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Monday September 29 2008



All The Days of Our Lives

The effects of the drug start to wear off of Stefano. Isabella helps him up.

Isabella: Now tell me where my daughter is!

Stefano: Andre did something. I have no idea where Adrianna is.

Kristen is brought into the police station in handcuffs.

Kristen: I don’t understand what’s going on!

Bo and Abe come out of an office.

Abe: Well, well, Kristen. What did she do?

John and Scotty walk into the station.

Scotty: They had Scotty in the park.

John: She told me he was my son!

Marleana sits beside Belle’s hospital bed. Belle starts to wake up.

Belle: Mom?

Marleana smiles.

Marleana: Belle! Thank God you’re ok!

Belle: What happened?

Marleana: That isn’t important. What’s important is that you’re awake.

Belle: I feel weird.

Marleana: You’ve been in a catatonic state for a couple months.

Belle starts to remember what happened.

Belle: My baby! My baby!

She holds her stomach, and tears form in her eyes.

Marleana: I’m so sorry sweetie.

Belle starts crying.

Isabella lets go of Stefano’s arm.

Isabella: What do you mean you don’t know where she is!

Stefano: Andre did something!

Isabella: Did Andre do this to you? Is this going to make you realize that he doesn’t give a damn about you? Or are you still going to treat him like he’s done nothing wrong?

Stefano: I am going to make sure Andre doesn’t hurt anybody else.

Isabella: If you don’t find out what he did to my daughter, I’ll not only kill him, but I’ll kill you!

She picks up her purse, and leaves the mansion.

Scotty is in the waiting room at Bayview Sanatorium. Kimberly sees him, and goes to him.

Kimberly: Oh thank God he’s alright!

She picks him up and hugs him.

Scotty: Can we go see Carly now?

Kimberly: I guess so.

They walk to her door. Kimberly tries to open it, but it’s locked. Paul comes into the hall.

Kimberly: Dr. Wilson, what’s going on? Why can’t we go in and see Carly?

Paul: I’m sorry, but she can’t have any visitors.

Kristen is in the interrogation room. She is crying. Abe and Bo come in.

Kristen: I didn’t mean to do this.

Bo: Give me a break!

Kristen: I’m crazy Bo! I have a mental disorder! Sorry if that’s inconvenient to the general public.

Bo: Inconvenient! You kidnapped a baby! His mother is having a breakdown because of you!

Kristen: I’m crazy too! She having a breakdown, and I don’t know what I’m doing!

Marleana gets up.

Belle: Why did my baby have to die?

Marleana: It was an accident!

Belle: It wasn’t an accident! This is because of Kristen Blake! Where the hell is she? Did they find her?

Marleana: Don’t think about that now, there’s someone important here to see you.

John comes in the room. Belle looks shocked.

Belle: Daddy?

Kimberly and Scotty look at Paul.

Kimberly: What do you mean? Her son is here! He will wake her up!

Paul: Carly is not strong enough to have any visitors.

Scotty: That’s crazy!

EJ comes into the hall way.

EJ: What’s going on?

Kimberly: Dr. Wilson is saying that Carly can’t have any visitors.

EJ: What? That’s insane!

Paul: It’s for Carly’s own good.

EJ: Her son is here! He’s been found! This will bring her out of her breakdown!

Paul: I’m not going to argue this all day! Carly can’t have any visitors!

Paul leaves.

On a very hot island, boat is tied to the docks. Valeri walks to it.

Valeri: Oh my God. It’s Adrianna’s.

She takes her phone out, and dials Isabella’s number.

Isabella: Hello?

Valeri: Isabella, its Valeri!

Isabella: Did you find Adrianna?!

Valeri: I see her boat. I’m going inside it right now.

Valeri goes inside the boat.

Valeri: Oh my God.

Isabella: What’s wrong?

Andre is sitting in the warehouse. The door opens and Stefano comes in.

Andre: Stefano?

Stefano: Yes you fool!

Andre gets up, and goes for his gun, but Stefano picks it up first.

Stefano: You are going to tell me what you did to my daughter!

Andre: Adrianna? Long story short, she is gone! You are never going to find her!

Stefano aims the gun at him.

Andre: You’re not going to shoot me! You don’t want to get rid of your only chance of finding your daughter!

Stefano: Tell me where she is right now!

Andre laughs.

Andre: You won’t find her, Stefano. She’s gone forever.

John walks into Belle’s room.

Belle: How is this possible?

Marleana: It doesn’t matter, honey.

John: You’re my daughter; Belle?

Belle: You don’t remember anything?

John: No, but I plan to change that.

Abe takes Kristen’s cuffs off.

Kristen: Where’s John?

Abe: He left.

Kristen: No! John wouldn’t leave me!

She gets up.

Bo: Sit down!

She starts shaking. She falls to the ground, and starts having a seizure.

Bo: Call 911!

Everything in Adrianna’s boat is on the ground, damaged.

Isabella: Valeri, what’s wrong?

Valeri: Everything is damaged! Adrianna isn’t in here.

Isabella: Damn it!

Stefano puts the gun at Andre’s head.

Stefano: Where is she!

Andre: Try one of your islands; then get back to me.

Andre starts laughing.

A body lies on the beach on an island. Adrianna gets up. She looks around, and notices that nobody is there.

Adrianna: Help me!

A woman comes out of behind two trees.

Woman: Would you stop yelling!

Adrianna: Who the hell are you?

Vivian Alamain walks closer to Adrianna.

Vivian: There’s no way out of here, so just enjoy it.

Adrianna looks at her strangely.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Carly wakes up in her room at Bayview Sanatorium. Paul is next to her.

Carly: Get me out of here.

Paul: I can’t do that, Carly.

Jeremy Horton is standing at the nurse’s station at the hospital. Diane is behind the desk.

Diane: Sorry?

Jeremy: Me, you, Friday night?

Diane laughs.


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