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Episode 19



It is a secretive afternoon in Springfield.



Bill backs up, "Oh Olivia. Hey."

Olivia is serious, "Hello Bill. How's my daughter?"

Ava speaks up, "I'm fine, now could you leave?"

Olivia looks over at Bill, "Really is this who you are now?"

"Olivia I am not trying to hurt you."

"Well you're doing a very good job. I'll see you in court." Olivia storms out.

Bill goes after her but Ava grabs his arm, "Bill. Come on forget about her. She'll be out of our hair soon enough."

Main Street:


Susan comes up to Marina, "Hey I got this." She hands her a bag.

Marina opens it to find a watch, "Oh who's it for?"


"What? Susan..."

"Oh it's fine. I have some extra money. Really, think of it as a gift for both of you."

"Thanks." Marina hugs her cousin.

Susan looks at the time, "Oh I have to get going. See ya cuz."

"See ya."

Marina walks home.



Ashlee is talking to Lizzie, "I know that you're dying Lizzie."

Lizzie jumps up and pulls her to the corner, "What the hell are you talking about Ashlee?"

"Lizzie I know. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to find out but I did and I can't forget it."

Lizzie is getting frustrated, "You know what Ashlee I am sick and tired of your lies. It is pathetic and sad. You are an annoying little brat that..."

Ashlee pleads with her, "Lizzie I just want to help you! Let me help you."


"Oh my God. So it's true? It is."

Main Street:


Cyrus walks over to Julie, "So what are you doing here?"

"Not much. Just getting to know all the new people."

"Where are you staying?"

"With a friend."

"Have you spoke with your brother?"


"You know you said that you weren't planning on coming back to Springfield."

"You didn't hold up your end of the deal Cyrus. Now I am taking over."

Cyrus sees Marina across the street on her way home. He prays that she doesn't see him.

Mallet House:


Maureen is listening to music in the livingroom. Dinah turns it down, "Hey! Please keep it down."

Maureen isn't happy, "D I was listening to that!"

Dinah changes the subject, "How was school?"

"Fine I guess."

"Well how are your grades?"


"Because one of our agreements was that you keep your grades up."

"There all A's. Besides what were your grades?"

"I didn't get school until I was older. It's something that I missed out on."

"I didn't know that."

"Well there is a lot that you don't know."

"Don't worry. We have a lot of time."

Dinah fakes a smile.



Bill stares at Ava, "You act like we're going to get rid of Olivia."

"No I didn't mean that. I love my mother."

"Okay. I want to be sure that you know that what I am doing is for Emma."

"I know that of course. You are going to be a great with Emma. That is why I did what I did."

"What did you do?"

"Oh uh... You know bringing you here to save her."

"Yeah. I got to go." Bill kisses Ava and leaves.

Main Street:

Cyrus ducks over so Marina doesn't see him. Julie jokes, "Ooh who are we hiding from?"

"Shut up!"

"Oh what? Doesn't she know what kind of person you are?"

"What kind of person I used to be. And yes."

"Cyrus I have to go. Just remember that I wanted you to help my brother."

"Well things changed."

"Yes. Now I have to get Dinah away from him all on my own."

"Does he know what you are now?"

"Eh probably not. But it's for his own good." Julie whispers in his ear, "Remember Cyrus, I am the one who gave your job here and I can drag you back out." Julie leaves

Mallet House:

Maureen comes over to Dinah, "Hey I might go out to my Dad's tonight."

"What? Why?"

"Because he's my father."

"I know honey but Mom doesn't think that you should be around him right now."

"And what do you think?"

"Well I mean he's still with Julie."

"So what?"

"Honey just not tonight"

"You know what you're just like her!" Maureen runs to her room.

Mallet comes in and gives his wife a comforting hug.


The Beacon:

Marina is sitting on the bed. Cyrus walks in, "Hey."

"Hi." They kiss, "Oh hey Susan bought this for you."

Cyrus sees the watch, "Wow that's nice."

"Isn't it?"

"Yeah. I mean I can't accept this."

"I know but she wouldn't take it back."

"How much did it cost?" Cyrus goes to find a reciept, "Huh."


"Well this says that she bought some earings and a gift box but no watch."

"That's weird. Maybe she bought it seperatly."

"Yeah." Cyrus is still suspious.

Harley's House:


Susan and Guillespie are making out on the porch, "So how did it go babe?"

Susan smiles, "Great! Marina isn't the brightest cop that I've met."

The two laugh.

Harley walks out and Guillepsie hides behind the wall.

"Hi sweetie!"

"Hey Harley."

"Oh I wanted to talk to you."

"Oh sure."

"Yeah I just." Harley hugs her, "I'm just glad that you're here."

"Oh I'm glad too. I'll be in soon."

"Okay." Harley walks in.

Susan turns around, "G?" He's gone.



Lizzie walks outside. Ashlee comes after, "Lizzie please I want to help."

"Would just shut up Ashlee?! I mean is that even possible for you or are you just to stupid to accomplish that?"

"Lizzie please I am sorry."

"No you know what you are a nosy little bitch!"

"Lizzie please you're sick..."

Lizzie smacks Ashlee, "Shut up you ignornant brat!" Lizzie runs off in tears leaving Ashlee sobbing.


Ava is closing up. She hears footsteps, "Oh I was wondering when you were going to come back." She turns around.

Guillespie walks in, "Well I didn't know that you missed me so much."

"What are you doing here? I thought you were someone else."

"Oh that's a shame. I need more money."

"I gave you money."

"Oh but I need more. Then I will go."

"No. Why should I?"

"Well it would be a shame if your mother and boyfriend found out that you hired me to kidnap your own little sister for a couple of days."

Ava rolls her eyes.

Guillespie strokes her face, "I'll give you a week or so." He walks out leaving her there to think of what her next move is.


Josh and Reva walk down memory lane

Bill and Olivia kiss

Mindy's suspicions grow

Rick ask Mel about her love life


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