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Casting News

Matt P.



It's official, Lacey Chabert returns as London Tyler Hammerton. Chabert knew that her character would be returning for a third time so she made herself available for filming. Creator Matt Politylo says that Chabert will be with the cast until the end. She's not going anywhere!

There are tons of visitors coming to Point Palace. Two of which are Dylan Colby's (Matt Bible) siblings. Aubrey Dollar plays younger sister Vi and Bradford Anderson comes on as younger brother Ryley. The two will be seen on recurring for the big wedding between Dylan and Carrie (Sarah Lancaster).

Two cast members have been dropped to recurring: Sky Safford (Heather Papinchak) and Anna Lee Sheridan (Lorena Chacon). Sky may be seen interacting with a certain Palace Cafe manager. Anna Lee will be leaving but will be keeping in touch with her triplet.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 8 winner Jaslene Gonzalez guests as Jalenda a very colorful client of Marissa's (Lesli Kay) who drops what kind of shocking business is going down in Cody, Colorado. There's so much to tune in for!


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