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Episode 21



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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A dramatic evening in Springfield

Bauer House:


Mindy is holding Bertha, "Oh sweetie, I'm not doing this to hurt you. But I don't believe your mother. I'll find the truth. I promise." She kisses the baby on the head, sits her down and leaves.

Olivia's Suite:


There is a knock at the door. Olivia answers, "Hey Mel."

Mel has Leah's ipod, "Hi. I brought this for Leah."

"Oh you can come in."

"Thank you." Mel walks in.

"The girls are in the other room watching a movie. Can I get you a drink?"

"Just some water would be nice."

Olivia hands her a glass, "You okay?"

"Have you ever spent so much time getting over a man, and then you finally do, and then he just reminds you why you loved him once and then..."

Olivia finishes her sentence, "You're back to the beginning." Olivia and Mel realize that they have more in common then they thought.

The Country Club:


Reva runs into Josh, "Hey Bud. What are you doing here?"

"I just got out of a meeting. Hey why don't we go have a nice meal on me?"

"Oh you read my mind. Oh I'm gonna get that...." Reva pulls away.

Josh is confused, "Hey what's up?"

"No. No Joshua we can't do this. This has to stop here."

Reva knows she can't keep doing this.



Jeffrey gets out of a meeting. Marah is waiting around the corner, "Hello Jeffrey."

"Marah hey. What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to see you."

"Marah, that time, that..."

".. Kiss.."

".. Was a mistake."

"Well it didn't feel like one."

"Marah please just..."

Marah grabs him, "Look me in the eyes. Just say it. And if you do, we'll never have this conversation again."

"Say what?"

"That you stopped loving me."

Jeffrey is speechless.

Mallet House:


Maureen is outside tanning. Julie walks up, "Hey kid."

"Oh hi."

"Is Tony here?"



"No he's at work. But Dinah's inside."

"Really? You two getting along?"

"Kind of. I mean she gets so mad about my music. I don't know why."

"Is that it?"

"Well she won't let me spend much time with my Dad."

"You can't let her push you around. You need to take control back sweetie." Julie sits next to her.

Maureen is interested, "How?"

"You start with the music, play it as loud as you want."


"Once she is angry about the little things she won't pay much attention to the small things."


"I gotta go. See ya."



Olivia's Suite:

Olivia and Mel are laughing. Mel is listening to Olivia's story, "So wait you actually walked in on him and Ava when they were..."

"Well they were about to!" The two laugh.

"I can't imagine that!" Mel gets serious, "Was it hard for you?"

"What? Well I guess a little. I mean I didn't think this would happen. I love Ava I do. But I don't like this side of her she reminds me of...."

Mel changes the subject, "With Rick it's like everytime I see him it's as if we just broke up all over again. I mean I don't think we could ever fix things now but I still can't shake that feeling."

"Yeah. I know exactly what you mean."

"Well atleast you have that now."

"What? Bill and I aren't..."

"Olivia. I'm talking about Josh."

"Oh yeah Josh. I should call him soon."

Mel stands up, "Well I better get home."

Olivia jumps up, "Mel?"


"Could we do this again sometime?"

"Yeah." Mel smiles, "Yes Olivia I would really like that."

Mel walks out.

Mallet House:


Dinah is cleaning the family room.

Maureen starts playing music in the living room.

Dinah's gets angry, "Maureen turn that down!" The music continues, Dinah taps the wall, "Maureen!?"

Maureen cranks it up.

Dinah's head is hurting. She goes to open the door but she can't concentrate enough to remember how to open it. This has been happening since the accident last summer. Dinah's yelling becomes a screaming plea, "Maureen!?!?"

Dinah covers her ears.

Maureen doesn't hear.


Marah won't let go of Jeffrey, "Just admit it Jeffrey!"

"Marah, I never...." his phone rings.

"You never what?" Marah begs him to finish but he answers his phone."

He hangs up, "I have to meet Ava, I'm sorry."

He goes in the elevator.

Marah is disappointed.

Country Club:

Josh follows Reva, "What are you talking about?"

"Joshua, you're with Olivia."

"Yes I know that."

"And I'm with Jeffrey."

"Reva you don't have to catch me up. I know!"

"Then why Joshua? Why are you and I spening time together?" Reva is crying at this point.

"Is this about Jeffrey? What did he do?"

"Nothing! Joshua. We are over. So we need to stop now."

Reva leaves.

Spaulding Mansion:


Alan is in his office.

Mindy walks in, "Hello Alan."

"Well Mindy Lewis. What brings you here?"

"Alan we need to talk about Beth."

"Mindy, Beth and I are over. There is nothing to worry about."

"Alan you need to here this!"


"Alan I have a strange feeling."


"The baby."

They sit down, "What about her?"

"Alan did you mess with the paternity test in any way?"

"Mindy what are you getting at?"

"Just answer the question!"

"I did intend to. But apparently the man I hired didn't go through because the test came out as Rick."

"What if it was your's and someone made everyone think that it was Rick's?"


"Alan she is yours!!"

Alan's mouth drops.

Mallet House:


Mallet comes in and turns off the music, "Maureen! What the hell? We talked about this..."

They here a sound from the next room. Mallet opens the door. Dinah is on the floor holding her head and crying her eyes out.

"Dinah! It's okay honey I'm here." Mallet holds her.

Maureen is frightened, "What happened?"

"You know she has a brain injury!"

"I thought she was better." Maureen is in tears.

Mallet is getting upset himself, "Come Dinah just relax it's all over."

Maureen runs out of the house crying.


Dinah isn't ready to quit

Rick ask for help from Josh

Natalia finds out

Alan has a dramatic visit with Beth!


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