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Episode 18



It's a joyful afternoon in Springfield

The Beacon:


Bill walks in with Ava, "What are you showing me?"

"Bill wait right here." Ava grabs a key from the front desk.

They go to the basement. Ava turns on the lights, "Ta da!"

She reveals the bar that has been built.

"Ava, what is this?"

"It's a bar."

"Isn't there one upstairs?"

"Yeah well this is a different one. More of a club for young people like us."

"Well I'm not as young as you."


"What's this place called?"

Ava runs over and turns on the sign. "AVA'S!"

Harley's House:


Harley and Gus are sitting at the table with Jeffrey, "Thanks for taking this case for us."

Jeffrey is going through his files, "No problem. You guys know how much I want you guys to have Sydney."

Harley gives him some coffee, "So how's Reva?"

"She's getting better."

Gus tries to cheer him up, "At least Marah's back I mean that's got to..."

Harley makes a gesture to stop talking.

Gus realizes the situation, "Never mind."

Jeffrey changes the subject back, "Well, you guys realize how difficult this will be don't you?"

Harley is confused, "Actually I thought it would be easier."

"Oh no. I mean it's confusing enough that we are dealing with Africa but Sydney's older now and she probably won't remember you. You guys are divorcing. And well there is the X factor."

Harley doesn't understand, "Who?"

She looks at Gus, "Susan."

The Beacon:


Susan and Guillespie are in their room. Guillespie tackles her on the bed. She giggles, "What now?"

"I have a job for you." He kisses her neck.

"Ooh you're direct huh?"

"That's not what I had in mind just yet." He gets up and grabs a box.

Susan sits up, "Then what?"

He grabs money out, "You're going shopping."

"She smiles."



Marina is talking with Ashlee, "So how are things going with Coop?"

"Great actually. I mean we've haven't had a whole lot of problems. What about you and Cyrus?"

"We're doing great now. I mean we had our problems but now I feel like I can have a normal life. I mean no one even wants to get in our way." Marina's phone vibrates. She reads her text message, "Oh I guess I'm gonna go shopping with my cousin. You want to come?"

"No. Tell her I said hi."

"I will bye."

Main Street:


Matt and Julie are drinking coffee at CO2, "So Matt, are you embarrased?"

"No. Why?"

"To be seen with me? I mean I didn't leave this town on the best terms."

"Well I'm not exactly a favorite neighbor anymore myself these days."

"Yeah. I like that Matt."

Matt smiles and kisses Julie.



Lizzie is with Colin getting treatment, "So Colin how's the new year treating you?"

"Trying for small talk again Lizzie?"

"Sue me."

"It's fine Lizzie. The same old life."

"You're so lucky. I mean you don't have to worry about all of the drama you know?"

"Are you kidding? I mean you're life has adventure. I mean, my excitment is saving lives and sometimes..."

Lizzie smiles, "Sometimes the don't live."

"Lizzie you will."

"I know because I have the best doctor with me."

They smile at each other.


Main Street: Marina and Susan are shopping. Susan looks through Marina's bag, "Ooh is that for Cyrus?"

"Yes. Why so many questions about him?"

"Oh I'm just curious."

"Really because he thinks that you don't like him."

"That is ridiculous. You know what I'll be right back I gotta go make a call."

Susan walks off.

Julie walks over, "Hi. Marina?"

"Yes. Who are you?"

"Julie. Julie Camaletti."

"Oh. Mallet's sister."

"I used to be your Nanny!"

"Oh that's right I forgot. How have you been?"

"I'm fine. How are your parents?"

"They got divorced a while back but..."

"Oh that's a shame."

"Oh right."


"Nothing it's just.... I just remember some stuff that my mother told me."

"That's nice. See you Marina. Tell your Dad I said hi. Well actually I'll probably see him myself."

Harley's House: Harley is defending her daughter, "Susan has changed."

Jeffrey interupts, "Well Harley you said that before."

"She has this time! She is in school. She is dating a good boy. I mean really I think that this could be a good thing. We can show them that we have gotten better in a year."

"Well what about the divorce?"

"Well simple. We're not divorced yet. We'll put it off, I mean no reason to get it done right now is there?" She looks at Gus.

He nods in agreement. He hasn't told her about the engament.

Ava's Club: Bill is dancing with Ava, "Wow I can't remember the last time that I had this much fun!"

"Oh Bill that is just sad!"

"So how did this place become AVA'S?"

"Olivia gave it to me as a birthday present a while ago. It's almost finished!"

Ava takes her jacket off and begins unbuttoning Bill's shirt.

"What are you doing?"

"Taking our relationship to the next level."

They lay down on a table.

Olivia walks in, "Well it's nice to see what business you're running."

Bill looks embarrased.


Main Street:


Cyrus is walking around looking for Marina. Julie walks over to him, "Hello Cyrus."

Cyrus is stunned, "Julie. What the hell are you doing here?"

Julie smiles.

Company: Lizzie orders her food. Then she notices Ashlee, "You know what? Make that to go."

Ashlee pulls Lizzie aside, "Lizzie we need to talk!"

"No I don't want to talk to you. You are an ignorant little dork!"

"Lizzie I know!"

"That you're a dork?!"

"No Lizzie. I know. I know that you're dying."

Lizzie drops her purse and glares at Ashlee in anger and shock.


Lizzie goes off on Ashlee

Ava's secrets unravel

Dinah is upset with Maureen

Cyrus and Julie go head to head over the past


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