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Episode 20



A nice Springfield afternoon.

Bauer Home:


Rick answers the door, "Mel hey."

Mel steps in, "Hi Rick."

"Where's Leah?"

"She's at a sleep over at Emma Lewis's home."

"Oh that's nice. What brings you by?"

"I told her that I would bring her ipod that she left her."

"Oh alright."

Mel looks at a family picture, "Oh Rick she's beautiful."

"Oh the baby. You haven't seen her yet have you."

"No, but Leah adores her."

"Yeah well so do I. You know Mel you can have this too."


"A life with another man. Are you dating anyone?"

Main Street:


Mindy and Beth are shopping for baby clothes with Bertha, "Oh Beth this one is great!"

"Oh you're so right."

"I always am. I'm in the business."

"I miss working. But I just can't get enough of her." She looks at the baby.

Mindy steps over, "Yeah. You know she is looking more and more like Rick everyday."

Beth's smile diappears, "Oh? Rick says that she looks more like me."

"No I definatly see Rick in there. Is that weird?"

"No why would it be?"

"I don't know the whole Alan thing.. Maybe sometimes you wonder..."

"Mindy. I told you not to talk about that."

"Sorry I'm just happy that things turned out exactly how you wanted. As always." Mindy fakes a smile.

Olivia's Suite:


Bill walks out of Emma's room, "Wow she really loves hanging with Leah."

Olivia is standing in the room, "Yes she does. She loves living here."

"Olivia a hotel is not a good place for a child to grow up."

"Well we've been here her entire life."

"I know that but Cross Creek is so warm and loving."

"And what's this cold and hateful!?"

"No I didn't say that."

"Bill do you hate me this much? Or is this Ava talking?"

"This has nothing to do with Ava."

"Oh it has everything to do with her! I love my daughter and I want to help her. But I can't have you encouraging her to act out."

"I'm not doing that!"

"Oh just shut up." Olivia goes to slap him but he kisses her.

Cross Creek:


Josh and Reva are watching home movies and looking at old pictures. Reva looks at Richard and Cassie's wedding picture, "Oh I remember that. They were so happy."

"Oh yeah."

Reva and Josh smile as they walk down memory lane. The phone rings. Josh goes into the other room.

Jeffrey walks in.

Reva sits up, "Oh hey."

Jeffrey isn't happy, "I knew you would be here. What the hell are you doing?"

Reva is offended.



Bauer Home:

Mel looks out the window, "You know I'm just so busy."

"Oh come on there's got to be some guy that you've been seeing."

"Rick, that's not any of your business."

"You're right I'm sorry."

"It's fine. Tell Jude I said hi."

"I will."

Mel leaves.

Olvia's Suite:

Bill and Olivia are on the couch. A file falls out of Bills bag. Olivia picks them up.

Bill tries to stop her, "Olivia wait."

She looks through it, "Bill what is this? Bill what the hell is this?"

"Olivia it's from my lawyer."

"Oh yeah. This will help you get Emma right?" Olivia rips it up throws it in his face.

"Olivia please just...'

"No! Get out!"

Bill leaves.

Emma walks in with Leah, "Mom what's going on?"

Olivia cleans herself up, "Oh nothing."

"You sure?"

"Yes. Now, Why don't I take you guys to rent a movie?"

"Really? Cool!"

Leah grabs her coat, "Oh will we be back when my Mom comes with my ipod?"

"Yeah of course."

Olivia takes a quick drink before they go.

Main Street:

Jeffrey and Reva are walking, "Jeffrey why did you drag me out of there?"

"Reva! We have to deal with this together."

"I know that."

"Really? Because you are running to Josh for comfort. I knew Cassie too! I loved Cassie too! I don't understand why you can't lean on me!"

Reva kisses him, "Jeffrey I'm sorry. I promise this Josh thing is over."

The two walk home.

Bauer Home:

Beth and Mindy walk in with Bertha.

Rick helps carry the stuff in, "You girls have fun?"

Beth smiles, "Girls? Haven't been called that in a couple of decades!"

Mindy laughs, "Oh you're such a flirt Rick."

Beth kisses her husband. They carry the bags to the next room.

Mindy holds Baby Bertha, "Oh baby, you look just like your daddy. And absolutley nothing like Rick."

Mindy smiles at her niece.


Mel and Olivia have a fun talk

Reva tries to break her bond with Josh

Julie's influence on Maureen causes Dinah to break down

Marah confronts Jeffrey

Mindy has shocking news for Alan!


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