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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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-Kate slowly walks towards the door of Sami’s room at the Salem Inn. She closes her eyes, wondering if she should do it. She thinks she must, for Lucas. She slowly knocks on the door, and Sami answers and asks what she wants. Kate tells her she doesn’t have much time, but they need to talk. Sami asks about what, and Kate says she will find out later. Kate then says she has to meet some business associates now, but she needs Sami to meet her at the docks tonight.

-Clint finally arrives in Salem, and he heads to the hospital. Once there, he sees Viki about to be released. Viki sees him and yells “CLINT!” and runs straight into his arms. Victor is walking in and sees them hugging…..

-Steve sees Gina, and says automatically “Hope?” and then she says “Oh no Steve, it is I. Surely you remember me.” And suddenly Steve has flashes of memory to being in bed with a woman….

*Days of Our Lives Opening*

-Bo answers his cell phone and says “Brady.” and Hope yells through the phone “Bo! I need you! I know who Shawn’s killer is!” and Bo asks “Wait, you what?” and Hope frantically responds “Princess Gina, its her, she is somehow alive and outside the church, she admitted it but ran off!” and Bo is silent for a moment in confusion but finally asks “Fancy Face, are you….sure? Gina got sh-” but Hope interrupts and says “Bo, just believe me!” Bo can tell in her voice she means it, and he says “Fine, but don’t do anything drastic.” and then hangs up….

-Sami says she doesn’t need to talk with her, but Kate says it is very important and they have no time now. Sami asks what she needs to talk to her about, and Kate responds irritated “I don’t have enough time to explain. Just meet me there.” and Sami finally reluctantly agrees, and shuts the door. As Kate slowly walks off, she whispers to herself as she stares into space “I just sent Sami Brady to her death….”

-Victor sees Viki and Clint hug, and he says sternly “Nikki, what do you think you are doing?!” and suddenly Viki turns, and stares at Victor for a moment. She recognizes the face from a very long time ago, and finally says “Victor?! Victor Kiriakis?!” and Clint says in surprise “You know him?”

-Steve ignores the flashback and thinking Gina is Hope asks her what she’s trying to pull, and Gina tells Steve she is not Hope. She walks forward and caresses his cheeks slowly “Remember, Steve…” she whispers, and he suddenly has a flash of him yelling out in pain at something. Gina then says that maybe this will help him remember, and she suddenly kisses him….

-Hope thinks to herself she vowed to catch Shawn’s killer, and she will. She whispers to herself “Sorry, Bo….” and then leaves the church area, and heads out to find Gina. As she walks through the streets of Salem, she runs into Bo. Bo asks her if she’s going home or going to look for Gina, and she says he knows what she is doing. Bo tells Hope it is dangerous, they need to think about Pamela and Addie and Gina is dangerous. Hope says she has to do it, and they can do it together or not. She tells him she will not let her son’s killer get away. She wants to do one last thing for their firstborn, one last thing. She says he must understand, he would do the same if he was in her situation. Bo finally nods, and says fine. Both of them then run off, to find Gina….

-Kate walks into the Brady Pub, and sits down at one of the tables. She says to herself “Soon, Sami Brady will be out of my life for good….” and she looks up, and sees Lucas at the other side of the Pub having breakfast. She looks away as tears begin to stream down her cheeks and she moves to a more isolated table, and says “What have I done?”

-As Gina kisses Steve, suddenly memories come back that didn’t come back in Llanview. He suddenly remembers Bo stabbing him in the eye, and him being in bed with a woman. Suddenly he looks at Gina, and says “You……I thought you died, but it is you….” and Gina then says quietly “Yes Steve, it is I, your former lover, Britta…”


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What a twist.

So, Gina is actually Steve and Bo's old girlfriend Britta?! This is very interesting indeed. Wonderful twist. A huge nod to Days history, and a wonderful jumping off point to tell any story that you want to. Others wouldn't even THINK of using this kind of twist.

Can't go wrong with solid storytelling. Wonderful work.

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Wow. So didn't see that coming. But why did she kill Shawn D? Wow, so good. Nice balance to the episode. Nicely written and I can't wait to see where this is going.

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