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Episodes 181-183



Bob and Kim are overjoyed to reunite with Chris. Immediately, Chris brings up what he did to Bob and apologizes profusely, stating that he'd never be able to forgive someone like Bob did. Bob mentions that it wasn't easy, but he loves his son. In an emotional scene, Chris apologizes for failing him as a son. Kim's tense stare at Bob pokes a needle in the moment. Chris realizes something isn't right and later asks Nancy if his parents are doing okay. Nancy recalls the events of the past few months and in a calm voice, tells him that if anyone can make his parents see how foolish they're both being, it's him.

Alison tries to avoid Aaron, remembering the hell he put Casey through because of his jealousy, but Susan eventually tricks them into seeing one another. She reasons to Alison that true love comes and goes and you only get a short while to embrace it. Aaron apologizes for his stunt with Casey, but Alison reports that the damage is done and she doesn't know if they can ever regain the ground they lost. Later, Aaron sulks outside of Old Town when a familiar voice calls his name. Meanwhile, Michael comes by Susan's to tell her goodbye before going out of town to clear his head. Susan cries that she never meant to hurt him. Michael hushes her weeping and tells her that she doesn't need to apologize before finally walking out. As he turns to wave goodbye, he tells her that he'll return once his heart has mended. Across town, Katie is hurt that Michael left town without telling her goodbye. Brad reminds her that Michael has alot on his mind. Later, Brad gets an interesting job offer out of state and considers the financial value it might have for him and Katie.

Margo tries to reason with Casey as to why she hid the box from him, but he sees it as Margo not wanting to let him grow up. Acting out, Casey takes Margo's car before finally wrecking it in a ditch. Emily and Dusty come upon the scene and find that Casey isn't responding. After hearing rumors that Casey died from some girl friends, Alison rushes into the E.R. to find Casey alive and well, waiting in the lobby for his discharge papers. Lyla comes by the hospital and the whole scenario reminds her of Bryant's death. Agitated, she barks at Alison to leave her grandson alone. Later, Lyla apologizes for her actions, but once alone, stares at a photo of Craig and an infant Bryant and cries herself to sleep.

Startled awake by a nurse's beckoning call, Iris and Gwen jump to their feet for news regarding Hallie. Theyr'e both informed that Hallie has a mild case of the measles, but should be alright. Relieved, they both hug as Will rushes in with his cell phone. He reports that he hasn't been able to get a hold of Barbara or Paul, but Gwen soothes his anziety with news of their daughter's condition. As Will reaches to hug her, Gwen turns away. Later, after her mother sends her out to get some air, she come face to face with Colin. He introduces himself as a student from another college and the two sit down for some coffee. After Colin inquires about Jade numerous times, Gwen gets freaked out and returns to her mother's side. Later, Gwen sees Jade in Old Town and reports that some guy was asking alot about her.

Emma comes home and learns about all the drama that's been happening around Oakdale while she's been gone. Holden pries for information as to where she's been. Emma lies and says that she was at a friend's in Chicago, helping her with ideas for opening a farmer's market. Lily suggests they both talk to Emma together and the two inform Emma that she can tell them anything. Finally, after much prying, Emma huffs that she has nothing to tell them and storms off. Much to Lily's adamant dismay, Holden proposes that they catch her in a lie and call Emma's mystery man to town.

Luke and Kevin try and find information about Colin, but come up short. They both urge Jade to do some snooping in the employee files at Java. Later, Jade returns and declares that Colin isn't who he says he is at all. He's apparently her long lost adoptive brother. Kevin and Luke are in shock, but Jade points out that the Taylors are deceptive in everything they do and she doesn't trust Colin the least bit. Kevin gags when he recalls that Jade has been "living with" her own adoptive brother. Jade laughs and informs them that despite rumors, she's not a whore. She and Colin were never boyfriend and girlfriend. They were only roommates.

In Canada, James calls Carrie and blames her for being the reason that Paul caught on to him. Carriedenies she did anything of the sort and protests that James owes her his part of their arrangement. James, exhausted, vows to return to Oakdale soon and settle the score with Carrie. Carrie takes it as a positive sign that James is finally holding up his end of their arranegment. Little does she know, James is making plans for his men to stake out Barbara's penthouse and "dispose" of Carrie. Meanwhile, Rosanna, Paul, and Barbara continue looking for clues about Cabot, but no one seems to know anything. After learning James is returning to Oakdale, Paul jokes that James quit the search for Cabot to take care of other matters. Thoughts rushing through her head, Barbara recalls James and Carrie's connection and fearful, demands they follow James before he does harm to Carrie. Paul protests, but Barbara knows James and knows that once he's done with someone, he likes to make sure they can never expose him or his secrets. When their plane back to the states is delayed, Barbara calls the only person she can think of that might have immediate access to Carrie....Noah.

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I wonder who called out to Aaron.

Please, Brad. Take the out of state job and go ahead and take Katie with you! :D

Wonderful connection between Casey's accident and Bryan't death.

Emma's cattin around? Intrigued! :lol:

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