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Melissa Horton returns to Salem!

IPB Image

The revolving door continues to move at KR'S "DAYS." In an out-of-the-blue move, the show has coaxed back Lisa Trusel to the role of Melissa Horton. Lisa played the role from 1982-1988. She is the most well-known and remembered actress to play Melissa. She has returned to the role in 1994 and 1996 and 2001 for short runs. Melissa is the adopted daughter of Mickey and Maggie Horton. Her first appearance will be Friday, April 7th when she returns when she hears of Maggie's "death." Trusel has signed a long-term contract with the show. The show is excited to report that she will be featured in an exciting upcoming storyline!

Nicole's return spells disaster for someone in Salem!

IPB Image

Arianne Zuker (Nicole, above.) will be returning to the role of Nicole Walker for five episodes in May. Her first airdate will be Friday, April 28th.

Frankie Brady's Back!

IPB Image

Billy Warlock (Frankie, above) will be returning to the show and back from his hiatus on May 8th for a joyous event. He will be involved in an all-new storyline that does not involve his ex-love, Jennifer Rose Horton!

GH and GL Alum Joins As Bad Boy For Short Stint!

IPB Image

That's Coltin Scott (above) playing Derek, the man Abby encounters in New York City. He will bring an obstacle to the search for Will that Sami, Lucas, Austin, Carrie, Anna, Cassie, Max, and Abby are on. The role is short-term.


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