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Episode 115



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Surprising actions are taken in Springfield.....


Everyone has put on coats.
Buzz walks over to Reva, "Hey."
She sighs, "Oh Buzz. This is just so hard to watch. Have you been able to get a hold of Rocky?"
Buzz shakes his head, "He's not picking up. I knew this surprise thing was gonna be difficult."
Reva nods, "Oh I know! I just hoped I would be wrong."
Buzz sighs, "Well I was supposed to be at Company but Lucy went for me. I don't know what's going on."
They turn and see Josh with Shayne.
Josh sighs, "Son. Your sister had to go. So did Lucy. Maybe we should just cancel this."
Shayne shakes his head, "No! I know Rocky will be here. I know he will. You just don't want me to do this."
Josh puts his arm around Shayne, "Son I want you to be happy. And right now you look devastated."
Shayne keeps shaking his head, "I'm just anxious. Tonight is a big night."
Reva walks over to Marina, "Are you okay sweetheart?"
Marina has tears on her face, "Well it looks like Rocky isn't showing up."
Reva sighs, "We don't know that."
Marina throws her purse, "He's not coming!"
All eyes are on Marina.

Carriage House:

Rocky and Kevin are in a passionate kiss.
Rocky backs up, "I got to go."
Kevin shakes his head, "Nope. No."
Rocky sighs, "I have a date. I'm so so late!"
Kevin holds Rocky, "Listen! This is proving it! You want to be here. You don't want to be with Shayne!"
The two kiss again.
Rocky pushes him, "No! That's a lie!"
Kevin walks to Rocky, "Listen. I spent my whole life trying to be something I'm not. Now I'm done! I don't care what people think about me. I'm sick of fighting who I am with you!"
Rocky cries, "I know!"
The two go back to kissing.
Rocky has his hands on Kevin's face.
The two are caught up in the moment
Just then Blake pulls her car into the driveway.
She gets parks her car.


Olivia walks into her room.
She just got back from the hospital.
She stops and looks in the mirror.
For some reason it's not the same as before.
She looks different.
Olivia walks over to the desk.
She opens a drawer.
She pulls out a photo.
It's of her and Bill.
She sighs, "Bill... I really thought you were the one. I thought we were gonna be together forever. But fate had other plans. Then again. Everyone thought Gus and Harley were going to be together forever."
Olivia sits down.
"But Gus is a Spaulding. Just like Alan and Phillip. But Gus is different. He's hero. He's my hero. But.... he's Natalia's ex. Natalia is my friend. But then again she's with Alan who's my ex."
She throws herself down on the bed.
She wonders. Why is she thinking about a relationship with Gus Aitoro?

Natalia's House:

Rafe pushes Vi, "You for someone with a boyfriend, you sure like other men."
She shakes her head, "I don't like you. We are using each other. There is a difference."
Rafe walks around, "It's so cute how Maureen thinks you two are friends."
Vi sighs, "Oh God! That girl is so annoying. But she'll be put in her place soon enough."
He sits, "As long as I stick with he plan. You owe me one."
Vi scoffs, "Please! I need you to seduce Maureen. This is every guys dream. Taking a girls virginity. The forbidden fruit. Getting further then all her other boyfriends."
Rafe nods, "Yes. And then when everyone finds out she slept with the bad boy Rafe, she's gonna have a scarlet letter on her chest."
She nods, "Yes. Then Jason and Kevin will be disgusted with her."
He stares at her, "So which do you want? Kevin or Jason?"
She laughs, "Well can't I have my cake and eat it too?"
He walks towards her, "Then what am I?"
She smiles, "You my friend are the cherry on top of my success to taking down the innocent Maureen Reardon."
The two start to kiss again.

Buzz walks over to Marina, "Hey sweetheart maybe we should take a walk? Take a breathe?"
Marina shouts, "No! I'm just saying that we are here to discuss love and how permanent it is but we all know it's a bunch of bull right?"
Shayne sighs, "Marina please don't do this."
She shakes her head, "No! This has to be said. There is no hope for any of us! Look at everyone! Reva and Josh! Just months ago they tried to get married here and now they can barely look at each oher."
Buzz sighs, "Marina that's enough."
Marina turns to him, "And you! You had Grandma die! And Jenna! Then Olivia dumped you at your wedding!"
Buzz looks at her, "That is enough!"
Marina shouts, "What about me huh? What about the basket case over here? I made plans for the future! I had a guy to spend the rest of my life with! And now look! I am going to die alone! I'm gonna be alone forever and Danny is gone!!!"
Marina goes running.
Buzz gets ready to go after her but Shayne stops him, "No Buzz. Let me talk to her."
Shayne goes after her.

