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Sunday February 3 2008




All The Days of Their Lives

Sunday February 3 2008

About twoo weeks later...

Belle wakes up in Mike's bed. She looks around, and Mike comes out of the bathroom dressed for work.

Belle: You have to go already?

Mike: Ya I need to go in earlier today.

Belle gets up and gets ready. Mike kisses her goodbye, and she gets ready to leave too.

Carly is on the phone, walking out of a coffee shop.

Carly: Shut up Scotty! You left!

She waits.

Carly: Sorry? I left for Salem after you left! When our son was sick! I know it didn't really phase you. Just shut up ok! I'm not talking anymore.

Isabella is at the hospital. A nurse comes, and talks to her.

Nurse: Hey Isabella. No patients now?

Isabella: I do actually. In a couple minutes. Whats wrong? You look a little sick.

Nurse: I have a bit of a headache.

Isabella: Oh. I hope you feel better. Bye.

Carly comes out of an elevator, and sees Isabella.

Carly: Well, if it isn't everyone's favourite doctor.

Isabella: What do you want Carly?

Carly: I want to know whats going on with Scotty, and why he doesnt give a crap about our son!

Isabella: Carly, I don't know that. He's not my patient anymore, and if he was, I still wouldnt be able to tell you.

Carly: I know you had a part in him leaving me!

Isabella: Carly, please; I have work.

Carly: We arent done talking, Isabella.

Carly leaves.

Bo comes out of a hospital room. He sees Sami.

Bo: Sami! You came back.

He hugs her.

Sami: I was never gone.

Bo: What do you mean?

Sami: I was kidnapped! By Gina and Dr. Rolf!

Bo: Oh my God! She might go after Hope!

Sami: She already has! She isn't Hope, she is Gina right now! They have her in a hospital. They have shane too!

Bo: We have to get there! How did you get out?

Sami: Frank saved me. He's working on a way to save Hope and Shane.

Bo: Where is he?

Frank comes.

Frank: Hello Bo.

Bo: Bring me to that hospital.

Billie is in Chelsea's hospital room.

Chelsea(in her head): Why can't I wake up.

Dr. Woods: I'm sorry, but she doesnt look too-

He looks over.

Dr.Woods: She's waking up!

Chelsea starts to wake up.

Billie: Chelsea! Thank God your ok!

Bo, Frank, and Sami arrive at Dr. Rolf's hospital.

Sami: Stefano's missing from the hospital too. They probaly have him here.

Bo: No suprise there.

Frank: We need to be careful.

Bo: Ok, I'm going to go inside.

Bo opens the door, and walks inside. He takes out a gun, and walks down the hall. A man opens a door.

Man: Hello, Bo.

Bo turns around.

Bo: Shane?

Dr. Rolf unstraps a sleeping Hope's arms. He turns around, and her eyes open.

Dr. Rolf: Almost ready...

Hope gets up slowely, and grabs a tray. He starts to turn around, and she hits him over the head with the tray! She gets dressed, and gets a gun out of Dr. Rolf's lab coat. She leaves the room. She walks into the hall, and hears people walking. She quickly goes into another room.

Bo: We have to find Hope, and get out of here.

Frank: We will. Ok you two look on this floor, and I'll look on the second.

Bo: Ok.

Hope closes the door of the room. She sees a black chair turned around. The chair turns, and Gina get up!

Gina: How nice of you to come Hope!

Hope: Let me and Shane out of here now!

Gina: Nah, it's more fun with you here.

She quickly takes out a gun, and Hope shoots her!

Sami: What was that!

Bo: It came from there!

He opens the door, and finds Hope standing there, who just shot Gina.

Hope: Bo! Thank God your here!

She hugs him.

Bo: Thank God your ok.

A gas bomb goes off in the room!

Sami: Whats going on?

The gas clears up, and Gina is gone!

Hope: Bo, she's gone!

Frank comes in the room.

Frank: Shane, Rolf, and Gina are gone.

Shane is driving an ambulance with Rolf and a wounded Gina in the back.

Gina: What about Stefano?

Rolf: We don't have time, Gina.

In a room, Stefano is on a hospital bed. His eyes open.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Adrianna is sitting beside Stefano at his hospital bed.

Adrianna: Don't worry; it's all taken care of.

Chelsea runs into the Brady Pub.

Chelsea: Steph! We won the trip!

Kayla: Thats our news. Your dad and I are going on a vacation!

Kimberly opens the door.

Kimberly: Jeannie?

Jeannie: Hey mom.


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