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Episode 17



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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It is 2008! Springfield is already feeling the changes

The Country Club:


Gus is swinging Natalia around. They are celebrating the engagement.

Natalia steps away, "Wait a minute. We need to slow down okay? This is going really fast!"

"Sorry I'm just so excited!"

"I know me too. But I'm going to go home and call Rafe."

"I'll come too."

"No. You stay here. Meet me there later okay?" Natalia kisses him goodbye and walks off.

Gus goes to try and catch up with her and runs into Harley, "Hey Gus. We need to talk."


Main Street:



Mallet and Dinah are sitting at a table having dinner. Maureen and Vanessa are arguing, "Mom. I just don't feel comfortable!"

"Well where else will you stay? You're father? I don't think so. He is staying at the hotel right now."

Dinah walks over, "Hey what's going on?"

Maureen comes over to her, "Dinah you said you would do anything to help me right?"

"Of course sweetie."

Maureen turns to her mother, "Then it's settled. Mom I'm staying with Mallet and Dinah."

Dinah's mouth drops.

The Airport:


Jeffrey steps back, "Marah I'm sorry...."

"Jeffrey why did you do that?"

"I just... Marah you need to stay in Springfield." Jeffrey turns around and leaves.

The lady ask Marah, "Are you flying today?"

"No. I think I just found my incentive for staying."

Marah grabs her bags and leaves.

The Country Club: Gus and Harley are sitting talking, "So what's this about?"

"I got a phone call on Christmas."

"About what?"

"A plane crash over in Africa."

"What are you talking about?"

"The Driscolls Gus. They're dead."

"The Driscolls?"

"Sydney's Aunt and Uncle."

"Oh god."

"Yeah and now she needs a home and we were the first choice."

Gus looks at her, "We?"

Outside Natalia walks to the limo, "Hey Bruno, could you take me to the house please?"

Alan steps in, "Yes we'll be there soon. But we need to talk first."

Natalia reaches for the door but it locks.


The Beacon:


Remy steps out of the shower, "Well that was..."

Blake walks out, "Yes it was."

They stare at each other for a moment then go to there rooms.


Main Street: Mallet steps in, "Hey Maureen why don't we walk over here and give Dinah and your Mom some time to talk?"

Dinah talks to Vanessa, "So why is she so upset?"

"She doesn't want to live with me and Billy. But don't worry I can handle her."

"Well Mom you can understand why?"

"What are you talking about Dinah?"

"I'm just saying that maybe she could spend more time with Matt."

"No Matt isn't stable right now!"

"Well then what?"

"Well there's no one else."

"What about me?"

"Oh Dinah."

"What? I could take care of her if I wanted to!"

Maureen over hears, "You will!" Maureen hugs a shocked Dinah. Mallet is upset with his wife.



Reva is having a drink. Jeffrey walks up, "Happy New Year Sexy!"

"Oh Happy New Year to you too!" The two kiss.

"Did you miss me?"

"You bet your cute butt I did!"

"I'm sorry you had to be by yourself."

"Well I was with Josh."


"Does that bother you?"

"No. No."

"You look nervous is everything okay?"

"What? Yeah I'm fine. Let's go home."

Jeffrey and Reva leave.

Marah's Car: Marah is on her phone, "Hello I'd like to book a room at the beacon..... Yes and may I make a request?.... Great. I would like the room on the same floor as my mother Reva Shayne.... Yes perfect thank you."

Marah hangs up her phone and drives to the Beacon.

Alan's Car:

Alan is talking to Natalia, "What's wrong Natalia you look nervous?"

"You are practically kidnapping me that's what's wrong!"

"Natalia you said yes to Gus tonight but I think you were saying no."

"No to what?"

"To the Big Bad Alan Spaulding. Or should I say the man you really want?"

"I don't want you! I could never want some rich, rude, bastard like you!"

Natalia slaps Alan and runs out of the car.

The Beacon: Remy is sitting on the couch. Blake walks in and sits next to him. After 15 minutes of trying not to talk Blake breaks the silence, "Okay I can't do this. We need to talk about this. It was..."

Remy inturrupts, "A mistake."

"Yeah a big mistake." Blake walks to her room, "And don't let it happen again!" She slams the door.

The Country Club: Harley is explaining the situation to Gus, "So I don't know all of the details right now but I think we have a good shot."

"But we're getting divorced."

"Well that doesn't matter. I mean we don't need to right now do we?"

"Well.. no."

"Okay I gotta go. I'll see ya." She goes to kiss him on the cheek but she gets his lips.

Natalia is at the window and she sees them. Harley leaves.

Natalia walks in, "So everything okay Nick?"

"Yeah. It just seems like it is going to be an interesting year."

The two hug.


Gus and Harley go over the adoption

Ava has fun with Bill

Julie starts up Drama

Ashlee shocks Lizzie

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I had almost forgot about Sydney!

Loved it all! Vanessa,Harley,Blake,Dinah and Reva are great characters!

Good eppy!

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