Side of Road:

Jonathan stares at Liz who's holding a gun.
Liz is furious, "You took my little girl. You made me believe she was dead. You faked your death the first time. But this time you won't have to fake a damn thing."
Jonathan sighs, "What are you gonna do? Aubrey will know I'm missing. Aubrey is pregnant!"
Liz shakes her head, "So? I'll tell her you ran again. I'll take Sarah. Aubrey will go on a wild goose chase."
Jonathan shakes his head, "No! You aren't that cold hearted."
She scoffs, "Aren't I? Isn't that why you took Sarah from me? Because I'm such a monster!"
Jonathan sighs, "Lizzie you need to take a deep breathe and think about what your doing."
Her hands are shaking, "I know what I'm doing!"
He keeps stepping closer, "We've been here before. Only it was a different road. And it was a car not a gun. And you weren't the driver. It was Guillespie."
Liz is trembling, "Shut up."
He continues, "He drove towards me. He aimed his car at me. He was speeding. But then Tammy came."
Liz has tears in her eyes, "Stop it!"
He keeps getting closer, "She pushed me. Then he kept going. He saw the lights on her face and drove the car at her."
Liz is crying, "I didn't want that to happen! That was my Granddad! Tammy was trying to save you and..."
Jonathan shakes his head, "Her dying wish... was only one thing. Save Sarah from the Spauldings. Her last word was Sarah. Then she mouthed that she loved me and died!"
Liz sobs, "I didn't want anyone to get hurt!"
Jonathan jumps towards her.
The two go falling.
The gun goes off.


Olivia lies on her bed.
She looks up at the ceiling, "I've had a few good guys. Richard, Josh, Bill, Frank, Buzz. But I hurt them all. Then the bad guys. Edmund, Alan, Phillip. They all hurt me."
She has a flashback to when Natalia showed up at her room back in October.
Olivia sits up, "I asked for a sign. Right before Natalia showed up. Was that my sign? About Gus?"
She gets up.
She looks around.
She stares in the mirror, "I've made so many mistakes. But now it's time for me to get things right. I need to do what's best for me and Emma. And when Ava wakes up, we can work on things between us."
Olivia walks over to her couch and sits down.
She sighs, "Oh Gus. I don't know what's happening to me. But it's your fault. And I need to find out what is going on with me. I know that you are... You are my hero."
She lays down and reflects on the situation in front of her.

Natalia's House:
Vi and Rafe are on the couch.
They've been making out.
She pulls away, "I have to get going. I've got some church stuff I have to take care of."
He laughs, "That's nice."
She smiles, "We have some charity that I'm organizing."
He puts his hand on her lower back, "So when do I get receive something for all of my hard work."
She puts his hand back, "When you finish your mission. Once you've taken Maureen's virginity.... then I'll let you do whatever you want with me. Whatever you want."
He smiles, "This whole plotting and manipulating is turning you on huh? Your messed up."
She grins, "And that turns you on."
She walks to the door.
After she leaves he goes upstairs.
He keeps thinking about Maureen.
She's starting to get to him.

Shayne walks around.
He finds Marina sitting in a corner.
She sobbing.
He sits with her, "Are you okay?"
She cries, "Oh Shayne! I'm so sorry! I'm sorry!"
He takes off his jacket and puts it on her, "It's getting cold."
She looks up, "Thank you."
He sighs, "I'm sorry Marina. I know how hard things have been lately. But Danny wouldn't want you to make yourself sick and upset all the time. He'd want you to be happy."
She wipes her tears, "Shayne... it's just... it's morning.. morning-"
He interrupts her, "I know your in mourning. But Marina things will get better I promise."
She shakes her head, "Not mourning. Morning. As in morning sickness."
He turns to her, "Morning sickness?"
She nods, "I get mine at night. I'm pregnant Shayne!"
He stares in shock.

Side Of Road:
Jonathan sits up.
He rips the gun from her hands.
Liz looks around, "Are you okay?
He nods, "Yeah. Are you?"
She sighs, "I'm okay."
He looks at it, "I guess it was a blank. Lucky me."
Jonathan opens the gun and dumps the bullets.
Liz cries, "I'm so sorry... I'm sorry. But I don't want to lose my little girl! I can't."
Jonathan helps her up, "I know. Liz, I am trying to do what is best for Sarah. And I'm sorry it hurt you. But I didn't want her to end up like we did. Remember when we talked about that?"
She nods, "I remember... But I just love her. I don't want to let her go again."
He hugs her, "You won't. Liz... I want to work on things. I want us to be there for Sarah."
Liz is confused, "What about Aubrey?"
He sighs, "I... I don't know what's going on with that."
She looks into his eyes.
Soon Jonathan and Liz kiss.

