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Some juicy tidbits from Premiere Week! SPOILER ALERT!



God bless having inside sources.

Yes folks, a little birdy over at Salem Nights has given us folks at SONBC some delicious dish on what to expect from their debut week this coming January.

While they didn't give us specific names to protect some bit of that element we know and love as surprise, they did let us know a HUGE plot that will devastate Salem.

Warning, there is a pretty big SPOILER in the following paragraph, so read at your own risk.

Most of Salem will be celebrating the New Year at a gala event thrown by Titan Publishing. Returning faves will be introduced back into the canvas during the party, leading to shocking reunions and confrontations. Secrets will be revealed and lives will be thrown in turmoil when an univited guest unleashes their true New Year's Eve resolution that will have explosive consequences. The lives of several core characters will be lost when Premiere week has ended, and the ramifications of the big event will continue its aftershocks in the following weeks.

From the sound of this, it looks like new HW Shawn Dunphy is not only bringing out the big guns, he's brandishing freakin' bazookas!

January cannot come fast enough!


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