincidence that we are here."
Michelle puts out her hand, "Deal?"
Bill shakes her hand, "Deal."

Marina's House:
Rocky sits down, "I'm not really.... I don't even know what to say right now this is too much."
Shayne sighs, "I'm sorry..."
Marina turns to Shayne< "I don't think we should do this right now Shayne... It's not the right time."
Rocky looks up, "The time for what?"
Shayne looks at Marina, "You need to tell him."
Marina walks over, "Rocky... I'm pregnant."
Rocky sits up, "Oh my God. Danny's baby?"
She nods, "Yes. But I am not ready to raise a child and I... I wasn't sure what I was going to do about my baby when Shayne came along."
Rocky turns, "Shayne?"
Shayne sits, "Rocky I told her that you and I could help her out with this."
Rocky nods, "Of course. Whatever you need. We'll do anything. Marina we're here for you and your baby."
Shayne takes Rocky's hand, "Rocky... I told her we'd help her with the baby. That we would raise her baby."
Rocky stares in shock.

Lillian's House:
Phillip, Beth and Liz sit with Sarah.
Sarah walks around.
Beth is crying, "I can't believe how big she is. She's walking."
Liz nods, "I know. She does talk but she's really shy."
Sarah stumbles over to Phillip.
He smiles, "Hi. What's your name?"
She grins, "Sarah."
They all smile at her.
Liz looks at them, "I know you guys are upset with Jon. I am too but he is her father."
Phillip nods, "And your her mother. But that didn't stop him from taking her away from you."
Liz nods, "I know. But we need to think about what is best for her right now. Jonathan and I have talked about this a lot. And Aubrey..."
Beth turns, "Who is Aubrey?"
Liz sighs, "Aubrey is Jonathan's new wife. She's pregnant now."
Phillip sits back, "As if it wasn't complicated enough."
Liz nods, "Well Jonathan has matured a lot."
Lillian walks over, "I just got off the phone with Natalia. Alan has gone missing. Natalia said a young man was at her door. Tall, mid twenties, short dark hair."
Liz gasps, "Oh God! Jonathan!"

Old Mill Road:
Jonathan stops the car.
He pushes Alan out.
Jonathan is still holding a gun on him.
Only now he has a bat in his other hand.
Jonathan walks over, "You been here before Alan? Or do you just send people here? People like Mark Guillespie. Don't worry about him though. I'm gonna find Guillespie. But first I'm focusing on you."
Alan backs up, "Jonathan... I know what I did was wrong but two wrongs don't make a right."
Jonathan shakes his head, "Damn do I hate cliches!"
He smacks Alan in the arm with the bat.
Alan falls, "Ah! God! Joanthan please! Listen to me! I have a baby now! A little boy who needs me!"
Jonathan nods, "A baby huh? What like Sarah? Sarah who needed someone like Tammy to love her and teach her?"
Jonathan slams the bat down on Alan.
Alan is bruised up, "Jonathan..."
Jonathan walks to his car and turns it on.
Jonathan shouts, "How does this sound Alan? How about I give you the same fate as Tammy! Huh! Guillespie aimed his car at me. He shined the headlights in my eyes. Then Tammy ran out and got killed instead! Now it's time for payback!"
Alan is blinded by the headlights as he tries to come to his feet.
Jonathan puts his foot on the gas.
Natalia comes running over, "No!!!!!"

Natalia jumps in front of Alan!
Cassandra gets upsetting news
Olivia questions Gus
Michelle and Bill relive the past
Rusty goes to see Mindy
Rocky makes a decision


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I love Roxis and Roxie vs Mindy. I loved how Mindy came down and thought the food was for her but it wasn't Nice set up. I couldn't beeive Roxis just came out and called her a bitch like that. One question thouhg, y didn't rick her Mindy in the closet. For the first time I am intrested with Mindy/Rick thanks to Roxie.

And Poor Shayne. I see things are going to get trough for the two. Y hasn't Rocky gave an excuse to Shayne yet.

I loved Jon's scene with Alan, esp when he enetred the nursery. WOW and what an ending.

Another great episode from start to finsih and o yea I love the new michelle and she would look great witj Bill

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Thanks ML!

I've been keeping Mindy and Rick on the backburner because I knew Roxie was on her way to messing things up. Roxie and Mindy are long time rivals. Roxie has started to enjoy pushing Mindy's buttons. Oh and when Mindy was first pushed in the closet she started to just try and get the hallway to hear her but when she heard the frontdoor downstairs shut she started freaking out. Roxie kept Rick distracted.

Shayne is moving too fast and Rocky is pulling away. The two are unknowingly destroying their relationship. Rocky needs to be honest with Shayne about how he feels about him and how he feels about Kevin or else the consquences will be serious.

Kevin and Marina are involved now and could end up hurt.

Jonathan is an exciting character so expect more of this from him!

I'm glad you like the new Michelle. She is going to have a great future with FTL!

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