Carriage House:
Rocky and Kevin are still kissing.
Kevin has his arms around Rocky.
Rocky has his hands on Kevin's face.
Suddenly they here a car door slam.
Rocky turns around, "Who was that?"
Kevin shakes his head, "Probably a neighbor."
Rocky steps back, "Check!"
Kevin walks over to the window, "My Mom!"
Rocky gasps, "No. No. No, no, no, no! She can't find us here. No this was a mistake. I need to leave. I parked in the back so she won't see my car."
Kevin turns to him, "What about what we said?"
Rocky looks at the clock, "Crap! I missed my date! Damn it! Okay I need to get home."
Blake has her hand on the doorknob."
Kevin turns, "Rocky?"
Rocky cries, "I can't do this. I'm sorry I can't! I won't!"
Rocky runs out to the back door.
Blake walks in, "I'm home."
Kevin turns, "Hey."
She is worried, "What's wrong?"
He scoffs, "Nothing! God just leave me alone!"
He goes to his room.
Blake is worried about him.

Shayne looks at Marina, "Your pregnant?"
She cries, "Yes! I'm pregnant. With Danny's baby. Danny is dead. I can't raise this baby!"
Shayne sighs, "Yes you can!"
She shakes her head, "No. I don't even want it!"
Shayne looks at her, "You don't want it?"
She cries, "I just... I can't give it up for adoption. Then anything could happen. I want to give it to my parents but they are working so hard on their relationship. I can't put this on them."
Shayne looks at her, "Maybe I can help."
She looks up, "How can you help?"
He holds her hand, "We can help you. Rocky and I. You can give the child to us Marina!"
She is confused, "Shayne what are you saying."
Shayne smiles, "Me and Rocky. We can raise this child."
Marina is stunned by Shayne's offer!

Michelle is surprised by who she sees
Belinda goes over to Dinah's house
Shayne drops a bombshell on Rocky!
Jonathan goes to see Alan
Liz brings Sarah home
Roxie drops by the Bauer Home


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That was such a bombshell ending. I'm sort of torn about what Marina should do. Yeah it would be great to have Shaynocky raise her child but she is the mother. The baby is the only living memory she would have of Danny.

Wow Rocky is a pig. How can he cheat on Shayne whenever his better half is off making future plans for their relationship. If Kevin doesn't know what he's getting into then BACK OUT NOW!

The confrontation between Lizzie and Jonathan is definitely a story that I'm willing to get involved with. I love seeing Lizzie go off the deep end because truly she is kind of crazy. I can only hope that Jonathan goes a little crazy too. When he's bad he's interesting, but when he's good he's boring.

Keep up the good work!

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  • Members

Oh yes this is going to be a big story. Marina is torn about what to do with her child and Shayne's offer is tempting. But Shayne is making a lot of big decisions without Rocky.

Rocky hasn't been the same since the attacking. Now it seems that Shayne and Rocky are growing a part. Rocky needs to make his decision soon. The longer he waits the worse things will get.

We totally agree about Jon! I want him to get in touch with his bad boy side. Same thing was going on with Liz. She has grown a lot but Jonathan and Sarah coming back into her life made her revert back to old behaviors. The Liz/Jonathan/Aubrey story is going to get bigger and bigger. I don't think anyone will see the ending coming!

Thanks Matt! :)

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  • Members

WOW what a great episode. I now dont like Rocky. It is so wrong what he is doing to Shane and I can't belive Marina is preggos. Nice twist and what a man Shanye is to offer to raise the baby.

Olivia is a hoe Damn i cant belibve she was with all those people. I did like her scenes thoigh and how she was refelcting back on stuff. Intead of thinking of a relations hip so sonn shouldnt she be thinking of dating him at least first.

I can't belive Jon and Liz ended up kissing. Wow from gun point to a kiss and that Vi is one nasty peice of work.

Great ep Jay and where u been at? You aint been commenting on the blogs boss. Ya busy>?

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  • Members

Thanks ML!

Rocky hasn't been the same since his attacking. But after this kiss expect a lot of guilt. The Marina baby story is going to be big.

Olivia always tires to grab everything she wants and right now she wants Gus. But she has never even liked Gus in the past so this is a shock to her. Gus and Olivia will have a strong bond but a relationship is still a question.

Jonathan and Liz have always had somewhat of a messed up relationship so this was right up their allly.

Vi is the villian of Springfield High.

I have been busy but I'm stopping by the blogs later today. :)

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