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Saturday February 2 2008




All The Days of Their Lives

Saturday February 2 2008

Kimberly wakes up, and gets out of bed. She sees Jeannie watching TV.

Kimberly: Good morning sweatheart.

Jeannie: Hey mom.

Kimberly: Ready to leave tonight?

Jeannie: No! When are you comming home?

Kimberly: Honey, I'm not sure right now.

Jeannie: Great. I get to spend more time alone with Philip.

Kimberly: Jeannie, stop.

Gina is in Sami's room.

Sami: Gina, tell me something. Do you really think that my family isn't going to notice I'm missing?

Gina: Actually, I came up with a soloution. Here's the story, you needed to leave town for a while, on your own, and you left the twins with aunt Hope. You didn't have time to say goodbye, so you wrote a letter.

Sami: Give me a break!

Gina: You just sit here, and have fun. Your never leaving.

Frank walks in.

Frank: Yes, she is leaving.

Philip walks out of a store, and walks by an alley. He sees blood. He follows it, and finds Chelsea!

Philip: Chelses! Are you ok?

He bends down, and calls 911.

Philip: Chelsea, your going to be ok.

Andrew brings out Jeannie's last luggage.

Kim: Honey, I'll see you soon. I'll be in L.A. next weekend.

Jeannie: Bye mom. I'll miss you. Bye Andrew.

Andrew hugs her.

Andrew: I'll se you soon, Jeannie.

Jeannie: Bye.

Jeannie leaves.

A doctor comes out of Stefano's room. He locks the door. He leaves, and Isabella and Adrianna come from a corner.

Isabella: They are hiding something!

Adrianna: No mom, they lock the doors of all the hospital patients!

They both roll their eyes.

Isabella: Well, we need to get in, and see whats happening.

Adrianna: I'm way ahead of you.

Isabella: Well, how are you going to do it?

Adrianna: Were breaking in. Oh God I spent so much time on this hair.

Isabella: If that took you long, imagine what a real hairstyle would take you.

Adrianna takes a hair pin out of her hair, and starts picking the lock. Isabella looks around.

Isabella: Mabye we shouldn't do this. What if we get caught?

Adrianna: Come on mom! I'm his daughter. I'll say that the doors aren't usually locked, and I thought it was a mistake, so I decided to open it myself. No big deal. If anyone sholud get in trouble, it should be the hospital.

She finishes picking the lock, and opens the door. They go inside, and are shocked to see the Stefano isn't there.

Sami: Frank! Thank God your here!

Frank: No, honey, not Frank; EJ.

Sami stares at him.

Sami: I can't believe this.

Frank: Your comming to the mansion, and you will stay there till we figure out what to do with you.

Isabella and Adrianna walk out of the hospital room.

Isabella: Where the hell is he?

Adrianna: I don't know. Mabye Dr. Rolf has him somewhere.

Isabella: Would he not tell you?

Adrianna: Mom, we will look in the mansion later. I doubt he's there, but it's worth a try.

The doors of the ER open, as Chelsea is being brought in on a stretcher.

Isabella: Oh my God.

Philip follows. They bring Chelsea into a room. Philip calls somebody.

Philip: Billie, it's Philip. You need to get back to Salem now! I found Chelsea.

Frank takes Sami out of the hospital, and into a van.

Sami: You son of a-

Frank: Sami stop! I'm not really EJ!

Sami: I swear to God! If this is a lie!

Frank: It's not! Don't worry. Were getting out of here, then were going to rescue Hope and Shane.

Gina walks into a room, where Dr. Rolf is tending to Stefano.

Gina: How is he?

Dr. Rolf: Not good.

Gina: Well, what are we going to do?

Rolf: What if I told you that there was a way to bring Stefano back without actually bringing him back?

Gina: I would say you lost me.

Rolf: We can do the same thing we did to Frank. We reconstruct his looks, and then brainwash him into believing he is Stefano. We did it with Frank, we can do it with Stefano.

Gina: That could work. Lets get to working on it.

In Tokoyo, Bo and Billie leave a room. Billie gets a voice message o her phone.

Billie: Oh my God Bo!

Bo: What's wrong?

Billie: Philip found Chelsea!

Bo: We'll get the next flight out of here.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Billie is in Chelsea's hospital room.

Chelsea(in her head): Why can't I wake up.

Dr. Woods: I'm sorry, but she doesnt look too good.

Hope shoots a gun!

Sami and Bo are in the hospital waiting room.

Sami: She isn't Hope! She's Gina!


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